Why Florida Sucks

If the people, weather, and election rigging weren’t enough for you, here is another reason to avoid stepping foot in Florida. State officials decided that the use of the Taser against the don’t tase me bro guy was justified. What a bunch of idiots! I commented on the video a while back here. Maybe I’m blind, but I think its clear that these cops acted well outside the law and their abusive behavior should have resulted in their being fired.

As a result, the entire state of Florida is my asshole of the week.


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  1. When you are right, you’re right…..you are indeed blind. You represent what is wrong with America…..you are a whiny little bitch. He needed his ass whipped and he got what he asked for. The right of freedom of speech does not apply when you are disturbing the peace and acting in a disorderly manner. In other words, the constitution allows you to say “the government sucks” and it is not illegal, HOWEVER..you cannot disturb others while saying it or run around acting like a jackass and failing to obey orders from the police while saying it. You should know the law before you accuse police of abusing it.


  2. In a public forum where the speaker (John Kerry) offered to answer his question, the police do not have the right to use excessive force on someone asking why he’s being removed. This guy might be an asshole but it doesn’t mean that he deserved this treatment. Disruptive speech isn’t illegal. His behavior was not like shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.

    I happen to think that your attitude that people deserve to be locked up, silenced, beaten, etc. all while not posting who you are is what is really wrong with this country.

  3. straightshooter

    Florida sucks period. The hell with the decision, there is a lot more than that… The weather, tourists, lack of culture and generally dumb population are what makes it suck.

    • There’s actually a lot of culture here that goes way back. I grew up in Florida (although I have since lived in many other States and traveled other places). Florida can be a tourist trap. People who go to places that they hear about on TV (key west, miami, Daytona etc). These places are full of drunk noisy rude assholes (like YOU) who get drunk, throw up, go to jail, litter, speed, piss off the natives and cause developers to trash OUR once beautiful areas. You asked for it. The weather is humid but having lived in arizona briefly..I can’t take dry weather and filthy mexicans. Seattle is gorgeous but it rains a lot. Denver is great but it snows and you have ski tourists (throwing up) there. Every place has it’s draw backs. If you LIVE someplace.. you learn to know where to go and what to do. Stupid people live all over this country.. unfortunatly they retire here in Florida and I’m not any happier about that than some dumb ass kid who’s sitting in jail recovering from a jolt of electricity. Stop being a bleeding heart liberal. If you come to Florida.. don’t bring your bad habits. I wish you didn’t come here more than you wish you ever came here. Stay away or quit complaining. You’re welcome.

    • all true and more

      this post was on point… short, plain, and simple…. except there is a type of ‘culture’……. a very disgusting, piggish, assholish, scumbag, loser, lowlife, miserable kind.

  4. ohnDoe // October 25, 2007 at 1:07 am

    When you are right, you’re right…..you are indeed blind. You represent what is wrong with America…..you are a whiny little bitch. He needed his ass whipped and he got what he asked for. The right of freedom of speech does not apply when you are disturbing the peace and acting in a disorderly manner. In other words, the constitution allows you to say “the government sucks” and it is not illegal, HOWEVER..you cannot disturb others while saying it or run around acting like a jackass and failing to obey orders from the police while saying it. You should know the law before you accuse police of abusing it.”

    Obviously A brainwashed AmeroNazi Definitely it is people like this thats what wrong with America. I credit it to the propaganda super machine Bill OReaily. All traitors.”JohnDoe”Have some guts and stand behind your own name you spineless scum.

  5. sorry to have to be the one to confirm it, but…. florida does suck, whatever anyone says. never seen so much biggotry and so many rednecks with attitude types in one state in all my life. i guess that you could say that the ridiculously overjacked-up trucks with big wheels that are everywhere here, just don’t do it for me. local attitudes seems to endorse the general idea that its better to spend more on what you drive than on the place where you live. (heres a clue people, a trailer is not a house)
    just forget the mundane one season per year weather, and the tourists, forget the ignorance of the drivers on the roads, and the biggotted assholes that sit in the bars and restaurants and publicly denounce anyone that’s not white and christian. forget the southern charm too, because once you get into peninsula florida, there isn’t any.
    the whole place has to rank as the top of the most uncouth states in the country. i’m so glad i moved out of it, and i’d never go back.

  6. I lived in Mass for 37 years and finally made the move south to Ocala. All I can say is the people and the weather are way nicer down here. And I am typing this during tropical storm fay. If you think Florida sucks so bad, GOOD MOVE NORTH!!
    Happy shoveling.

  7. I left the north too, I just don’t care for Florida. Everytime I go, I’m miserable and they keep messing up elections!

  8. I live in FLorida and it really, reaaly does suck. I can’t afford to move back north because most of the jobs suck and I can’t afford to. My parents dragged me down here. It all sucks, the weather, people etc..I live in Ocala and it is so damn racist it not even funny!!!

  9. Florida really stinks.

  10. I’ve experienced Florida and it is one of the most rotten places on earth. Everyone knows about the tropical rainstorms, and bugs, ants in your home, I mean thousands of ants-especially those ghost ants in your kitchen, and of course the humidity, that stuff is rotten enough but what really makes Florida a sewer is the people and the acceptance of what goes on there.

    It is the pedofile capital of the world, it has to be. And in general Florida is just full of idiots. Go to a McDonalds or Burger King and you get one of three things. If you are the only one in line, nobody will make eye contact with you until you have been standing their 5-8 minutes even thought eight people are standing behind the counter. Or if you go in and there is a long line, it is because they have 5 cash registers up front, but they are so stupid they are only operating one cash register at a time, and 25 people waiting in line. And if you use the drive thru, you may be the third car in line, and it still takes you 15 minutes to get thru, and if you’re the 6th or 7th car, could take you 30 minutes.

    The news people on TV, truly idiots, bunch of clowns who read the news and then make their own comments, really unprofessional.

    I guess all in all Florida is just disgust. Sun baked drunks, trashy people everywhere. Some people only mow their yard once a year. Everyone seems to drink heavily, wine is a big favorite, and let’s not forget about going to Taco Bell, you see the workers, dirty, outside all smoking, they look horrible, then they come inside and make the food and you are going to eat that!!!!

