A Note on Generations

I saw this article about the babyboomers and I agree 100%. I’d call them the crappiest generation. The worst generation tag should belong to Generation Y. They have no sense of history, feel entitled to everything, act like they are the center of the universe, bitch and moan when you do something differently than they do, like horrible music, act like their lives were so hard or different or special that you can’t criticisze them, and don’t understand why they should make an attempt to learn about other ideas or schools of thoughts. For them everything is either acceptable or stupid. No middle ground, no work to try to bridge gaps. I’m all for tolerance but I never understand why it should extend to dumb thinking or actions. Everything is NOT ok. Oh, and it would be nice if they go out and voted from time to time (especially for a candidate somewhere in the middle).

Actually I’d like to see Dianne Sawyer and Brittney Spears (the media posterchildren for the respective generations) fight to the death on TV to decide which one should give up all claims to cultural relevance.


One response to “A Note on Generations

  1. One thing to note about Gen Y…they are the brats of the babyboomers…..no explanation needed….