Blogger Claims Dan Rather’s Comments are ‘Right’

CBS needs to fire Les Moonves and do it yesterday. The man who let Howard Stern get away is now defening his hire of Katie Couric to replace Dan Rather. Dan apparently made some comments regarding Katie’s performance and, to be totally frank, he was right. I’ve only caught a little of Katie’s evening news and while the Today show goes after hard news a lot more than those nitwits over at GMA, she’s a little soft for evening news.

CBS would have been better off sticking with Bob Schaefer (from Meet the Press) or finding some no name. What about Russ Mitchell? He’s a hell of a lot better than Katie and I actually believe he could cover hard news instead of celebrity sex scandals.


One response to “Blogger Claims Dan Rather’s Comments are ‘Right’

  1. I like your headline! Very controversial…