File Under Who Gives a Shit

So David Beckham might not be able to join his new team for a while. Who cares? This is America, soccer is boring and why does a washed up player in a second-tier sport (yes soccer is a second-tier sport like Lacrosse or Arena Football) get THIS much media attention?? It’s time soccer went back to being a sport of amateurs in this country, let kids play it and have fun. Beyond that it is unwatchable.

I’ve discovered the secret of why Europeans riot over soccer… they’re BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS.


2 responses to “File Under Who Gives a Shit

  1. You don’t like Soccer? I used to love playing baseball and going to games as a kid (I was there the day Johnny Bench retired), but Pro-Basketball and Baseball has gotten a little boring.

    I switched to soccer a few years ago. Now, I watch Football, Soccer and College Basketball like crazy!

  2. No, it puts me right to sleep. I remember playing it as a kid even then I didn’t totally get it. I’m an NFL, NHL, MLB guy totally