All the more reason to switch to Directv

The cable man just came to our office.  Yes we got cable installed, we thought it would be a nice perk for the office.  Within an hour the guy from Time Warner Cable broke the piece of furniture the TV was on AND broke the $1,200 TV. Even more of a reason to stick with Directv.


2 responses to “All the more reason to switch to Directv

  1. That is hilarious. Is this a true story? I love the tags as well. I would swear cable off too if that happened in my office.

  2. Yeah it’s a true story. He moved the TV stand and cracked the leg off. He thought he caught the TV and saved the day but broke the inside of the flat panel so it looked like broken glass when you turned it on.

    One of the better things is that when they tried to deliver a replacement piece of furniture, they broke THAT on the way up in the elevator.