Why the NBA Sucks

Robert Horry of the Spurs was suspended over what I think was a good, hard play. If you look at a guy funny the NBA suspends you. It was better in the mid 1990s when the Knicks did nothing but mug guys to death and it got them to an NBA Finals. Contact should be part of basketball, it makes the game more entertaining.

Personally I think Horry deserved a foul at the worst. No suspension, no news stories. Just a possession foul.


2 responses to “Why the NBA Sucks

  1. I notice the fact that you didn’t mention 2 guys ON THE BENCH got suspended too. For NOTHING. Horry may have just done the worst possible cheap shot and will lose 2 days pay. But he took and made a hard cheap shot that also could have caused major serious injury (watch the slow mo for how close Hash’s head came to the table edge).

    Many of us (Suns fans included) truly respected San Anton before this series. And we thought maybe Amare was a bit out of turn. But this has got to be the lowest cheap-shot team I have seen in a long time. Fat ol Roberto just sealed there fate. IF they win now it will be tainted deeply.

    Can’t wait to get Whor-e back on the court.

  2. Well there is a rule that says you get suspended for leaving the bench during a fight. I’m not a Suns or Spurs fan, I just thought it was a good hard check. It likely deserved a foul but I don’t know if it deserved a suspension.