Why I hate People

Now, breast cancer is no laughing matter, but I’m sorry this group does not get to lay claim to the color pink. They do not get ownership over it, and they do not get to be offended by someone else using the color. There may be legitimate complaints about this, but this sure is hell isn’t one.

The article is associated press from ESPN

Nutt doesn’t want to offend cancer survivorsAssociated Press

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said that players caught loafing will no longer wear pink jerseys during practices in an effort to avoid offending breast cancer survivors.

Nutt received negative reaction from people when they saw the players in the pink jerseys. Breast cancer survivors and their supporters often wear pink ribbons, and the nationwide Race for the Cure, which raises funds for breast cancer research, uses the color pink as well.

“That’s the last thing I want to do, is to offend a cancer victim, someone who I know how strong and brave they are,” Nutt said. “That was the last thing on our mind, to discredit somebody who has shown a lot of toughness. I’ve had members of my family who had cancer.”

Nutt said the coaches are considering another color, possibly burnt orange, the color of Arkansas rival Texas.


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