More Airport Bullshit

While the woman from this article doesn’t handle herself perfectly, the TSA has once again shown that they are the dumbest branch of the US government. The problem is that they wield absolute power and use no common sense. As a frequent traveller I can say that the liquids rule is dumb to begin with. The problem here is that the TSA shouldn’t have been harassing this woman, they should have helped her.

To be honest, I don’t see what they do beyond establish arbitrary rules and then enforce them at varying standards throughout the country. Their agents don’t make me feel more secure, they make me feel like infringed upon. They are authority for authority’s sake, nothing more. Fly through different airports and you’ll see… some of the screeners barely pay attention to the x-ray machine. Some make you take articles of clothing off that are baggy (like untucked button down shirts). The entire system is set up to make the general, infrequent flying public feel like they have to go through an ordeal which, in turn, must be secure. Ask frequent fliers and they’ll agree, it’s all a headache that just adds time and annoyance to the trip.

Watch the videos at the bottom of the link, too big a deal is made out of a woman spilling a cup of water on the floor. It seems to me that this is a job for the janitor, not the police.


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