Who Will Think of the Children

Two stories that show how screwed up the baby boomers are when it comes to protecting the youth of America. I guess they don’t want any kids to have fond childhood recollections.

The first is a school district that decided to stage a gunman on the loose. Great use of common sense and judgement! I have to congratulate the administrators and teachers on their good thinking here.

The second is the whole mess about sex predators. A few Attorneys General are going after MySpace in an attempt to round up those pesky child molesters. These law enforcement agencies want social networking sites to turn over user recordsin an attempt to capture said child molesters. In my mind this is a horrible violation of privacy. It seems to me that the answer here is twofold: 1) parents need to monitor what their kids are doing on the Internet. If Little Billy is talking to a creepy old man and wants to meet him, shouldn’t the parents know and stop it?? 2) Law enforcement should be tracking these individuals and monitoring their internet usage through means that are constitutional. MySpace shouldn’t be held responsible here for tracking these sickos and catching them. What next? Should banks be responsible for catching bank robbers? If the issue is that important, make sure that sufficient funding is directed toward the problem and let law enforcement handle it. Private industry should, as good corporate citizens, step in when they see something wrong going on, but they should not be the only line of defense in this process. Baby Boomers need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that they cannot legislate everything away or violate privacy rights to catch a few bad eggs.


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