    Florida is a sewer. It does not deserve to be part of the U.S. Every low life, ends up in Florida. It is a ripoff state, it is the land of the scam. And let’s not forget about the law enforcement, they are a bunch of rednecks and they can really scare you because they will fake things and it is just like in the old movies where you can end up on a chain gang, and that is something Florida still has.

    Let’s not forget that awful rebel flag. What a piece of crap, and that rag is seen throught Florida a fair amount.

    In Florida you take a shower, and they have to put tons of amonia in the water to kill the bacteria, and your skin breaks out and you go to a doctor, but the doctors are terrible and do nothing but guess, and they only work about 2.5 days a week anyway because they are too busy doing their investment land scams and such.

    Florida is corrupt and just a rotten place. People are slow. It is just like the old movies, people in the south are general idiots, and Florida is ripe. Goobers everywhere you go.

    Is there some way we could just flush Florida into a toilet? I guess Florida is actually the sesspool itself and it has not other place to be flushed to, so it just backs up and people keep getting more and more rotten.

    I could never say enough how pig filthy rotten garbage trash sewer dung heap scum filled florida is.

    • Son of the South

      Let’s not forget that awful rebel flag. What a piece of crap, and that rag is seen throught Florida a fair amount.
      Lear how to Spell You Freaking damn Yankee!
      I’ll fly my Confederate and or Gadsden flag every day.
      Florida does suck, they incarcerate more people than any other sate, just like Texas and California.
      Welcome to the NWO.
      www. infowars.com

  11. It’s comical how so many young people and blue colar, hard working families hate and despise Florida and some of it’s residents.
    I have lived in a few states and have traveled with the military in the past. I moved here to be near family members who moved here ten years ago.
    I plan to leave this summer to go back to the West Coast where I came from….either to SanFran where I have family or to the Emerald City(You snow shoveling midwesterners and easterners probally don’t know this frase).
    I am amoung the Florida Hate Group.
    There are a lot of trashy looking and acting people here amoung the prudent, rich and self righteous, retired. I think people are ignorant here in many aspects and some are so desperate to take on so many low paying crappy jobs that should be refused by all of us (Ex: $2-3/hour waitressing jobs).
    So many people smoke here everywhere and even around there babies, and anyone from Cali. or Washinton State do not tolerate this these white trash behaviors.
    People here are so stupid and I don’t know where they all come from, but I know they are not from the West coast.
    Washington State is the best place to live – in the Seatac area or the Valley. It is a blue colar worker’s paradise! No shoveling snow is needed with the mild winters and the summers are dry and comfortable.
    It is true that people here seem to be paranoid about eachother, especially the older residents.
    There should be Florida Hate meetings and we can all share ideas and help eachother escape.

  12. So many younger people and families with young children complain about living in Florida.

    Who are the ones who say they love it here? – Help me out and tell me where these people are from. Are they from snow bound freezing Canada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin small towns who all lived with a lifetime of obsessive fantasies of Florida’s tropical paradise?.

    I know of a family friend who loves it here and she said we are all a bunch of negative cry babies and we will complain no matter where we live. Well, she is a drunk, and on Zanex(Spelling?) — a drug you take for anxiety and depression, and her husband committed suicide recently for depression and lack of finding a real stable job for years and eventually developing a drinking problem and self medicating . His pride after moving here completely disapeared over time.

    How many grown people do you know who were actually raised in part of Florida and are missing teeth, and are buying prescription drugs illegaly without a prescription because they cannot afford a doctor visit, or they are homeless in “tent city” or are drunks?

    There is southern comfort here, but they are all look sickly and/or are missing teeth, have leathery looking skin and will scare you away from their appearances.

    I believe if you cannot make it here in the first few years, than get out, before you are insane and look like the others who don’t leave when things get rough. It is contagious!!

    • Well, it’s not people from Minnesota, we are all smart enough to admit when we’ve made a mistake. Moving from what is considered one of the smartest, friendliest, places in the US to dumb, rude Florida was a huge mistake. I haven’t even been here a year and I’m already rearin’ to go back!

      • go back before you go crazy

        I should have left sooner, but the toilet really is a trap. Saving money to buy all new goodies, in my new home state, away from the Flawdump spitshine shithole state. No more of my money going to the corruption and degenerates. I’ll contribute to the economy of a nice normal place with its minor {especially in comparison} drawbacks. And I am not letting anyone I care about go there, even for an intermediate flight stop.

    • I totally agree! It is contageous! I have been here 8 yrs and I feel like I lost my soul! I have no friends here because I have learned it is better to stay away from people here! The cops are seriously abusive and the state makes its money on the criminal justice system and rehabs! It is seriously like the movie “A Scanner Darkley”. I have arthritis so the warm weather helps but I would rather be in pain around normal people with “neighborhoods” and a sense of community. Besides , christmas is better with snow than palm trees!

  13. Please, somebody or sombodies who is or are organized and progressive enough, set up a support meeting for Florida Hate Groups who want change and are tired of feeling like they have no control over their own situations and to give hope, or to leave Florida because there is no hope after living here. Hell, get mad and do something about it!

  14. “ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER THRU HERE” Dont Come To Florida REPEAT DONT COME TO FLORIDA..ONCE YOUR HERE…. YOU are screwed… the ones that already moved here your screwed…….. if you started families your screwed..if you try to leave here and move to another state after living here your screwed…the only way to avoid being screwed in florida is to have been born here…. because then you will think that this is all normal….but to someone from another state your just setting yourself up for punishment and anguish which is totally unesscessary Stay in your hometown dont leave you already know whats going on there..you know the people you know the social expectations…In Florida you dont know the social expectations you dont know anything but what youve seen on tv…and let me tell you TV Dosnt show the real life of florida…And God Forbid If you get sick your as good as dead….stay put DONT COME TO FLORIDA TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE LEFT WITHOUT AN EXCUSE

  15. Yes it is true. I used to like Florida until one day it all changed and became hate monger world. I went to this art & design college in Sarasota. Where I experienced meeting some of the most racist faculty members and college President ever. This place is second to another low ranked racist ‘design’ school located in east Georgia. At least the one in Sarasota was accredited. But yes, Florida does suck now. Very much so, I miss the way it used to be before the hate mongers found their paradise in the swamp state. Its sad but the scum all look out for each other and rule absolutely. It will all unwind one day though.

