Reconsidering Where Products Are Made

So for years, good Redneck citizens have been urging us to “buy ‘Merican!” They haven’t liked other people in the world getting jobs that they likely didn’t want in the first place. Xenophobia at it’s finest. The scary thing is, they might have been right.

It seems that on a weekly basis, China is shipping some new product here to kill us. This week it’s car tires. The U.S. Government is telling an importer that they must recall light truck tires that were improperly manufactured in China. This after there have been recalls on Thomas the Train for lead paint, Mr. Cool Junior for antifreeze in the toothpate, and deadly pet food

At this point I wonder if they worry about the contents of anything? I, for one, am going to try to not buy Chinese products. I could care less where products are made. I’m typically ok with manufacturing as long as they don’t employ children or slaves. The thing that amazes me though is that these Chinese companies could care less about the safety of their consumers.   At least U.S. companies realize that killing the customer is a bad thing (even just a few).  Hell, they don’t like to make us sick.  That’s nice.

So what does this mean?  It means that I will try and fail to buy non-Chinese products because they are everywhere.  However, when faced with a choice I will choose the non-Chinese product moving forward.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could employ these guys in the future?


4 responses to “Reconsidering Where Products Are Made

  1. I am totally with you on this one. Of course, it means that we won’t be buying anything at all. But I guess that’s OK.

  2. Hey folks. I’m going to try to do the same thing. But I think there is a lot more made in American than we think. I’ve started a blog to get people discussing items they can and can’t find. So far I’ve found bassinets, soccer balls, toothbrushes, and toasters. Problem is, people just don’t know what mfg are us mfg. Let’s blog about items you are looking for. I’ll even help you research. See Happy hunting!

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