Dollar Coin

When will they learn? Congress has approved yet another version of the dollar coin. I think I speak for all, sane Americans when I ask, why? Dollar coins are the worst thing in the world. When I travel to Canada or Europe they weigh me down and make me miserable. If I get them, they’re the first money I spend (or I deposit them in the bank) just to get rid of them. I HATE dollar coins and wish Congress would stop trying. They have better things to spend their time on.


3 responses to “Dollar Coin

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  2. Maybe they know something we fucking don’t? Maybe they found out that the paper they’ve been using in money makes guys nuts fall off if stored in a pocket for more that 1,000 cumulative hours? Maybe they think that since the fucking state quarters were such a hit these will be too. I’d like a dollar coin the size of a fucking dinner plate that I could wear as a giant medallion. That would fucking rock. By the way – glad to see you have the asshole of the week back up and running.

  3. I’m trying! I do like the idea of a giant dollar coin as a medallion.