A Note on Trendy Hotels

For some reason, people in my office are obsessed with staying in trendy, boutique hotels.  These hotels typically have lobbies with fish tanks and techno music playing.  The rooms always seem to have the spartan-cool bathroom and the sleek lines and neutral colors in the room.  So what’s the problem?  Well, these hotels usually suck.

 From the service to the cleaning to the bed, it’s all just subpar.  At the W in Atlanta, it took 20 rings for the front desk to pick up.  Where I am right now, I feel like I’m sleeping on the floor.  The bed isn’t firm, it’s hard.  And then the AC goes on and off and on and off because it’s tied to a motion detector to save energy.

 To be totally honest, I would rather stay at the Marriott at least there they’re helpful and the beds are comfy. While the room might not be design oriented it works.


2 responses to “A Note on Trendy Hotels

  1. Functionality is more important than feng shui.

  2. You bet! It’s like sleeping on the floor!