Asshole of the Week

So, just when I thought the New Jersey state legislature was the Asshole of the Week, I’ve discovered the woman who is hungerstriking against Sanjaya on American Idol. Below is a news article on this moron…

“> No Soup for You!

She’s also on MySpace. You can read J’s blog here

For once, I think I’m completely shocked into silence. I understand protesting war, injustice, inhumanity, goverments, laws, etc. But to risk your health because of a TV show, and a bad one at that? I don’t think that those people who worship the Evil Pagan God Clay Aiken would even go that far.

So, once again, to assist nature and Darwinism, I ask that you visit Vote for the Worst to help continue this and any other hunger strike out there. In the meantime, I’d like to suggest everyone to Eat a Cheesburger for Sanjaya. It’s very easy to do, any cheese will work (cheddar, provelone, munster, montery jack, etc.) and it will make you happy.


One response to “Asshole of the Week

  1. I think what’s even more disturbing is that she has over 2,000 My Space friends. I am personally going on a hunger strike until I no longer see or hear anything about American Idol. I will abstain from eating all meals except breakfast, lunch and dinner and possibly a small snack.