China Bans Lead Paint

So, it was announced today that China has banned the use of lead paint in exports to the U.S. The move, part of a pledge to … WHAT??? Hold on, they just now banned the use of lead paint in the export of toys to the United States? Shouldn’t this have been done a LONG LONG time ago? Lead paint has been banned in toys here since 1978.

Chuanzhong Wei, vice minister of China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said that we shouldn’t expect 100% safety and that “We should not over-propagandize the problem.” I believe that’s Chinese code for BAN THE MEDIA FROM DISCUSSING IT.

Again, write these companies and tell them to bring manufacturing back home!


4 responses to “China Bans Lead Paint

  1. musingsofabittergirl

    Why stop at banning the use of lead paint only in exports to the US??? Smacks of total BS to me … meant to appease the masses here. And the standard China reaction is ‘We should not over -propagandize the problem’ – it comes as the cookie-cutter reaction sentence from any government official asked to comment on these types of stories …

  2. No shit! I read this morning that Mattel refuses to move manufacturing to countries with more expensive labor. Seems to me like it’s about time they did and that consumers demand it.

  3. i am a canadian auto worker and we are forming a growing group that will not buy anything from mattel or fisher price from here on out,for shame mattel , killing our children for profit. soon we will have enough people to totally collapse your corrupt business,mattel should change there name to killing children in the name of profit , i cannot wait to see mattel collapse or move back to north america, get pissed off people because mattel could care less about our children,,,your going down mattel

  4. mattel will not listen to us until we stop buying their products and make their stock plummet. we, the people, do have the power to totally collapse this business, if you care about your children and want jobs to come back to north america than this is the only way to do it, big business listens to money loss or money gain,when mattel gets their product made in china they say so we can buy it cheaper,this of course is a load of CRAP, mattel gets it made in china so mattel can sell it to us for top dollar and maximize their profits, BEWARE YOUR CHILD IS PLAYING WITH TOYS THAT WILL HARM THEM, DONT BUY MATTEL PRODUCTS, THEY ARE PROFIT MONGERS THAT DONT CARE IF OUR CHILDREN ARE HARMED, WATCH YOUR STOCKS MATTEL ,THEY WILL GRADUALLY BE FALLING