Dog Fighting a Crime? Who Knew??

So Ron Mexico Michael Vick the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons is in trouble over alleged dog fighting at a home he owns. The best part of this story is that now other idiots players are coming to his defense. Clinton Portis a running back for the Washington Redskins doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal. His logic is that it happened on Vick’s private property. Let’s see, that means the following crimes are now justified in Portisland:
-Wife beating
-Meth labs
-Cock fights
-Kiddie Porn

Wouldn’t it be nice if these guys just kept their mouths shut and played the game? Vick is so overrated and Portis hasn’t done shit since he left the Broncos and Mike Shannahan’s system (where my grandmother could run for a 1,000 yards). I hope Roger Goodell keeps suspending these morons until they get it. We don’t want to see their “bad boy” behavior on or off the field. Just do your job and shut up. I don’t care how cool you think you are, how tough you think you are, or want to see you strut your stuff on and off the field.


7 responses to “Dog Fighting a Crime? Who Knew??

  1. fantasybowl

    Well, first of all, Portis was asked and he gave his opinion. Does that make him an idiot because mainstream America wouldn’t agree with his opinion. I thought it was funny because since they asked him a stupid question he was bound and determined to give them a stupid answer. Not because he believed what he was saying, but because he was telling the truth of what he’s learned and seen. I am not agreeing with many of these knuckleheads behavior, however, people are different in all walks of life.

  2. With all the potential Google search terms in this post, you should really attract some fine human beings to your blog now.

  3. Actually it makes him an idiot because he gave a stupid opinion. I think he believed it.

  4. JumboFreak

    Nice points. had a nice point on there, too. I think Portis should have given a nice “no comment” on this one if his beliefs differ. Keep that opinion to yourself, you know?

  5. Raymond Stolp

    “I am your nurse… and you are my hospital.”
    Raymond Stolp, 2003

  6. Mike Vick should only get suspended and no jail time. We have other important issues to deal with in world.

  7. I would like to see a continuation of the topic