  16. i am a full blown reddddneck, smmmmmmackk ya’ll northerners…i’ll wip every one of one of yall pieces of shhiitt

  17. Darn Old Radiator is Leaking Again

  18. smoothwaitress

    I made a bad mistake and moved to Florida.
    Thank God I did not buy a house.
    I made a bad mistake and rented an apartment in Florida black mold.
    Thank God for lawyers even florida lawyers.
    I made a bad mistake and took my husband to a hospital in Florida.
    Thank God he lived.
    I made a bad mistake and moved to florida.
    Thank God my company is allowing me to transfer out of florida.

    • going to a hospital in FL is usually worse than doing nothing at all, and you save the money, too.

  19. Cops all over the state of Florida suck.
    You have to wonder about an individual who wants to be a cop.
    Yeah, I’m sure they all have mental problems.
    However, society does not see it this way.
    These individuals find refuge behind the badge.
    There is always someone bigger and bad than the everyday pig.
    When I read or hear of one of their misfortunes, I laugh… LOL…
    The fine you so dishonest & heartlessly imposed on the, was worth the price of admission.

  20. smoothwaitress

    I am planning my escape in May. If I never see another palm tree .I will be a very happy person.

  21. Good luck to you!

  22. smoothwaitress

    thanks I’ll keep in touch Phila. is lovely in the fall

  23. smoothwaitress

    yes you are right about that. But at least you can enjoy the summer.

  24. chiefbigwind

    republicans run the state and there a bunch of real scanky sneaky shitbags, get out of florida, its a real shithole.

  25. smoothwaitress

    22 days and counting

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  28. I live in Fl and it is pretty accurate how people are describing it. My favorite are the “mechanics” down here. Everyone uses the term loosely and calls themselves “mechanics” or “engineers” yet most of them couldn’t get through the 11th grade. We had a “mechanic” fix our pool at our apartment complex and the water turned an ugly nasty color and people actually swam in the pool for a few days and someone must have complained because shortly after they put a “Out of Order” sign by the pool that we are paying for in our rent. Another story — my friend’s air conditioner broke at his rented house and the guy who was trying to fix it said he was an “engineer” and when my friend asked him where he graduated at he replied that “he’s been fixin’ air conditioners in Lake City since he was a youngin’.” Anyway, he pulled off the panel and said he needed a few more parts. My friend said he came back a week later and said that the whole unit needed to be replaced and he could get him a deal and tried to scam him for $350. My friend called another company and they sent another redneck over who fixed it for $60.
    Also, the college school system is a complete joke. All the kids do is watch movies at UF and take tests where the instructors give them the answers. Then after they pass the test they go “oh wow, we got some of the best and brightest students in the country.” They are so lazy they won’t take notes so the instructors post them all up online. The teachers are lazy as well but can you blame them when they pay them $2500 to teach a college class at a major university. The universities are more like babysitting classes and the grades are so inflated that anyone who shows up half the time and gives a somewhat decent effort can get a high GPA.
    I also agree that every piece of trash somehow ends up down here. There are so many felons down here that it’s more difficult to find someone who is a clean honest person than it is to find a former convict.
    You do get some of the best free entertainment here just by driving around you always see some crazy person on the side of the road.
    Nearly everyone who has an “Alachua,” “Gilchrist,” “Dixie,” “Bay,” “Leon,” “Bradford,” “Marion,” or “Clay,” written on the back of their plate is usally some slow redneck driver who will take 10 seconds to make a simple 3 second turn. People will stop in the middle of parking lots for absolutely no reason when there are cars right behind them. Kids who are never supervised or in school will run out into the street. You’ll see kids of all ages running around on a Wednesday afternoon and wonder why they aren’t in school.
    Nearly all the jobs are dirt-paying wages — even the ones that are perceived as respectable. Firefighters, Teachers, Secretaries, etc. are all dirt paid wages. The lawyers are a dime a dozen because there are too many. All the money comes from the North down here. The kids who have money have it because their parents brought it from the Northeast or Midwest or they are soaking off some wealthy grandparent. A lot of pension/retirement money comes from up North. The whole economy revolves around old people bringing their social security checks down along with the bed tax for the tourists who stay here. Most people who stay in Florida graduate from college and work at Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and tourist traps. They all look forward to getting their 15 cent raise every year. When their wage gets too high, they take advantage of the “right-to-work” laws and fire them and hire someone else for less money. Services take an extra 2 – 10 minutes depending on how unefficient the worker is. You can sit in line at a grocery store with 3 people in front of you for 10 minutes because all the other workers are sitting around watching one person work and then some person missing teeth has to tell their life story in front of you in line. Around 40% of Florida’s residents cannot even read and there are so many illegals (cheap labor for employers) that cannot speak a dime of English other than pointing and nodding. The pools are mostly contaminated and the homeless people use them as bathtubs. There are tons of STDs and pregnant teenage girls. The public school system is a complete failure. About 3/5 of the cars seem to have some sort of damage/dent to the body of the vehicle — it just speaks volumes as to how the people drive. Be careful when you make a U-Turn because someone may run a red light and make a right turn and nail you. If you move here from the North, you have to dust off your brain and read a book or newspaper every once in a while to keep your mind active otherwise you will start to feel like one of the locals.

    They keep slashing the education budget and we are like a bigger version of Alabama with more crime, traffic, and dumber people. We are in a competition with Alabama and Mississippi to see who can produce the most dumbest graduates which make excellent fast food workers and wal mart greeters.

    Florida State is a football stadium with a school attached to the side. The school is falling apart and the coach makes $2.5 million, but they want to use the money budgeted to fix the sidewalks to try and pay some of the teachers.


    It’s rare to see someone dressed up around here. Nobody dresses professionally for their jobs and if they do people will think you are running some kind of scam.

    Everyone complains about the “northerners and yankees” coming down but when the economy is bad and they quit taking vacations, everyone goes broke because they don’t get the bed tax money and all the overpriced hotels, beaches, and theme parks sit empty. Then, they complain the exact opposite and say “nobody is coming down what are we gonna do?”

