Rock Hall Mistake?

So, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has decided to admit it’s first Rap/Hip Hop Artist. I respectfully must disagree with this decision. While I do not like rap/Hip Hop, I do understand that people do care for it greatly. Like Country or Opera or Bluegrass or World Music or Gregorian Chants or Classical it’s a genre of music that exists and has fans. One thing, however, that it is not is ROCK.

As a proud Rockist I am upset by this decision. I think that Hip Hop should have it’s own hall of fame. If they wish to include rock artists they can, but to be honest, I don’t think the two belong together. The rule for eligibility is 25 years from the first album. That would put us at 1982. There have to be bands whose first album was released in 1982 that are more deserving to be in the ROCK Hall of Fame… How about:

Gang of Four
Husker Du
Bad Religion
Sonic Youth
Mission of Burma

These are all bands that released an album in 1982, a few of them were debuts. It seems to me that Sonic Youth has done more for rock than any rap artist.


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