The NFL Ruined My Life

God, as Sid put it this weekend was the Footbapocalpsys. First the Coyboys lose on a bad snap extending their playoff futility to ten years. Then the Jets lose and now the Giants get beat by the Eagles! All I can root for now is injury and dashed hopes. My predictions:

1) Marty Shittenheimer will once again implode. Maybe he’ll decide to mix it up and not run the ball because that’s what everyone expects.

2) Rex Grossman won’t be prepared 100% because he’ll be thinking about a dentist appointment coming up.

3) The Eagles will continue to win and piss me off.

Beyond that I think I’m prediciting a Bears Colts Superbowl with this being the year Peyton Manning finally wins.


One response to “The NFL Ruined My Life

  1. well, I’d like to think the Pats clutch play is more the cause of the recent game’s outcome, but Marty was definitely outcoached. I hope your prediction is wrong and Payton is once again befuddled by almighty Bill. (you could never guess who I root for?)