    The hurricanes come through every few years and destroy a couple cities and towns. That’s how jobs are created when they have to clean up the rubbish, cut down the trees, and fix the telephone wires.

    And finally, my favorite — the old people who defend Florida always say the same dumb argument, “Well if you don’t like it here, then you can always go back up North and shovel snow.” As if Florida is the only warm state to live in. I guess they never heard of Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, etc.

  29. smoothwaitress

    I have made my escape from florida I am living in NJ back with friends and family, good food and restaurants. The weather is lovely and I don’t have to have eyes in the back of my head when I drive. I will miss the friends I made in Florida. We will be returning, only to visit. Good luck to all still attempting their escape from hell.

  30. Florida Woman Loses Arms, Legs After Misdiagnosis

    DAVIE, Fla. — When the sharp pain shooting through Lisa Strong’s back got worse, she thought it was another kidney stone and expected the discomfort to pass. This time was different.

    Through a series of mistakes, miscommunications and misdiagnoses, she wound up having her arms and legs amputated. She sued the doctors, who essentially blamed one another for what everyone involved agrees were profound errors.

    Everyone except the jury that ruled against Strong.

    The verdict came in the face of such overwhelming evidence that in a rare move, the judge tossed out the jury’s decision and ordered a new trial.

    As she awaits her second chance in court, Strong vividly remembers the day she became ill.

    On Sept. 20, 2003, she was at her job at a mall and could barely walk. She went home, and hours later, the pain grew more intense. Her fever spiked at 106 degrees. She decided to go the ER.

    “I told the nurse I had a kidney stone. I had a history of kidney stones,” said Lisa, now 45.

    But the stone was never treated, setting off a downward spiral that triggered a life-threatening infection and septic shock that starved her limbs of blood. Her flesh turned black as a “line of death” crept up her arms and legs. It didn’t stop for a month.

    “I figured if I exercised, moved around, I could get the circulation back. But it’s like frostbite,” she said. “My fingers turned black. My toes and the bottoms of my feet turned black. My fingers started to curl. It looked like I had held them in a fire, like they were charred.”

    A month after she first went to the hospital, doctors amputated her legs below the knees. Three days later, her arms below the elbows.

    Two years later, Strong sued the doctors for negligence. Lawyers involved think so many mistakes were made, the jury had a hard time fixing blame.

    But Broward County Circuit Judge Charles M. Greene reversed the jury’s verdict and concluded the it was “contrary to the law and the manifest weight of the evidence.”

    Such reversals are extraordinary. According to the National Center for State Courts, judges set aside jury verdicts in only 78 of 18,306 civil trials nationwide in 2005, the most recent year complete statistics are available. That’s less than one-half of 1 percent.

    The two physicians — emergency room Dr. Laurentina Kocik and attending physician Dr. Jason Strong, no relation to Lisa — have appealed the judge’s ruling. Written arguments are due June 1, though another trial could be at least a year from now.

    Kocik, a 30-year veteran of ER medicine, insists she told Dr. Strong over the phone that Lisa Strong likely had a kidney stone. Dr. Strong works for a firm contracted by Lisa Strong’s insurance company to make medical decisions if her personal doctor isn’t available or chooses not to make the call.

    But Kocik didn’t write “kidney stone” on her diagnosis report. Asked during the trial if she wished she had written it down, Kocik said: “You better believe I wish I did … a million times.”

    Dr. Strong remembers talking with Kocik and there was no a mention of a kidney stone. He also was not told she was in septic shock, so he went with a diagnosis of acute cholecystitis, a gallbladder condition unrelated to the kidneys.

    Dr. Strong handled everything by phone, which is common in such cases.

    “I did not come in this particular case because, No. 1, I felt the patient was reasonably stable. I was not given a history that the patient was in septic shock or that she was crashing and dying,” he said.

    Kocik insists she stressed the dire condition. She said she expected Dr. Strong to give a few treatment orders and immediately come to the hospital. She also didn’t turn the case over to her ER replacement during a shift change because Dr. Strong was calling the shots.

    “I needed him to examine and make his own decision,” Kocik said. “I wanted for him to come in. I expected him to come in.”

    But he never did. And Lisa Strong waited hours to undergo unnecessary surgery, which further weakened her. Finally, about 16 hours after she came to the ER, a test revealed the kidney stone that was causing her life-threatening infection. It was removed.

    Four months later, Lisa Strong got out of the hospital, a quadruple amputee.

    Dr. Anthony Smith, chief of urology at the University of New Mexico medical school, said it is critical people get prompt treatment for kidney stones.

    “You can get a massive, overwhelming infection,” Smith said. “When we have patients die, it’s almost always because they delayed coming into the hospital.”

    But Lisa Strong didn’t delay in getting to the hospital.

    Life has been difficult since she was discharged. She struggles to prepare meals with her prosthetic limbs. Her 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, helps her put on makeup. She’s in constant pain and owes some $850,000 in medical bills.

    Her 10-year marriage fell apart and ended with the couple sharing custody of Chloe and another child, 9-year-old Jesse. She gets by on monthly $1,600 in disability payments.

    Lately, she has had misgivings about the new trial.

    “I had decided, this is over. I’m moving forward. Now, this whole thing is back on my lap and hanging over my head. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt,” she said. “Everybody says you really can’t win at these things.”

  31. Florida is a state that once you move here you will never leave. Florida will take your money and your right to live as an individual. Florida will force you to conform to a dull life. If you do not comply, Florida will remove your freedom. The only people happy here is the old people who hide in thier homes drinking themselves to death and the social lite ass kissers who hide in thier circles of sick friends who run the separate cities. If you disagree with this I am sure you know somebody here who will hide you from the sick arm of the law of Florida. This lifestyle in florida has to change to real freedom and respect of human rights for everyone.

  32. I agree with almost everything said here about Florida. I lived there as a small child and then went there again about 3 years ago to visit a family member and look for a job. Within a day I was already fairly sure that I would never want to live in Florida again. So many people are addicted to prescription drugs, and the crime rate seems to be so high. Everybody seems to have an idea for a get rich quick scam. Even on the way in, late at night, on I-95 I was shocked at the abandoned and stripped cars pushed off into bodies of water as I got closer to south florida. I hail from Michigan, land of rust but even in Michigan you dont too often see disabled cars that look like they have been on the side of the road for a over a year.

