Winners and Losers

So to recap the night, we went 1-1. 

Let’s start with the loss…  The fix is apparently in at American Idol as poster boy for those who hate pop music, Sanjaya was voted off the show. How did he go from not being in the bottom 3 to losing? Quite simple, the show’s producers likely decided that there was no way to let him into the top five. If they had let him pass this week, it would raise even more suspicions. I think it’s time for Fox to make the voting transparent.

Our win last night was truly great as the NY Rangers completed the sweep of the Atlanta Thrashers on a goal by Matt Cullen. The win provided the Rangers with their first playoff series win since 2007 when they beat the hated New Jersey Devils.

The nice thing about the team is that they’ve finally moved from a bunch of overpriced losers to a mix of youth and experienced role players. They’ll likely have a week off before they play their next series as the other Eastern Conference matchups are still underway.


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