Exciting Destinations in America


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So I’m killing time until my focus group tonight and what do I do? Go to the mall of course. One interesting thing to note is that while going from city to city and visiting their respective malls, every one of them seems the same. The same stores, the same clothes, the same people, the same floor plans. We’re becoming a dull, homogeneous nation. I went to this particular mall in Texas looking to eat something quick and easy at the food court. Beyond Borders, I don’t think there was one store that I wanted to go to.

Of course I come back and Maury is on the TV. A teen names Pinata wants to have a baby. I think the mother should be beaten by a blindfolded man with a stick for naming her kid Pinata. Why not Susan or Pamela or something like that?


3 responses to “Exciting Destinations in America

  1. I don’t know that we’re becoming a dull nation. I’d just say that we are accommmodating a variety of people with considerably different tastes. Some people like reliable, familiar malls, and some of us like quirky, fun, unusual places. But I have no problem finding loads of quirky, fun, unusual places, because there are as many people out there who want to run them as there are people who want to run malls. The cool places are just somewhere other than where they put malls.

    I do, however, agree that there should be some kind of guideline for naming kids — nothing that will get them ridiculed or will ruin their self esteem. What are these folks thinking?

  2. It’s much harder to find those fun, quirky, unusual places than to find the mall, especially when you’re in a city you don’t know well. Also, you have to admit that there are a lot fewer of them than there are malls, and that big chain stores would love to run those places out of business. This was brought home to me recently when I went back to Georgetown and instead of the fun, quirky place I remembered, it was a long string of Gaps and Urban Outfitters and Bath & Body Works.

  3. Yeah — it’s definitely an ongoing battle between chains and independents. It’s one of the reasons I make a point of trying to find those independents, or at least the smallest most localized chain possible. As for finding the quirky places, that seems to vary by location. I find that, near me, the malls are all being built on former farms, while old downtown areas, where the architecture is more interesting but the space is less, is where the fun, funky places are found. But I’ve been in cities where the whole downtown area has been transformed into a shopping mall/chain store mecca. The search can be frustrating, but at times, the hunt is part of the fun! (The one advantage to the chains, of course, is knowing you can find handcream after you’ve left yours at home, due to regulations about fluids on airplanes.)