Going Home

So it’s been a long two weeks but I have survived and now I finally get to go home.  Some of the things I learned this week include:

1)  Some of my travel companions believe they are the center of the Universe.  A prime example is their tendency to show up several minutes later than the prescheduled meeting time instead of showing up five minutes early.

2) Generation Y has an issue with food.  Unless it was a place that specialized in salads I was constantly hearing bitching and moaning that a restaurant wasn’t healthy.  Just because you want to eat like a fucking rabbit doesn’t mean the rest of us want to be subjected to it.  Especially when I pick a restaurant with a diverse menu. 

3) Generation Y has an issue with whining.   Wah wah fucking wah.  Common complaints include, “I’m tired” (well go home with the rest of us and don’t stay out until 2am); “my bag is too heavy” (pack less); “the strap on the laptop bag isn’t made for short people” (then go buy your own fucking briefcase); and on and on and on and on and on.

I will be the first to admit that they do good work.  I’m not going to do anything but sing their praises in that department.  It’s just that when you’re out for two weeks and away from home, going from airport to airport hotel to hotel, no one is happy.  I sure as hell wasn’t having the time of my life.  In the end, the key is to have fun where you can, sleep as much as possible, and not complain so much that other people in your travel party want to strangle you…

I’m looking forward to returning to the world ofShannon, Howard Stern, and playoff hockey. Home here I come!!!


One response to “Going Home

  1. Gen Y is unabashedly soft…they have absolutely nothing going for them, unless you count being immune to any and all criticism…imagine what is yet to come….hopefully many suicides.