Big Papi? More Like Big Cheater

I’m not surprised by this story. After accusing every Yankee of cheating, it’s about time the media jumped on the Red Sux.


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  1. Above everything else, Schilling is just an asshole.

  2. And; Curt Schilling is as dumb as a sack of bricks.

  3. charles odell

    I read the story. Ortiz says he drank a protein shake. What is in the protein shake that makes it banned by MLB? I think you are just upset because Ortiz beat the New York Yankees in games 4 and 5 of the 2004 playoffs. I was there and saw him hit a walkoff home run in game 4, and a walkoff single in game 5, to win those two games. I can see how that would tie a can to your tail.

  4. charles odell

    I’m a little confused by the heading of this posting. It says “Ruined my life.” WHAT ruined your life? Can’t be David Ortiz, can it? That doesn’t make much sense, unless you were so crushed by the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the 2004 playoffs that you just never got over it. I grant you the Yankees suffered the biggest choke in MLB history, but that still seems like an extreme reaction. Jesus, 26 World Championships and you can’t take a loss? You Yankees fans are like Romans, you have to win them all!

  5. We should win them all!

  6. charles odell

    Maybe what MLB should do is just declare the Yankees permanent winners of the World Series.
    That way they would not have to something they seem to have trouble with – winning games they really play.

  7. I’d be fine with that. Or they could just disband the Red Sox. I’d be happy if they folded the franchise and ended the silly myth of Red Sox Nation.

  8. charles odell

    Sox are three games up on the Yankees. They seem
    to thrive on your hate.

  9. I don’t know if they thrive on it, but they’ve pulled it together a little more than the Yankees have so far. It’s frightening though when the Rays are in first for any period of time.

  10. dylan55: will you marry me? schilling=pot roast. bigger narisissist than A-Rod. Oriz: Big Poopy. How come no one thinks this guy was juicing? When he played for MIN he couldn’t hit a bull’s ass with a banjo, and now that he comes to BOS he’s Babe Ruth. The last 2 years (after they got strict on testing, what a f’n coincidence) his #’s suck. But no one will question. Why? Never mind, I know the answer.

  11. Jane, it’s so wonderful to hear someone else hate the Red Sox. Ahhhh…

  12. Dylan: I need the company. I live in god-awful massatwoshits.

  13. You poor thing. I lived in Ct. as a kid and caught hell all the time. We went up to Vermont to go to Santa Land and even Santa Clause gave me a hard time (I was 5). That has galvanized my hatred of the Red Soxx.

  14. I grew up in CT too, but in FFLD county so it’s a bit different there. It was either NYY or NYM. I’ve got story after story after story; it would hard to pick which one galvanized my hatred. What’s getting even worse is the media sucking up to the RedSlobs too. Did you read all the b/s about Joba and his suposed ‘antics.?’ I don’t get it…doesn’t queer bait Pablebon do the same thing? And what about Mang Ramierez and his show-boating? Oh, I could go on and on and on….reading that sink hole story in Texas, I think to myself…wonder if maybe there might one of those under Fenway Paaaaaaahhhhk???

  15. Nice. Yes, the media (especially ESPN) just fawn over the Sox. They’re just the greatest team/people/fans etc. Excuse me while I throw up for a bit. The thing is the Red Sox have no class.


  17. You better believe it. Did you see my new post bitching about them picking on Joba?

  18. NO! Send me link. Not sure where you live, but have you seen the AVIS commercial they’re playing on The Yes Netork? If you go to the Avis website and find the commercials, it’s the one titlted “Accents.” You’ll crack up. Working on moving back home, can’t stand it here for 1 more day…. help…..

  19. Never mind, found your Joba rant. Good job! Sad when ESPN needs ‘legal analysts,’ isn’t it? Ah yes, ‘The Evil Empire,’ but who is one of the biggest contributors year after year to the Sox’s Jimmy Fund telethon? You got it – George himself. And who can forget the story about when the Yanks’ brass went to make a deal with Jose Contreras and the BloSox bought up every hotel room in the area? Remind us again who the ‘evil empire’ is???? The Yanks are the big bad money spenders but who’s got the most expensive ticket in baseball???

