Asshole of the Week

I’m a Democrat but my asshole of the week is Hillary Clinton. The distinguished Senator and Presidential candidate unveiled her universal healthcare plan recently. Get this, her idea is to force, yes force everyone to have health insurance. There are a few issues I have with her program:

1) It offers what appears to be a government-run program to those without insurance now and gives those people tax breaks to buy it. That sounds all well and good, but since when has the government been able to administer something like this? Typically the government is pretty inept or inefficient. That’s ok because the in fighting and inefficiency is what, in essence, keeps us free. This program would just likely mismange money and provide the poor and middle class with bad healthcare.

2) It does NOTHING to fix the problem in the system now, mainly that insurance (especially health insurance) is no longer about risk. The insurance industry has become a slave to Wall Street, always needing to drive up earnings. The problem is that some years, the insurance industry shouldn’t do as well and others they will do great. It’s all the gamble of risk that insurance is built upon. We need to regulate the industry so companies like United Health can stop raping the ordinary consumer with increasing rates and decreasing benefits.

3) Tax breaks don’t really help when you’re not making a lot in the first place. Plus, the refund comes once a year. A tax break doesn’t show up in your weekly check.

I pray Hillary doesn’t win the nomination. She’s a good Senator but she’d be a crappy President. I’m backing Edwards and Biden now.


4 responses to “Asshole of the Week

  1. Hillary has the potential to cause a ton of damage. Hopefully Americans will surprise me and realize that she’s unfit to be president.

    Heck, why vote for someone that plans to bomb more nations and kill the dollar?

  2. Well they did it with Bush… twice. The dollar sucks now!

  3. Yes it does. I’m tired of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton monster that has been ruling the land since I was in elementary school.

  4. Dont forget petrol. And buttsexxxx
    ~~~The Purple Penetrator~~~