The End of the I-Mess

So the Imus mess is now over.  Today, CBS Radio fired the old coot. Now, this may have been the correct decision. I can’t claim to understand how his comments affected the Rutgers women’s team or the African American community as a whole. There are, however, a few things that this whole mess has taught us:

1) Al Sharpton, no matter how despicable he is or his actions have been in the past has clout.

2) If you mess up in the public eye, the last place in the world you should go is the Al Sharpton radio show.  It’s like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

3) If you do go on a media blitz to defend yourself, don’t say anything that Don Imus said. Don’t mention that you’re a good person, don’t apologize over and over again, etc. He just kept trying to defend himself when he should have said I’m sorry, I’m going to suspend myself for two weeks to examine this and fix it.

4) Don Imus has proven how unfunny he is, even while he protests that he’s been doing a comedy show for 30 years. He should have been fired for that because I don’t think anyone realized he was trying to be funny.

5) Don Imus and Michael Richards are now linked forever.

Yesterday Howard Stern was making so much fun of Imus and Robin mentioned that Imus would never be forgiven, citing Jimmy the Greek as a prime example of that.  That being said, they discussed their experiences with him at WNBC and how they felt that, even then, he was a huge racist.  I think the true lesson here is that everyone is capable of saying something dumb and they should be forgiven for that – however, the flip side is that you can’t use the I said something dumb excuse when you get caught for a long-term, established attitude.

So we say farewell Imus. Good luck with your charities, but we’re glad to see you off the airwaves. You haven’t offered us anything since the 1970’s when Soupy was on after you. You were the last AM personality hanging on in a satellite world.  And I think I’ve convinced myself that you should have been fired for your remarks in the time it took me to write this.


5 responses to “The End of the I-Mess

  1. You better watch your mouth. And you, oh yea, your just another ass…

    Asher Heimermann

  2. Awesome an Imus-loving six year old doesn’t like me. I’ve accomplished something with my blog! HOORAY!

  3. Get your information ass, im 13 years old.

    Asher Heimermann

  4. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?