  20. It’s funny how no one ever mentions how the Red Sox bought their World Series with Manny, Dice-K, Mike Lowell, Schilling, etc. All you hear is about how wonderful their farm system is. Yet no one ever mentions that Bernie, Jeter, Pettite, Mariano, Jorge, etc. all come from the Yankees’ farm system.

  21. The D-backs bought it 2001 too but everyone thought that was cute. Add the $50+ mil that the Slobs spent to talk to DiceGay and what do you get? An awfully big payroll, no? & here’s some more NYY bias — how come Bobby Cox won all those NL E championships (more than 12, right?) – only won 1 or 2 WS. But he’s ‘a terrific manager.’ No one ever called for his head on a platter no matter how many first round exits they made. Why? Oh yeah, that’s right… he doesn’t wear pinstripes.

  22. It’s like you read my mind.

  23. ha ha! We could get started on the Mitchell…errrr The Redslob report……

  24. You mean the Yankee hit list? Though the Rocket doesn’t look all that great now with this affair. Whoops!

  25. I’m not saying the report is false (Clemens looks even stupider than I ever could have imagined, btw), but Mitchell & Co. dug where they wanted to dig. The big names are Yankees, especially the one who stuck it up the Sox’s ass after they kicked him out of town, they attempt to taint NY’s WS glory years, and the head of the committee works for the RedSox. They want me to believe there’s not bias there? That’s pissin’ in my ear and telling me it’s raining. You mean it’s contrived enough to include a player from every team, but ooops – doesn’t implicate the big fish from either BOS or LAA (Mitchell on that board too, and what another fucking coincidence, is part of ESPN). I was born at night, but not last night.
    And one more thing — The stupid Fox network (baseball coverage for retards) thinks BOS/MIL is more compelling than NYY/NYM?

  26. I agree totally on the Mitchell report. Better yet, I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday when I turned on the tv and realized the Yankees were in the 7th. Can we trade Farnsworth to Japan??

  27. KF has been surprisingly good this year thus far but he is easy to hate, huh? Just got done watching the CLE/BOS game. **heavy sigh** more happy Massholes…..

  28. He is, everytime I put on Yes he seems to make a one run hole onto a four run hole.

  29. When he comes in to pitch I get the same feeling I get when Alex Rodriguez gets up with the bases loaded in clutch a situation. “Oh Shit.”

  30. Yep, I do too. I’m glad I didn’t stay up for that Mets game last night. Jeter and Godzilla are the only two hitting.

  31. It’s beyond pathetic @ this point. No words for it. Here’s a thought: maybe I should get my own damn blog instead of hoarding in on yours? LOL.

  32. Nah, feel free to comment all you’d like. If you start a blog let me know and I can come fill it with comments too! It’s kind of nice to know that someone out there has read it.

  33. Hey thanks! What’s really funny is I found you by googling “I hate Curt Schilling.”

  34. Check out today’s ESPN/MLB front page….he’s pumping his fists, no???!!??
    Also – for some added entertainment — Check out this website: Click on information, then career opportunities. I was going to apply for a job there, that’s what lead me to it. That’s just a small taste of what it’s like to live in this shit-hole.

  35. Wow, that’s awful. Like it made me groan awful. I’m going to have to work hard to get that image out of my head this afternoon.

  36. The blow-sox pitcher pumping his stupid fists or the shithead ad agency?

  37. Both. lol Mostly the group picture. That hurt my eyes.

  38. Welcome to my own little version of hell on earth, my friend.

  39. I can’t listen to the guy that does color announcing for the Red Sox, he makes me want to vomit. Of course I turned on the Yankees last night (thank you directv) and they were getting slaughtered. Wake me when the bad dream is over.

