Theeeeeeeeeey’re Assholes!

So some do-gooder group went after Kellogg’s and General Mills to get them to make cereal healthier for kids and to stop advertising to them as reported in this article. They spout all these stats about fat kids and unhealthy cereal and how we need to keep it away from kids blah blah blah. Why don’t they sue the dumb ass parents who buy this shit. My mom had an easy solution when we went to the store and I said, “get me this I saw the commercial.” It was a simple, “no, that crap is bad for you.” And then, guess what? She didn’t buy it! No need to sue the company, no need to cry and moan about how evil it is to have Shrek on the box as a promotion. The parent simply denied it to me. Is it really that hard baby boomers? Are you that bad at parenting that you look back and decide it’s time to ban everything, including the mascots from my Saturday morning cartoons?

Please just retire from the public spotlight, get your RV and go visit weird destinations in the US. Leave the governing and thinking to Generation X, we know better than you or your dumb dumb children.


2 responses to “Theeeeeeeeeey’re Assholes!

  1. Yes, parents need to grow a backbone, but advertising to children has gotten way out of hand.

  2. It was worse when we were kids and I don’t see me weighing 700 pounds over sugary cereal.