Worst Parents EVER!

I have two words for the parents in this story… Military School. If your kid is as fucked in the head as this kid obviously is, don’t cave into them. You send their ass to military school or some other child prison to get straightened out. You don’t let them marry their 40 year old track coach. Why not just send the kid on dates in Vietnam with Gary Glitter??




7 responses to “Worst Parents EVER!

  1. That is so unbelievable. What the hell is wrong with her parents? She’s a teenager and she’s bound to throw tantrums and rebel, but fuck, since when are they supposed to give in and let her ruin her life?

    I know this girl thinks she loves this disgusting guy, but it won’t be long until she grows tired of everyone mistaking her husband for her Dad.

  2. Whatever happened to parents saying no? I heard that word more than any other growing up.

  3. haha love your work mate.

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    – GazMan

  4. How do I get to your site?

  5. Could Gazman be fake?

    These parents are fucked up. Perhaps they should get the punishment of having their reproductive organs removed? She’s not old enough to realize how shitty her mistake can be. In times like these, I wonder if our society has gotten dumber, or is it the fact that the internet has now been a place/market to hear more of these dummy stories?!!!?!

  6. I think the Internet has brought social Darwinism to the forefront. This story is amazing though…

  7. Matt Smith –

    Yes I am fake.

    I have real boobs though.