How to Fix the U.S. Economy

The credit market is in the crapper, poverty is up, the stock market has gone haywire, the housing market sucks.  How do we fix it?  Well, I believe that the Chinese manufacturing problems are the key.

For years, the U.S. has been bleeding manufacturing jobs with good pay and benefits overseas.  What’s been replacing those jobs?  Service jobs with shitty pay and no benefits.  Now, China, the country we’re sending a lot of our manufacturing to is showing it’s cards.  They claim that Chinese products are safe but the reality of it is that they just don’t have the same standards as we do.  They want to crank out as many products as they can, make as much profit as they can, and grow grow GROW!  They don’t care about pesky things like fair pay, employee safety, or consumer safety.  They also don’t seem to care about product quality (but that’s another issue for another day).

So how does lead paint solve anything?  Well, let’s bring those jobs BACK to the United States.  Let’s start making kids toys here again.  Let’s pay people $40,000 a year and benefits to work in manufacturing and give them jobs they can be proud of.  Let’s increase consumer spending, wages, the number of insured, product quality, etc. 

I think we’re discovering that buying shit cheap isn’t as rewarding as it seemed.  My wife recently bought a small dehumidifier.  The thing was broken when it got to the house.  I think we both would have prefered to pay more for something that would last.  Something that we know doesn’t have lead paint.  I’d rather spend $20 once than $10 twice because the product breaks down. 

So maybe it’s time we all started writing companies like Mattel and ask them to move manufacturing back here to the U.S.


7 responses to “How to Fix the U.S. Economy

  1. The U.S. lost 46,000 manufacturing jobs in August 2007. More significantly, the ongoing losses are taking a cumulative toll on communities throughout the country. We need to adequately enforce our trade laws, and hold countries like China accountable for illegal trading practices such as currency manipulation. Otherwise, we’ll continue to shed manufacturing jobs.

  2. Jose Cassany

    I’ve been in the US for 6 years, it was my dream to live in here since I was a kid. I remember back in the 80’s shopping for “made in USA” jeans and sport shoes, there was a pride on buying US high quality products, Levi’s? they have to be original made in USA. Then I saw everything changing to made in hong kong, malasya: big mistake. Let’s recover the pride of buying “Made in USA”. Shut down those slave factories in Asia and start producing higher quality stuff here in America. Brands like New Balance are made in USA!!! We still have time to stop it…

  3. spirit of saddam

    you americans talk so much rubbish about bringing back jobs, u are lazy and cannot compete with hardworking asian labour. you are f)*)()* and u know it. party is over. go find a job in another country. cant be europe, cuz they cant stand you either.

  4. Let the countrys have the jobs, we all know they need it. I think we put an end to free trade. F**** that crap. Start taxing imports dammit.

  5. They need it, but they also need to have safety standards, fair pay, safe working conditions, etc. If those standards were put into place, the cost of their labor would go up and make the US seem like a better option.

    I do agree about free trade, it hasn’t done anything it promised to do.

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