It Only Took Ten Years…

Well, the New York Rangers finally won a playoff game after nearly 10 years of futility. It’s been a hard ten years without watching my team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Years of teams like the Devils winning the Cup. Sigh.

At least the Islanders have sucked in that time too. Maybe they’ll get swept. Let’s Go Rangers!

What drives me crazy, however, is the NHL’s shitty TV deal. Their handling of the strike is partly to blame. However, ESPN dropped the bal on hockey. They used to do a great job covering it on their two channels. This meant that you’d get at least four games a night, usually covering 80% of the first round games. Now, with Vs and NBC, I’m not convinced I’ll see any of the Rangers’ first round games. ESPN should have left the NBA alone, I never watch their coverage. It was fine on TBS.


2 responses to “It Only Took Ten Years…

  1. Here’s to hoping they keep on winning. This is a very hard thing to say, as your Rangers pretty much crushed my heart 13 years ago (me=big canucks fan), but I’ve got Shanny in my pool and I need a big playoffs from him.

    Also, Lundqvist is incredible… I think the Rangers will do just fine.

  2. Sorry about that. I guess the greatest moment of my life isn’t too good for other people. Maybe we’ll get a rematch this year… as long as the Islanders don’t go anywhere I’ll be happy.