    For the few weeks until I could escape, I stayed inside the apartment with a broken air conditioning and watched “Cops” on tv, filmed on location outside the window. One time we were watching Cops filmed in Boynton Beach, which is where we were at, and I heard a gunshot outside at the same time as a gunshot on Cops. We joked that we didn’t know that Cops was live tv.

    When my sister moved to Florida she worked for a telemarketing company that sold school fund raising calendars. Only they were not official and were just full of ads and no funds went to the school or students.

    I know all of this might sound like just some guy’s anecdotal evidence, but I simply can’t put into words how much Florida sucks.

  33. Since moving back to NJ , my husbands health is much better so much so he has gone back to work. We both make more money, as far as the cost of living being cheaper in Florida don’t believe it. Groceries , gas, car insurance are all more expensive. Rent is about the same. The weather has been typical for Aug so the air has been on, but Sept will be here soon and we will be able to open our windows. I am actually looking forward to winter. People here ask me why did we move back? I simply say “It’s a nice place to visit, but i wouldn’t live there if you put a gun to my head”

  34. I was born in Florida, and like many others, I find it difficult to find words to describe my utter hatred of this infernal peninsula. If I could name one thing I’ll always resent my parents for, besides mutilating my genitalia in the common barbaric procedure known as ‘circumcision’, it was forcing me to grow up in this pile of **** for a state.

    I’ve had the blessing of doing plenty of travelling throughout my life, and I’ve always came back to Florida, asking myself what I was doing coming back to this dump.

    The people just suck. Many point this out, and that’s because it’s very true. Ever since the age of six I’ve noticed that our state is essentially populated by all the sissy MORONS from all over the North, that left world-class areas like NYC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc. because they couldn’t take the cold. So they condemn themselves, and their offspring to this hellish inferno. Forget public transportation, excellent schools, and superb career opportunities, it’s too hard having to wear a few extra layers during part of the year.

    It’s too hot, just a simple fact. If you like it being so hot that you have to wear a t-shirt and shorts for around half the year then this’ll be your cup of tea. Just get used to always keeping all doors and windows closed about 75% of the year to keep the humidity out, and get used to adjusting your A/c 6-7 times a day, when it’s working that is.

    So we truly do get all the weak people from the North, people who’d move to this furnace because they’re too weak for the cold, and run away from opportunity in the pr0cess.

    The landscape is the flattest and dullest of nearly anywhere you will see in the entire world. Florida is not a naturally beautiful place by any stretch of the imagination. This can be clearly seen by how the vast amount of imported, non-native trees and shrubs that line the 1 trillion soulless, suburban neighbourhoods that make up so much of this state.

    Once you’re out of the residential community, you see that in reality, Florida generally looks exactly like what it is. A swampy, over-sized, sandbar, jutting out of the Southeast like some rotten tumour on our country’s side.

    • Right on target, when the native Floridians( many of whom leave a lot to be desired) complain about transplants, you have to really look at many of the transplants.

      Every lowlife, criminal, sex offender, or doctor who lost their license in another state comes here.

      I get so sick of hearing about snow and cold weather, gee 3 or 4 months of cold weather. Here it is 9 months of disgusting hot and humid weather.

      All the transplants are inside with the A/C on most of the year.

      You want warmer weather try CA, AZ, NV, NM or TX.

  35. Update:
    It is Aug 31 in NJ it’s 71 no humidity and sunny. I am looking forward to fall. It so wonderful to no longer live in Florida. My heart goes out to all still attempting to leave. Good luck.

  36. Life is what you make it and where you call home. If it truly sucks, then ask yourself what would help make it not suck. Of course it will not be easy. By the way, take a short trip to Mogadishu, Somalia or even Pusan, South Korea. Make a few stops in between to Tijuana, MX or maybe even Aden, Yemen. Then come home to your lovely area and ask yourself if your state of FLA sucks… You have no idea what “sucks” means people until you have seen humanity at is worst hour. Change is inevitable and it starts inside your mind and heart. Spread positive energy throughout your dwelling area and see if it spreads. If it gets snuffed out via violence, legislated morality (gov) or just irrational behavior (alcoholic and drugged out zombies) then throw all your belongings on ebay and move asafp. Do not wait for an opportunity. Make one today. NOW GET MOVING and stop complaining. If the ship is sinking, get the f**k off it. Don’t sit on the bridge and complain. Find a way to your Shangra-La and use everything you have to achieve happiness. There may be sucky areas and sucky times in life, but only a true sucker sits, complains and does nothing. Good Luck and Happy Trails.
    *I almost moved to Florida but after a 30 day job and house hunting mission that failed in Spring 2006, I knew it was not right for me. I went back to Arizona and then eventually further west… My next move will be to a foreign country I like to call my other home. Sayoonarra!

  37. Glad to see you were smarter than us. Hope you eventually reach your goal. We have found happiness in NJ.

  38. I agree with pretty much everything said here. I’ve lived in SW Florida for almost 2 years (since Oct-07) because I moved from Mass. with my parents after I finished high school, and it’s the worst decision I’ve ever made. I kick myself everyday for not enrolling into a northern university pronto. Practically everyone my age is either a redneck, a millionaire’s spoiled child, or a trashy wanna-be thug. I know there are many stereotypes about Northerners being snobs and unfriendly, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a more rude and miserable group of people then I have here. I need 2 hands to count friends of mine that have moved down here, only to move right back up ASAP.

    Needless to say, I don’t really have any friends in this area and my parents think it’s my fault, somehow convinced that Florida is the best place to live. Despite this, I can tell they’re mostly miserable and in denial seeing how they are always complaining about money (even though FL was supposed to be SO much cheaper,) my dad’s out of a job, and my mom hates hers. They can’t afford a nice house here so I am currently typing this from a small villa that’s constantly being infested with ants. They keep hounding my older brother to come down here when he finishes up college to the point where it sickens me. Unfortunately, he’s buying it and will probably end up in this over-rated swamp along with the rest of us, and possibly throw away his career opportunities. I can’t do anything about it, only feel bad for him. The only reason I bother waking up every morning is to take mundane classes at a local “state” college and go to work so I can hopefully leave for good someday.

