No Connection to the Arts

I was really going to try to keep my mouth shut about the whole Virginia Tech massacre. Typically this blog is full of my rants and raves and complaints. I felt I had no place complaining about one damn thing in connection with this horror. That being said, the media I can complain about. The yellow, scare-tactic journalists have come out in full force. I recently saw this article where they are trying to tie the shooting to a movie. I can understand looking for a motive, but let’s not blame the arts for people’s actions. This was a troubled young man, maybe instead of looking for links to movies, journalists should be looking for the problems with our mental health system and the lack of funding it is provided. Maybe we shouldn’t be looking to make America into a police state or to kick everyone out of college for sneezing but actually try to solve problems to mitigate risk. Part of the bargain of living in a free society is that sometimes terrible things happen. Let’s explore the real problems instead of looking to restrict rights and blame movies for this horrible day in American history.


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