Let’s Go Rangers!

Last night, the New York Rangers beat the hell out of the Atlanta Thrashers, 7-0 to win their first playoff game at MSG in nearly 10 years. Thanks to the genius of the executives atVersus the game was, once again, not available to a nationally televised audience. Is it just me, or are there other NHL fans who could give a rat’s ass about the Pens/Sens series?? Personally, the Sidney Crosby story doesn’t say a lot to me. He’s not the Great One II yet.

Read about the thrilling win:

Here, with Commentary
and Here – From Larry Brooks at the New York Post


7 responses to “Let’s Go Rangers!

  1. Hey!! i dont AGREE AT ALL WITH your opinion on the hot Sidney Crosby!! He is the next great one becuase of what he has accomplished on now!!! Lets see you at 19 become the NHL’s youngest captain ever!!!!!

  2. I said yet! The NHL and the media act like he’s the second coming. When he makes it somewhere in the playoffs then he’s something. Until then he’s just another great young player. to be honest, Eric Staal should get more attention. He’s already won the Cup!

  3. I just sit and laugh when I read things about how people dislike Crosby, the truth of the matter is if you could have him, you would take him. Who wouldn’t?

  4. It’s not that I dislike him, I just don’t think he’s worthy of as much coverage as he gets yet.

  5. Matt rox the principles sox

    CROSBY u iz teh b3st3st player 2 eva intre teh nhl. u r the BEST hockey player in the world!!!!!!!!!

  6. u r my luver!!!! u r the best hockey player ever to roam the earth… even better than me! (but that’s not saying much). i luv u 4 ever. xox