  40. Oh that’s Jerry Remy, aka Elmer Fudd. “Derrrrick Jeeeetah” “Jobber Chamberlain” I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard or Celine Dion. Trouble is, that’s not the worst of the speech impediment. While watching YES have you seen the Avis commercial with the jack-ass from Mass.? LMAO.

    BTW you can open your eyes a little…..

  41. Yeah Rasner made me feel a little better. Just keep starting him once a week.
    I just can’t stand watching the Red Sox play. I almost have a hard time watching games from Fenway, even when the Yankees are playing there.
    My favorite Yes commercial though is Gissepe Franco. That guy is frigging awesome!

  42. Well, well, well..what a difference a few days make. Here come my boys! BTW, I’ve been wondering why the eff NESPN isn’t airing any games tomorrow? And I just figured it out. Blo-Sox aren’t on ’til 10pm. LOL. Rat bastards.

  43. They should be showing baseball all day tomorrow. I watched the Yanks win today and it was some nice hitting. Now I’m watching the Reds/Pads in inning 17.

  44. Ahhh…that baseball package is great, huh? I had it last year. I have to settle for Gameday Audio…Ok so far Rasner has my vote for NYY MVP. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.

  45. It’s a shame Rasner took the loss yesterday. The bullpen and bats are the ones who deserved it!

  46. No shit. It’s like they get one wheel fixed and then another falls off. One step forward, two steps back. Frustrating as hell. BUT! @ least we’re not as much of a mess as the Muts. Thankfully they’re stealing all the lousy NY tabloid headlines.

  47. What drove me crazy yesterday was if they had kept it a one run or two run game it would have been fine. All the runs came with two outs (and Mora should have struck out). It’s like they forget how to hit with a good pitching performance. I’m wondering if they need to fire the hitting instructor and hire Tino Martinez.

  48. I wouldn’t mind looking @ Tino The Bambino in the dugout…
    Did you catch the AP Aritcle “Like Locusts, Yankees Fans Swarm Camden Yards” ?? Just so we’re clear – Blow-sox fans follow their stupid little team all over the place because Fenway paaaahk only holds 12 morons @ a time, and they’re dedicated fans and “America’s Team” . But NYY fans do it and their “locusts”?? When is this bullshit gonna stop?

  49. No, but it doesn’t surprise me. Camden Yards is having a real problem selling out this year. Apparently when the Yanks are there it’s more like a Yankees homegame. I can hear the cheering on the O’s broadcast (they block out the NY broadcast here in NC because the O’s are our local team I guess).

    I have faith that the Red Sox are about to totally screw up their franchise again. It’s just an eventuality.

  50. It’s fashionable to hate the Yanks. I get it. Remember where I live, I’m used to it. But that one really went up my ass sideways.

  51. It’s fashionable here too. It’s easy to hate a winner.

  52. Except… we’re in dead last…this season better start shaping up soon.

  53. I know. It’s time to dump Hawkins and Farnsworth. It also looks like they just signed some 1st baseman to a minor league contract, I have a feeling Shelly Duncan might be headed back down.

  54. Well maybe we’ll piss the whole world off yet again by landing CC ‘crooked cap’ Sabathia. I hear Joba may start Tuesday. Bright news: I have a job interview back home in CT on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed – maybe I’m finally headed outa this shit hole.

  55. OMG! I can’t believe I forgot to share this with you. Actually, if the creator of this site isn’t you, it must be your twin brother.

  56. No it’s not me,. It looks great.
    Good luck on the interview! Another agency?

  57. NO! I’m still not over the last trauma. LOL.

    Last night I tuned into the late innings of the Cubs/LAA game which turned out to be a beaut. Tied going into the 10th — I thought my eyes had decieved me b/c I look up @ the tv and see Mang Ramierez @ bat. HUH? ESPN cut in for us lucky fans to see him maybe hit #500. Here’s my beef — besides interrupting a great game for horseshit I could have tuned into 2 channels up if I chose – last year when Rodriguez was going after the same milestone, did ESPN do their little cut-ins? Me thinks not. It really is descpicable. Absolutely descpicable.