    I have absolutely given up any hope of living a normal life here, and sure as hell won’t be raising children here if I have any. I have no choice but to leave and I hope my narrow-minded P’s won’t be offended if I decide to never come back.

    Just one more question…Do those ridiculous lifted trucks serve any purpose, or are they just a status symbol of douchebaggery?

    • LOL…those trucks, what is the point? And you know most of them don’t have any money, they invest it all in a truck.

  39. I suppose I overreacted on that last post…while I shouldn’t be blaming the parents for what is happening here, they brought me here so they got the brunt of my bad news up above. That, and the fact that 5 people were murdered just 10 minutes from where I live. People getting robbed and murdered seems to be a fairly common occurence, even in the Naples area where I’m currently living..

    Let me give a more unbiased opinion of Florida.

    If you come here without any connections, or a good deal of money, you are ON YOUR OWN. I’m not sure about the other areas (north, central, etc) but on the more populated coastal areas, “southern hospitality” or any hospitality for that matter is almost non-existent. They don’t care much for northerners (which I am one of), if you are part of the older crowd it’s not a big deal because you’ve got company. A younger person? You can forget it, you’re probably screwed….unless you want to try as hard as you can to pull off the “I’m a true Floridian” facade that so many people sell themselves out to, many of which weren’t born here. What’s there to be so proud of anyways? You’re just calling yourself stupid.

    Let me just provide an example of this in action. I know a guy that I did some work for that put in a bid for the local sheriff, he was an italian, and when I read a blog about the candidates they were mocking him making mob references and cheering on the ‘good-ole-boy’. I don’t have prejudices either, I’m Irish myself. Just trying to paint a picture of the nonsense that goes on here.

    Want to find a job? They are practically non-existant, atleast the good ones. Think about “the american dream”, and then think about the opposite…That’s Florida. Unemployment is at an all-time high, housing is STILL unaffordable unless you want to buy a foreclosed house that’s been trashed…wait, those are STILL unaffordable, unless you want to live next to a crack den. If you don’t mind that, there’s a town here in FL that’s ranked highest in foreclosures in the entire nation, just look out for stray bullets 😛

    All in all, the warm winters and the places you see on postcards that you’ll rarely visit, if ever, are NOT worth the daily expense of living here…your soul.

  40. everything mentioned on here is spot on. the ignorant people, the drugs, the underpaid workforce and overpowered law enforcement. let me start from my own personal experience. i moved down here 6 years ago with my mom and step dad, i was going to stay in illinios with my real father but god thought it would be better to kill my real father in a car accident. so i had no choice but to come to this god forsaken hellhole that i like to call deaths waiting room. ill start with the bugs, they are everwhere. ghost ants are a pain in the ass to get rid of not to mention the roaches. second, the people, i was riding my bike to my sisters and for no reason two teenagers start stalking me shouting obscenities for no reason at all…. what the fuck parents what the fuck. needless to say i ride with a bat now, let them do it again and see what happens to your kids, if you arent going to raise them then you dont deserve them. third the economy/employement. the economy sucks down here like in most places, but down here you make half what you would make in a real state or city, and you are lucky to get benifits, NO UNIONS. so what keeps me in this state you ask. the fact that holding a job down here for more than a month w/o getting canned because every damn company out there is a fly by night company. you wont have job security unless you work at friggin mcdonalds. oh another thing, all the arcades in this town, the old people go to these arcades and gamble all there money away. i would know my mom is one of these people, she blew her check there last night and now we get to see how we can squeeze by the next two weeks with no money. im 25 and my parents urge me to go out and have a social life. sorry ma and pa, i dont want to socialize with spoiled brats drug atticts and rednecks, because thats all they are at my age. id rahter die than hang out with those kind of people. now i did meet a small amount of decent people but i dont hang out with them anymore, why stay friends with them if i plan on leaving this place, but how am i going to get out of here i wonder… god willing. i was able to escape up to illinois for a year but when work got slow up there i couldnt afford my rent and was forced into making a decision, stay up there and freeze my ass off through the winter or come down here, trust me i pondered a long while before i made the wrong choice of coming back here. oh well im hoping that i get lucky and this property im sitting on sells god willing once again. if it does i hope my parents understand if i never come back to visit them.

  41. wow, I have have to agree with everyone and their horror stories about living here in this most retarded police state,mafia controlled,profoundly corrupt politicians,become over run with recent Ozark mountain type refugees.it was bad before it is worse now with these types as of late.I lived here in nascar idiot beach for over 30 years. The real shame of it is it was a really laid back cool place in the early eighty’s.I remember concerts on the beach in the summer,nightclubs like 700 north ,really alot of beautiful ,sexy, intelligent girls from all around the world,culture, and the inbreds and tards, were usually on the other side of the river.Now all gone,no jobs,low pay,drugs,corruption,stuck here for a little while longer .I can not even relate what I have been through through the time I have lived here.True horror of all horror stories,right up there with Schindler’s list,well pretty close anyway.the horror goes on.”Lord give me strength!”so I can get out of here in one piece.

  42. to Dylan555,john doe, Hey I seen that you tube video that you can actually hear what that kid asked John Kerry, that our local news stations cut out here and national television too.He was yelling that Bush stole the election (True by the way)
    He asked him why Kerry did’nt contest the voter recount?(fraud) and since it was well known that Kerry would have won against Bush ,”why ? don’t you want to be the President of the United States?remember he was waving a book?Kerry was silent and the security goons came for him.Look for it on Youtube(unless they pulled it) also watch “Hacking Democracy”and in the beginning of this film you will hear of Volusia County,(Nazi ,Gestapo inbred police state) research you guys .Your gonna be shocked.

  43. Jenesu I suspect you are a preppy son of a politician, and you strike me as someone way the F*** out of touch.maybe your point of view may been relevant about 25 years ago.So IDIOT stay there in Bum F*** arizona with those dirty mexicans where you may come to terms with reality.You disgust me punk,
    Did you reside in Palm Beach and wear pastel colors?Heh

  44. Figure out what’s making you cry so loud.
    I live in Florida.. I stayed in NM for a few months. I am a woman and so can’t be the son of a politician. Are you a bleeding heart liberal?
    I live in St Petersburg, FL. I’m poor, on unmeployment for over a year now.
    You aren’t interesting enough to disgust me.

