Eight Day Period Recap

Before anyone (Shannon) complains, they are only periodic recaps!

So what have I done? Work, work, work, work, sleep, and a little work.

Worst Meal of the Week
It would have to be the turkey in the church basement. I think it was more salt than meat.

Dumbest Diane Sawyer Sighting
This morning, wondering if Saddam Hussein saw the handwriting on the wall about his hanging when he was dictator. Then they showed an interview she did with him 15 years ago. I’m very surprised she didn’t ask him about Melrose Place, Knot’s Landing, or his favorite holiday. What a fucking bubblehead.

For some reason it was one of those weeks that blended together. Likely it was a reaction to the week I’m going to have this week. I’m tired and I’m trying to prevent the entire months of November and December from being destroyed with trip after trip of work. When you add Christmas shopping and the household things that fall aside to the mix it’s too much.

I remember the Huevos Shancheros, buying the new Who album, watching the Cowboys get beat yesterday, and going to Shannon’s grandmother’s 90th birthday but that’s about it. Beyond that I think my brain is in overdrive so I’m reacting and not thinking.


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