Blogger vs. Google (with some Gen Y hatred thrown in)

So I upgraded to this new google thingy and you know what? It’s no different! I just have to sign up with a dumb google username which I’ll never use because all of my other stuff is done through Yahoo. They said I could customize the look of my blog but when I click on it, it says you might lose changes you’ve made. Why on Earth would I want to start from scratch.

I just wish these internet wizardoo companies would stop buying each other and changing so damn much. Establish a service and keep it consistent. I don’t care if the shitheads who are collectively known as Generation Y like things dynamic or need to keep it real and fresh. They suck! As a generation they don’t pay for the things they should (like music) but they’ll pay for things that should be free (ringtones, internet services, customer service, etc.). What a bunch of fucking chowderheads. I want to scream at them, stop wasting your money AND screwing things up for me at the same time.

Well beyond my little complaint about Gen Y, to recap, I think that Blogger should just be kept simple and easy. I don’t have a lot of time for this shit.


3 responses to “Blogger vs. Google (with some Gen Y hatred thrown in)

  1. I’ve noticed that ever since Google and Blogger had some sort of weird synthesis, Blogger knows who I am whenever I go there, even though I didn’t tell it!

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  3. Loudmouth Gener Y!