‘Nuff Said

Chuck Norris


2 responses to “‘Nuff Said

  1. I love Chuck Norris. He’s the all-American guy!

  2. Chuck Norris seems to be a good guy, but he’s a terrible actor and I doubt that he could make any positive plans for this country, he can’t even make a decent song for his show (Walker Texas Ranger), without a doubt, one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. The illness that is so common in this country requires a substantial leader thats got the ability and will to stand up to generations of corruption and incredibly powerful and evil intelligence and counter intelligence, the fact that Chuck would want Congress to work out on a total gym would probably get him killed by a obese slob that happens to know very nasty people. I don’t care how good he is at martial arts, it won’t protect you from a talented snipers bullet. Just ask JFK, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and thousands of dead soldiers since the Civil War.