American Idle

So Sanjaya lives and the people who have too much free time and no taste or responsibilities in the world are going apeshit crazy. Today, I noticed that Yahoo! had something on their main page and people are really upset about this Sanjaya thing.

Come on people, get over yourself. The idiots who won in the past aren’t any good. Milli Vanilli sold a lot of records too and they SUCKED. Go listen to your Clay Aiken records and read Teen People and USA Today and think that you’re in touch with culture and the arts in your own little delusional world. The rest of us are going to have fun screwing with the show and watching it go down in flames. LONG LIVE SANJAYA.

I wonder if the woman on a hunger strike against Sanjaya has croaked yet? Eat a Cheesburger for Sanjaya! (or if you’re Catholic eat a Filet O’ Fish with Cheese today).


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