  58. That is horrible. ESPN has no idea how to run a sports network anymore. I love nothing more than to ignore their baseball coverage altogether.

  59. I truly thought either my cat stepped on the remote (again), or my tv screen was super-dirty. Scary, scary sight when that ugly sonofabitch shows up unexpectedly.

  60. I hate Ortiz a little more. I’m not sure why. I hope the Yankees don’t allow him to do that stupid “call your shot” promotion at the All Star Game.

  61. I’ll have to repesctfully disagree with you on that one. I absolutely can not stand that slimey asshole. The sight of him makes me want to vomit. I’m sure the ‘called shot’ story is just starting to build steam. It’ll be one of double standard once again, because if Alex was to try and do that at dumpy Fenway all the assholes up here would surely get their panties in a twist. Speaking of which, NYY fans need to get off their traditionally non-voting all-star asses and start voting their team into the Mid-Summer Classic. If I see more Blow-Sox on that field than NYY’s….no telling what I’d do.

  62. I think we totally agree. I think the called shot thing is bullshit too.

  63. Interveiw in CT went well; trying not to get my hopes up though. My niece (3 1/2) and I were at a garage (i had to get my car fixed) and she had to go potty. When we walked into the gross bathroom I told her we were going to try and do this w/out touching anything. “Why?” she asked. I told her, “..because it’s dirty in here.” to which she replied “… mean like The Red Sox?” Good kid.

  64. Wow, that’s a great kid!

  65. BTW, I like the e-mail associated with that last comment. lol

  66. Oh, I set that email up specifically for a ‘friend’ who’s email is ‘yankeesstillsuck@—.com’


  67. This is how ridiculous it is to live here.

    Last night I put on the local 11pm news, mostly to see the skinny on Uncle Ted and his operation. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the top story so I won’t have to stay up any later than I have to.

    **Buzzer sound***

    Top story on both newscasts I turned to? Care to take a guess?

    Big Poopy is on the DL.

    Not the top story in the sports section. Very 1st story of the entire newscast.

    Our longtime icon of a senator, ‘massachusetts royalty’ had his skull ripped open and these jack-asses come to the conclusion that The Gapped Tooth Dominican’s wrist is more news-worthy.

    Un-fucking believable.

  68. Well he’s down here about ten minutes away and seems fine! lol

    I hate Farnsworth so much. Joba to the rotation is a mistake.

  69. I’m not sure about the Joba thing.. we do need a lights out starter…. seriously – when was the last time we had one? Just need to get a new 8th inning pitcher…. duh!

    My new hero, author of the enough-lupica site:

    “I just wanted to say congratulations to Manny Ramirez for joining the 25 Minutes Of Showboating Club. At an average of 3 seconds of showboating per HR, Manny Ramirez has reached the 25 minute milestone after hitting his 500th HR.

    Congratulations Manny! A class act all the way!”

    I don’t know who this guy is but we really need to elect him president!

  70. My thoughts on Joba are that it’s so hard to find good setup men/closers. If we can lock down the 7-8-9 innings, we can find people to chew up innings. Why not call up Karstens? Karstens and Rasner at the back of the rotation might not be bad.
    Thank God for Mussina this year, he’s the only starter who has been consistent.

  71. I guess it’s a debate that can and probably will go on for months. I’m sure they’re doing this now so they can evaluate would-be trade opportunities before the 7/31 deadline.

    I do think a guy with that kinda stuff is a waste for one inning of work. They might consider Edwar for the 8th — like I said, a debate that could go on forever.

    Stay tuned, my friend.

  72. Rivera has great stuff and he only works the 9th! Last night I’m sure Joba would have done better than Farnsworth. That’s a guy we need to shoot out of a cannon.

