David Hasselhoff

I never thought watching David Hasselhoff eat a cheeseburger could be so interesting. What is it with these celebrities? I realize that they’re under the microscope so anything they do is amplified and exposed. The thing is, I don’t videotape myself eating like this and I don’t think most other, normal people do. I might have to watch him on that show he’s going to be on now just to see if he has a freak out.

I wonder, was he eating an In-N-Out Burger?. If so, that could explain the intoxication. That’s a pretty good burger.


3 responses to “David Hasselhoff

  1. I named my mentally handicapped cat after him.

  2. That is great.

  3. i have many mentally handicapped cats, many of which are called steve. they would rather like to meet your mentally handicapped cat =D