  45. It must suck to be a weak “man” VCHUCK. You must bring everyone shame who has the displeasure of being around you. Grow a set of balls

  46. Update:
    We are doing great in NJ. It has snowed once, loved it. Everyone told us our blood would beecome thin and we wouldn’t be able to handle cold . Wrong.
    We miss all the friends we made in Tampa. We will be back for a visit probably in the spring. Good luck to all that are still attempting to escape from Florida.

  47. My bad ,your just wanna be man.hah,typical Holly Hillbilly bitch(with balls).stupid and arrogant,Naw,not a liberal or neoconservative, really tired of the left,right republican /democratic shit.Thats been the problem with this country to see beyond the BS while we are losing more of our freedom because of infighting everyday we lose more of our freedom because most people are stupid ,hey just like you!STFU and move back here After all there are your kind of people here without jobs and walking the streets.Maybe you can walk Ridgewood Ave. and do the “Ho stroll”if your still kinda young.

  48. Ahh ,sorry maybe ST.Petersburg has a “Ridgewood Ave.” you can stand on the corner and have a mattress strapped to your back,(Hey times are rough right?)

  49. No, your limited opinion of me is incorrect. I am a nice girl. I do the right things.
    Sorry, Don’t know what a “ridgewood ave” is.
    It’s too bad you’re an angry horrible person. Nothing can fix what you are. You are the worst things in this world, wouldn’t matter where you lived Chuck. Florida where I live is a nice place. I just had a huge x-mas party tonight with my neighbors and we ate, drank and were very happy. I guess you ppl think because you go up north and get jobs that pay more that life is better but I guess if money is that important then you become the kind of person VChuck is. He puts a V there because he’s a pussy chuck. Pussy Chuck. Poor chuck. Chuck.. do you sit down when you pee because your dick is so small? Everyone is on drugs here so you should have no problems finding some hormones to regulate your crying jags and lack of penis size chuck. I wish I could make life better for you. I’m too busy enjoying my life here in sunny Florida. It was 78 degrees today and a beautiful sky. I’m not lacking in anything. There are 10 fruit trees right outside my door and fish to catch just 1 block from my little apt by the water. I live in a 2 bedroom apt that only costs $700. a month. I can literally walk 20 steps and see the water. Down by the water there are coconut trees and fish just jumping out of the water so often all you need is net to catch them. Every morning I take my little walk around the block and watch the Dolphins playing next to my seawall. If I reach down, I can touch them, if I want to. I like my little peninsula withing a peninsula. St Pete is a unique little area full of history and cozy homes. If i have to get a job at McDonalds because we have a socialist piece of shit in the white house.. so be it. I’m not afraid of getting MY hands dirty. We don’ complain the way scumbags from the north complain so much. We enjoy our little corner of the world. I wish more than anyting that you idiots would never come here or buy condos here or walk on MY beaches here. I wish you’d stay where you came from. We don’t need tourism in our city to make money. I hate it that you come here and dirty up My city. Stay away. Yes, We suck. We are horrible. Don’t ever come here. Chuck.. You are such a little pussy boy. Does your wife make you unhappy or is it your boyfriend who left you?

  50. Ahh ,I could really care less about any more useless interaction with you as this forum is not about WE LOVE FLORIDA and your posts reflect your Prozac deluded BS.I should not have even responded to you .WHY DON”T YOU START YOUR OWN RETARDED THREAD ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE FLORIDA AND stay off these forums with your deluded drivel.HAH you are not a good girl stupid and arrogant,you get no sympathy from me .YOUR BIPOLAR IDIOT TYPE IS PROLIFERENT HERE and you DO BELONG HERE, in Florida PSYCHO BITCH!
    Take your Meds .I am wasting my time starting a flame war with your type of never say die retard and denigrating into name calling.You are definitely inyour element with your type of sub-human people here in this state,I can walk out the door in my neighborhood and start arguements with dozens of un-accountable self righteous idiots like you !I tend to avoid them unless they butt their way in and attack my POV.with is accordance with other’s .You on the otherhand heh ahh,waste of time,bye,bye !

  51. Jenesu, The funny thing is, if these so-called “idiots” didn’t come down and buy condos and walk the beaches, the Florida economy would be in even deeper trouble than it is now…as a matter of fact it would just fold in and there would be barely anything left. The largest sector in the economy is tourism and the retention of said tourists, and now that the tourists are showing up less and less the state is scrambling now to improve education and job opportunities in high-tech sectors and the like.

    Sadly, it’s true there are many people like you that are just plain rude towards any one not born on Florida’s soil. I don’t know about St. Pete but much of Southwest FL has that similar mindset. Keep it up and you won’t even be able to get that job at McDonalds, the number of new residents is declining, the numbers don’t lie. I am a ‘transplant’, an involuntary one; I can’t wait to start pumping money into the economy of another state that actually gives a damn, as soon as possible. Good day to you.

  52. You all missed one of the most crappiest places of all to live, and that is the Florida Keys. Just another overpriced trailer trash setting, tourist rip-off place that the locals call themselfs “Conch” within the first two sentences in their beligerant talk. Home of the thieves and crooks.

  53. Happy holidays to all still trying to escape from Florida. In NJ it looks like the snow will be here for Christmas. A white Christmas our first Christmas back. Good Luck in the upcomong new year.

  54. I would like to thank the person that started this site. It let me know I wasn’t the only one that felt this way about Florida. Writing posts here gave me hope and helped me reach my goal of returning to NJ. I know it can be very difficult to relocate especially with the economy the way it is. It can be done. We have a few bumps on our credit rating because of the move, it was well worth it . Hang in there you will make it.

  55. “dylan555 // October 25, 2007 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    “In a public forum where the speaker (John Kerry) offered to answer his question, the police do not have the right to use excessive force on someone asking why he’s being removed. This guy might be an asshole but it doesn’t mean that he deserved this treatment. Disruptive speech isn’t illegal. His behavior was not like shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.

    I happen to think that your attitude that people deserve to be locked up, silenced, beaten, etc. all while not posting who you are is what is really wrong with this country”

    AMEN…the idiot opposing you was EXACTLY that.