  73. OK- good point. But I believe – the difference is Mo has that ONE great pitch – the cutter- and Joba (so they say) has an assortment. I just think it’s worth a shot. He was always supposed to be a starter, remember. I read there are a few guys down in the minors that they might consider bringing up for the pen, a la Joba last year. I also just read that The Big Poop is out for at least 1 month.

    Can we add Pavano, Igawa and Hawkins to that cannon or do they each need their own?

  74. No, please add them all. At least Igawa goes out there and looks afraid like he’s about to be shelled.

    I think the Yankees are to relief pitchers what the Rangers used to be to overpriced veterans… a place to get a nice paycheck and go to die. They could care less. I’d rather live and die by the Shelley Duncans who have some pride than by Kyle Farnsworth who has no spine.

  75. OK, you have to check out the enough-lupica site; he’s bashing an espn writer. Flipping fucking hysterical. Are you sure he’s not your alter-ego? Distant cousin?

  76. I’ll call my cousin and ask but I don’t think so! lol

  77. Wow Moose, WOW. Who’d a thunk he’d be leading the league in wins (tie) and be on pace to finally get his 20 win season?? Whoopie!

  78. Well his arm might still go dead, but he looked good last night. He kept leading off with first pitch strikes

  79. That’s pretty key. I hope the best for the guy. 11 bb’s in 13 starts and 67 1/3 innings. Pretty impressive. Last year it was mid-Sep before he had 9 wins. Hip-Hip Jorge back today….

  80. I hate day games. I can’t watch at work! lol

  81. WTF is the matter with Wang? And why is LaTroy ‘pud’ Hawkins allowed anywhere in the vacinity of NYC?

  82. I wonder if Wang is hurt…

  83. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    While they were at it, couldn’t The Rays beat the piss out of the other 24 too?

    And Giami and Damon look like cheesy porn stars with that lip hair. I saw better ‘stashes on my father and uncle circa 1974.

    Go Rasner, Go!

  84. I love how Rasner gets screwed again. The guy should be 5-1.

  85. I know huh? Surprisingly enough the pen was good today – Giese and Veras. Joba is coming along. I think he’ll be a fine starter soon enough. Just need Pettitte to figure himself out and I still think there’s some-ting wong with Wang.

  86. I think Wang lost a nail and it’s really hurt him. They constantly talk about it on Yes and that his sinker relies on a good index finger nail. Kind of disgusting.

  87. Ewwww….
    so – What? Mo can’t come in to a game that’s not a save situation w/out giving up a dinger now? WTF?

  88. I caught part of this story @ the gym tonight and couldn’t wait to get home to tell you about it. Did you hear about Schilling’s (aka the pot roast) latest rant on his stupider than stupid website tearing up Kobe Bryant? He truly is the biggest asshole that ever lived. Truly the biggest.

  89. No, I guess I have to go read his stupid website now…. What an idiot. What a fucking idiot.

  90. Fenway Park failed city health inspections. Let me get this straight: they allow Mang to use the green wall as his own personal urinal and then wonder why they have rats?

  91. At least Kobe responded with a go Yankees.

    My dad just bought tix for us in August. I can’t wait. AND I just found out that a buddy of mine’s son is going to be a batboy for a game. What a lucky little bastard.

  92. Yes, good for Kobe. Don’t care for him much, but great response! I took the pic of Pot Roast Schilling sitting courtside in his stupid green jersey and hung it in my cube @ work with a big universal no sign through his fat ugly face. Seriously, he looks like Shrek!

    Glad you’ll get to a game this year. I’m going to the subway series @ Shea and then to a game at the Stadium in July. Very excited.

  93. Nice! I think we’ve got two against the Royals lined up. Also a trip to Monument Park. And I think I’ll buy some final season swag too.

  94. You’ll enjoy MP; you’ve never been?

    Suggestion – go super early; it closes 1 hr before game time and it’s bound to be crowded.

    I got a super great camera for Christmas and plan to take pics. I’ll be sure to get your email to share.

