Hollywood Tour

I went on one of those Hollywood tours today. For two hours I was in the back of a van that had it’s roof chopped off and gawked at famous and rich people’s homes. Wow, some of them were quite amazing. One of the cool things I got to see what the house used in The Big Lebowski. Here are a few pictures of it… They’re too big to just post on the blog.

Picture 1

Picture 2

All I could think of was Bunny telling The Dude that, “Brant can’t watch unless he pays an extra $500,” and the Dude mentioning that he was off to find an ATM machine.


2 responses to “Hollywood Tour

  1. Jeff Bridges & John Goodman were so awesome in that movie.

  2. Everyone was so good in that movie. Now all I need to do is go bowling and write a check at Ralph’s for less than a dollar and I’ll have the complete Lebowski experience.