Random ramblings

I’m reading this book called Biggest Elvis, its very well written and about Elvis impersonators in the Phillippines. They’re like this trinity forming a new religion in the sticks. Very good fiction, though I keep forgetting who the author is.

The last book I read by Michael Chabon (the adventures of Kavalier and Klay) was brilliant. That and wonder boys makes me want to run out and absorb more of his work.

We’re waiting for projects to get signed off on at work, but it makes me feel like I’m stuck. In general, its like I’m waiting. For what I don’t know.

Though maybe it has to do with the awful thoughts I’ve had just before I fell asleep the other night (and a few other nights). As I drift off, I jolt back awake in a sweat wondering about death. It’s not the typical what’s on the other side, its more like the what if there is nothing on the other side. I know if when you die that’s it I won’t know or care, but it freaks me out. It’s like my brain has tried to wrap itself around that idea and then it panics. I wonder if that’s just another fun aspect of aging. Don’t try it at home.

I need to get home soon and read this week’s New Yorker. I got a subscription and now I fear they will come in faster than I can handle. Oh well.

The other thing I’ve caught myself doing a lot of lately is looking back and wondering what if. I wonder how much the impending changes in my life (marriage and the such) are forcing my brain to work overtime….


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