    Series in HOU should be interesting as should the series in NY vs. The Reds. If I’m not mistaken it’s their first visit to the Bronx since The Big Red Machine beat us in the 1976 WS.

    Surprisingly you didn’t comment on the rats @ Fenway … I was expecting a comeback such as ‘..those aren’t rats, just Red Sox fans..’ Are you slipping?!? :o)

  95. It’s been a rough rough week. So for now, I’m slipping. lol

  96. Ok I’m tired of the press having O’s over jd poo doing so well in The Big Poop’s absence. Excuse me…even The Poop wouldn’t have those #’s if Asshole Ramirez didn’t bat behind him. Hell, you or I would have a hefty avg. if that grubby asshole batted after us. Just today’s rant.

  97. I agree. It’s about time JD Drew lived up to his potential.

  98. I can’t believe Wang is out six weeks.

  99. We’ll be lucky if we see him again this season.

    This blows. Hope Cash has C.C. on speed dial.

  100. So let me get this straight.

    Torre and the Dodgers won’t make the playoffs.

    Good chance we won’t either.

    Ditto for The Mets and Johan Santana.

    The Twins most likey won’t win shit.

    Is everybody happy?

  101. We’re going to make the playoffs. There’s not a lot in front of us for the wildcard. You’ll see.

    The Mets are a nightmare, Torre got sick of the Steinbrenners, and the Twins knew they were in trouble.

  102. You’re my beacon of hope….

    (for what’s it’s worth I want the AL East goddamn it)

  103. I want the East too, but I’m not giving up yet.

  104. Jesus H. Christ…the flippin’ Mets…

  105. The online sports page of the POST is fantastic today. Stupid Mets.

  106. Yesterday’s was pricelss – The big pic of Mr. Met and ‘Meet the Mess’ headline, then the pic of Omar and The Wilpons with bozo noses. I spent all day giggling my butt off about it.

    Back to our boys – Sidney Ponson?!?! Oh dear crickie. What? El Guapo wasn’t available?

  107. Top 10 New Careers For Curt Schilling

    10. Al Sharpton’s Geniologist
    9. Spokesman for “TideToGoForFakeStains”
    8. Dick Cheney’s new hunting partner
    7. Kobe Bryant’s Bitch
    6. Shrek’s body double in Shrek Number Four
    5. Curator for EverythingCurt House of Mirrors Museum
    4. Host of WEEI’s “Enough About You, What About Me?” Radio Program
    3. Campaign Advisor for ‘Huckabee in 2012’
    2. Ghost-writer for ‘Curt Schilling Is A Big Fat Idiot’ by Rush Limbaugh
    1. Designer of the new BH hat – Boston Hasbeen

  108. I love that the retard is no longer pitching. It’s one more guy they won’t have down the stretch. WOO HOO!

  109. After the media stops blowing smoke up his ass in a few days, I’ll be even happier about it.

  110. Well it has stopped for now. I’m much happier.

  111. I was @ the game Saturday @ Shea. Couldn’t have picked a better one.

  112. That’s awesome. I got my tix for KC in the mail this week. Can’t wait.

  113. Welcome to Yankee Stadium, where you too can look like Cy Young.

  114. That is unless you happen to pitch for the Yankees!

  115. Well….Pettitte, Moose and Joba have been pretty good of late… what happened to the team that could score 900-1000 runs???!?!?!?!

  116. I agree. I’m getting kind of tired of these close games where the Yankees leave 1,700 men on base. Or when they go 0-43 with RiSP. At least they split with the Sox.

  117. I was at the ‘mustache’ game last week. Way fun. Good game too.

    How much do I loathe Papbelboob?

  118. I was hoping he’d take the All-Star loss…

  119. The gay-boy, jig-dancing, narcissistic, over rated, stupid fucking big-mouth jack-ass almost did. I would like to see The Bleacher Creatures have at ’em. Maybe they can wrap him in ‘Yankees Suck’ gear, complete with his ‘B’ dunce cap, beat him within an inch of his life and leave him under the El in front of Stan’s so he can figure out how to get back to rat- infested Feway all on his own.

