Jail Time

On her myspace page, Paris Hilton wants people to call the governator of California to ask for her not to do jail time. While I understand that no one wants to go to jail, for her I say too bad. It seems to me that she feels she is above the law. You know why most of us don’t screw up? Because we know we’ll end up in prison if we do. I think it’s high time she learns some lessons that mommy and daddy didn’t teach her. I urge you all to write the Governor and ask him to let her go to prison. Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean she can wriggle out of this.


3 responses to “Jail Time

  1. Matt Smith

    F her….She deserves to go to prison. Unfortunately, she has to go to a “special” tank, like the one Artie Lange went to after he was picked up for Coke possession, I think.

  2. I think they just need a bigger cell for Artie, he doesn’t fit in the normal ones.

  3. Typical Generation Y brat who thinks she is above the law and everyone else. Another stupid Gen Y bitch Lindsay Lohan isn’t too far behind.