The Healing Power of Shitheads

I’m constantly amazed at how famous people get away with shit that the rest of us can’t. Naomi Campbell, in a fit of decadence and general brattiness threw her phone (not the first such incident) at her maid in a fit of rage. Now, after getting caught and dragged to court, she regrets it. Boo Fucking Hoo

She regrets it because she got caught. I like how she’s using crystals to heal her anger. How about losing the sense of inflated self importance and that the world is there to kiss your ass? That might help more than crystals.

The Today Show did an interesting piece today on Fame. Apparently high school kids would rather be famous than smarter. I say we take all these fame whores, ship them to an island and do away with the cult of being famous for fame’s sake. I would find that VERY healing.

I do, however, believe that all Gary Glitter stories are really a public service. That guy is creepier than Clay Aiken.


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