  120. It’s amazing how classless many of the Red Sox are. Manny and Papplebon are both idiots.

  121. LOL/as if my last little rant was loaded with class……
    But you’re right. That’ll teach that stupid fool not to open his big fat trap in The Big City. As for Mang, he’ll wind up back with Boston because he’s an idiot and they’re idiots so they deserve eachother; match made in heaven.

  122. Maybe Ritchie Sexton can find his form again, thought I doubt it. It really sucks about Matsui. He and Damon have really been the difference in the offense this year.

  123. I know to some extent Girardi can’t help it, but if assemble a line up and leave it be for a bit and stop juggling it so much, I think they’d stand a chance. You never know about Sexson – maybe he’ll be this year’s Aaron Small?

  124. I’m thinking that Sexton might hit with some protection around him. A-Rod and Posada can make a lot of guys better!

  125. You mean like how Mang makes JD Poo look like Babe Ruth?


  127. This past weekend was your trip right? I hope you went to Saturday/Sundy as opposed to Friday.
    Maybe they can still pull a rabbit out of their hats? :o)

  128. Yes it was. We were there all day on Saturday and again on Sunday. It was fantastic. I’m slowly uploading the pictures today.

  129. What a pathetic bunch of over paid underachieving pansies. Seriously. Totally pathetic.

  130. They need to fire the hitting coach and get rid of the 10,000 DHs they have.

  131. ..OR/AND …. get a cleanup hitter that can get his head out of his ass long enough to get a meaningful hit once in a while, a lead off man that can fucking bunt and catch a god damn fly ball, and while they’re at it: some heart, some passion, some desire? Oh, and a supposed ‘future of the fanchise’ pitcher that the owner/gm insisted on keeping instead of acquiring Johan Santana and CC that actually gives two flippin’ shits about his two-bit pathetic excuse for a major leauge pennant race pitching performance.

  132. Bunt? They had 10,000 chances to bunt on Saturday and didn’t try. I did, however, manage to get a picture of A-Rod picking his ass! It’s in the pictures…

  133. I love the pics! You’re funny; eating it all up as i do.
    I’m pretty familiar with the Alex ‘pick’ pose. Spent a lot of the games I’ve attened on the right field/3b side of the field with my binoculars… LOL. But we are onto something; he’s either looking for his head or Giambi’s thong gets easily twisted….

  134. We were in the Loge on Saturday and it was nice to be out of the sun. The Sunday seats, however, were amazing.

  135. Yep the Loge seats are pretty cool.

    I had super good seats ONCE in ’99. 10-15 rows behind the visitors dugout. Heaven on earth (except that the visitors were from Boston).

    I took a ton of pics this year also including Monument Park; what I wish I could bottle up is the sounds of the place. It is breaking my heart that there will (barring a miracle) not be any OCT baseball this year. The rat bums.

  136. I was so pissed. We couldn’t get into monument park either day! They kept closing it at 11:10.
    I had seats a few years back 10 rows behind home plate. They were great.

  137. Usually they close it 1 hr prior to game time but I think it’s just been too mobbed. When we went, we had to wait for over and hour – the end of the line was on the upper tier concourse -we barely got in in time, and were rushed threw like there was a fire. And it was hot and humid as hell. I’d be happy to send the pics if you’d like.

    Taking bets on how Pavano pitches? LOL. @ least there’s entertainment….

  138. Sure, I’d love to see pics. ..

    I was glad to see Pavano pitch well. I wish they had held the lead today. I don’t like seeing the O’s making it interesting.

  139. HA! See you next year guys…

  140. That’s great. I really do love it. Welcome back!

  141. Happy opening day!!

  142. Wish it had been happier, but, same to you!

  143. THE BIG POOPY IS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!