Begging Children

I swear, the kids are getting worse and worse at dressing up and begging. Come on, it’s not like you have to do this more than once a year! The costumes were fair (especially on the older kids). I had a few girls show up in jeans and say they were fashion models.

Beyond that, no one said Trick or Treat. A few did, and I can’t fault the tiny tiny children who are unable to do more than grunt and fart. The best were the kids who tried to scare me, at least they were in the spirit of it.

I promise, I won’t complain about almost running out of candy. Shannon saved the day with a creative solution and we made it through. Plus we had more kids this year than last year. There must have been 100. There were hordes of kids and parents in the street.

Gripe of October
I don’t mind parents driving kids to our neighborhood (it’s a safe place to Trick or Treat), I just don’t think that once you’re in the neighborhood mom and dad should get to drive you around to maximize your candy. RUN! Hustle from house to house. I want to see those little bastards work for it. I can respect that. And that idiot Dianne Sawyer wonders why kids are fat these days.


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