Imus is an Idiot

Thanks to Don Imus, that wonderful broadcaster (note the sarcasm) for bringing those who wish to censor the world more ammunition in their fight. While I agree that his comments are stupid, offensive, show poor judgement, etc. it doesn’t mean that the FCC should step in and control what people say over the air.

By all means, protest and boycott until MSNBC decides to fire the dinosaur but don’t ask the government to control what he, or any other broadcaster, says or does not say.

I wonder why we’ve entered an age where many in the world feel that ideas they don’t like should be removed from the public discourse. What happened to the idea of going after what he had to say and showing why and how it’s incorrect? The government has NO place in this issue. A special thanks goes out to the news media for encouraging this type of thinking with their yellow journalism!


2 responses to “Imus is an Idiot

  1. Well, Al Sharpton seizes the moment and invites Imus to come to him and beg for forgiveness, and is asked if what he said was “forgivable”….please, Sharpton acts like he needs to protect his people and right the wrongs in this country..that he is the voice of the ones that can;t be heard…he is a P.O.S. that is only in it for himself…stuff like this gives him publicity and the endless possibilities to promote himself for his own selfish reasons….HE ONLY GOES TO WHERE THERE IS PUBLICITY HELLO !!I saw a part where he asks if this “college educated ” young lady is a nappy ho? she happened to be Sharpton’s daughter…she stood there acting all offended….IMUS is a FOOL for going in front of that ignorant idiot and groveling in front of him….hoW DEGRADING….the man said something stupid, BIG F’ing DEAL! now they want to take away his means to put fooed on the table…..nice5

  2. I realize that. The point I was making though is bigger than Al Shaprton, it’s a move towards a nanny state where we seek to ban everything that we don’t like. There are a few issues here, 1) racism still exists in this country. I was listening to Howard Stern yesterday and he recalled Imus’ long history dating back to the WNBC days. 2) The public discourse here shouldn’t be whether the government bans people saying things but should be that good ideas should be able to trump bad ideas.

    Imus’ statements illustrate how many in our society would rather not hear offensive comments instead of overshadowing them with better ideas. That’s what will drown out racism. In the end, Imus probably should lose his job. Not because he said one offensive thing but because he is out of touch with the world, unfunny, and in the marketplace of ideas his are bankrupt.