You Sir, are an Idiot

So the Motley Fool wrote an article saying Satellite radio will fail. You sir, have no idea what you’re talking about. A few counterpoints to your argument…

1) Variety – If you live in the Raleigh area like I do, all of the radio stations sound the same. I get three country stations, one shitty rock station, a handful of weepy women AC stations, and NPR. No alternative, no hard rock, no jazz, nothing good. Sirius gives me the choice I want in terms of music AND Howard Stern. I never hear the same song more than once. If you want different 1970s songs, try classic vinyl on channel 14.

2) Sports – I can get any NFL game when I’m away. How can I complain about that??

3) Reception – I only lose my reception when I go under a bridge for more than three or four seconds. Otherwise I never lose reception. Are you sure your system is set up right?

4) DJs – I, for one, like the DJs. They’re actually good. I wish Pat St. John was on more stations I listened to.

5) Internet streaming – I can’t get radio reception (AM/FM) in my office building but I can stream Sirius!

6) Terrestrial Radio Sucks – From the FCC to Clear Channel’s monopoly, terrestrial radio is a sea of sameness. They all use the same research to program and NEVER take any risks.

Could Sirius be better? Sure it could. Overall, with Howard Stern I don’t listen to as much music so when I do, it’s all fresh to me. Now, Bubba the Love Sponge sucks, that is one drawback…