More Do as We Say Bullshit

A second incident involving Southwest Airlines telling a passenger to cover up or not fly has emerged today. Companies, (airlines especially) try tell consumers what to do, how to act, what to say, etc. This is bullshit, plain and simple! Unless the person shows up naked, an airline shouldn’t get to tell you they don’t like what you’re wearing. I don’t care if it’s skimpy or if you’re wearing a shirt that has a message. This is America, we have a right to free speech regardless of where we are! As a frequent flier, I’m not going to fly Southwest anymore for personal or business reasons until they come out and admit they were wrong.


7 responses to “More Do as We Say Bullshit

  1. Hrm. Well, it’s a private company – they can make whatever rules they want, and you don’t have to use them. Gas stations, grocery stores, and various other places have a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy – this is no different. f Southwest doesn’t want scantily dressed women flashing snatch at kids when they go to sit down, it’s their choice to lose the ticket money from folks who don’t like their stand. You can always try Delta.

  2. The difference is that no shoes/shirt has to do with safety and sanitary reasons. This is someone with too much power deciding how to wield it. The airlines need better regulation.

  3. The problem with this story is it’s up to the Southwest Employee to determine what’s offensive and what’s not. As you well know, you cannot get everybody to agree on the same thing. It’s a judgement call pure and simple.

    I’m from Southern CA and we dress a lot different than folks do on the East Coast or Midwest. Even our business attire is different. Is somebody going to tell me I cannot wear my everyday sandals on an airplane becuase they find it offensive?! Sandals are a part of life in SoCAL. This is where the problem lies when you have folks deciding what is offensive and what’s not on an airplane. Not everybody wears the same thing.

  4. If you read the statement that their airline put out, in both cases they were just responding to complaints from other passengers about the ladies clothing. No judgement was made by the employees. The news reports I’ve seen state that but they’re just glossing over that portion of the story since it makes the airline not be the bad guy.

    And if they hadn’t responded, the complainers would have gone to the media and stated that the airline was allowing folks to dress in that manner. Catch 22.

  5. Man, that’s total bullshit. When I worked for JetBlue, we had some REALLY hot broads dressing EXTRA skimpy. You never heard a peep from anyone!

  6. I totally agree with Matt. Having worked for an airline for over 20 years I wouldnt know of one single instance where one passenger complained about the cloths (or lack of it) of another passenger. Well then again, I’m working in Europe….

  7. That’s because only rednecks fly JetBlue. 🙂