Jena Six

I am going to open this by saying that I do not know 100% of the facts in the Jena Six case and that I disagree with juvenilles being charged as adults.  However, I do not understand why this is so deserving of protest.  These boys, from what I can gather, beat the hell out of another kid.  Shouldn’t they be arrested or punished?  The adult conviction was overturned, which is a good thing but I have this weird feeling that (from the media coverage I’ve seen) people want these kids to go unpunished.

I guess the place I’m confused is that I keep hearing that there is unequal justice here.  The DA said that the white kids broke no law by hanging the nooses.  Was is disgusting?  Yes.  Was it dispicable?  Yes.  The problem is, disgusting speech is not illegal in this country.  I don’t think you can prosecute the kids who hung the nooses.  It seems to me that this is all just another ploy for media whore Al Sharpton.  Funny, every time I hear his name I think of Tawana Brawley.


6 responses to “Jena Six

  1. Amen brother. Democrats lining up to support violent black criminals. Someone get me a Tab! It’s like the Seventies.

  2. Don’t blame Democrats only. As a Democrat myself I just don’t get it.

  3. I’d suspend or expel the noose kids, just as I’d expel the stupid kid in UF who disturbed the John Kerry event. This coddling of anti-social behavior is ridiculous.

  4. I think the cops in the UF event need to be punished. Kerry wanted to answer the kid’s questions.

  5. I dnt think u understand that they are facing 20 to life . That is not reasonable or right to sentence 16 yearold boys no matter their color. I do agree they should be punished for beating up the white boy but not go to jail…being suspended a couple days or a few days community service but for them to go jail for beating up a boy thats crazy!!!

  6. You’re right, 20 to life is crazy but I don’t think you get that from assault charges. I just don’t understand the calls to free them. Also, again I just can’t stand Al Sharpton.