  56. Hello,apologies with my previous posts concerning my interaction with JENESU.
    I apologize even to her.She can not help with where she was born and It’s like a bumfight everyone loses and takes away from the subject matter.
    I thought I would post this link to substantiate everybody’s opinion with whats going on .I believe it’s a microcosim (?)of what is happening all over America
    Thanks and may all of you intelligent decent people make it out of this most corrupt state in one piece

  57. Well its January it is very cold in NJ.
    I just spoke to a friend in Tampa they are expecting snow tonight. It is only 8 degrees warmer in Tampa. My cell phone is blowing up from texts from all our Florida friends complaining about the cold. I told them to come north and get warm. Expected hi Wed 51 degrees.

  58. I’m done with Florida. I’ve been here for twenty years out of N.Y. I’m leaving this hell hole A.S.A.P. http://www.orlandofloridasucks.com/banner1.jpg

  59. John doe. I Happen to know the law with 9 years in law Enforcement. And the police Officers without question abused the cause of force law. There was NO threat to anyone’s Safety WHAT SO EVER. He did NOT resist Arrest. There was NO reason what so ever to do that. If those officers are so under trained that there scared of that man to the point there life was in danger to cause use of force then they should be sent trough the academy again at the very least.

  60. jenesu, That was a very bad display of the people where you come from. First of all Florida is in America with most of us here are, Those beaches belong to all of us its American soil id did not fight for your right To walk down that beach to hear some snotty little girl tell me not to come to florida and go to her beach. This scumbag from up north has done more for that beach Than your Florida native ass has . Personally i do find Most of Florida a dirty meth infested run down state painted with water and palm trees. I was forces to live there for 4 years . Iraq was better.


  62. I am looking out my window, there is a foot of snow on the ground . I couldn’t be happier. thank God Florida is a distant memory.

  63. What is the deal with these expensive cars that don’t come with turn signals. Throughout my daily ventures I may see at least 2 to 3 cars a day that may use a turn signal. It doesn’t take much to let somebody behind you know that you are turning, or cutting in front of them. I know this much…..you wouldn’t get away with it up North. Another thing, where are the police…..these people in Florida are just owning the road, doing whatever they want. It really makes you cops lose a lot of respect. No offense but, you guys need to beef it up and control these dumb asses on the road.

  64. To the many who have posted here and the originator of this BLOG.
    I am so glad I am not alone on this….what could I say now that has not been already expressed concerning my own feelings of this horrible state? Instead I will post something I wrote a few years ago. Hope this makes you smile.
    btw: California-Oregon-Washington have nothing to fear from this culture crushing Dreadneck state.

    By AWS

    April 30th: Dear diary:
    NO MORE SHOVELING SNOW! Florida is fantastic! Just got here and love it already. Now this is a state that knows how to live!! Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings.What a place! Watched the sunset from a park lying on a blanket. It was beautiful. I’ve finally found my home. Took a big pay cut to come here but it was worth it. I love it here. Wife is totally happy with my decision to come here.

    May 14th:
    Really heating up. Got to 89 today. Not a problem, I live in an air-conditioned home and drive an air-conditioned car. What a pleasure to see the sun every day like this. I’m turning into a real sun worshipper. Gave $20 to a panhandler to get off interstate.

    June 5th:
    Had the backyard landscaped with tropical plants today. Lots of palms and rocks. What a breeze to maintain. No more mowing for me. Another scorcher today, but I love it here. The same panhandler was there today but had a friend. Gave $5 to them.

    July 1st:
    The temperature hasn’t been below 94 degrees all week, not even at night. Where are those ocean breezes we heard about, still seems hot. Getting used to it will take a while, I guess. I sure miss my LP record collection. I’ll have to remember not to leave anything made out of plastic in my car. Got one of those fuzzy steering wheel covers, cheaper than the burn ointment for my hands. I always wondered what burnt flesh smelled like. Don’t these panhandling bums ever work? I rolled up my window and one of them spit on my car.

    July 15th:
    Fell asleep by the pool. (Got 3rd degree burns over 60% of my body.) and melted my cell phone. Missed two days of work, what a dumb thing to do. I learned my lesson though:got to respect the ol’ sun in a climate like this. Wife is kind of bitchy today.

    July 25th:
    Ocean breezes, my ass. Hot as hell!! The home air conditioner is on the fritz and AC repairman charged $200 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order $300 in parts. Only hope for a break in the heat would be a hurricane. Wife is serving me TV dinners because she does not want to cook over Hot stove. Guess I can see her point. Fire ants bit my feet so badly, it looks like I have Smallpox!
    (Please GOD, Blow my damn hot house away.)

    July 30th:
    Been sleeping outside by the pool for three nights now. Swatting the swamp mosquitoes that are as big as B-52’s. They have beaks like hypodermic needles and even bite through my clothing.
    $1,500 in darn house payments and we can’t even go inside. Why did I ever come here?

    Aug 4th:
    Another 100 degree day. Finally got the air conditioner fixed today. It cost $1500 (There goes the house payment.) and gets the temperature down to about 90. The electric bill is almost as much as the house payment.
    I found lots of insect wings near all the windows in the house. Wonder what those are from? Two old lady drivers almost ran me off the road and flipped me the finger.
    Beginning to hate this state.

    Aug 8th:
    If another wise jerk cracks, “Hot enough for you today?” I’m going to tear his head off. Damn heat is driving me crazy! By the time I get to work, the radiator is boiling over and my clothes are soaking wet.
    The dashpanel in my car cracked in 3 places and has bubbles.
    There are flying insects in the house. They look like worms after they land and their wings fall off.
    Every night now, they come out all at once about 9pm. They keep landing in my wifes hair and are everywhere. What the heck are they?

    Aug 10th:
    The weather report might as well be a damn recording: Hot and sunny. (No Shit Dick Tracy!)
    It’s been too hot for two freaking months and the weatherman says it might really warm up next week. And whoever came up with the statement, “it may be hot, but at least you don’t have to shovel it” should die from heat exhaustion.
    Doesn’t it ever rain in this God-forsaken place??

    Aug 14th:
    The Florida welcome station sign should read “Welcome to Hell!!!”
    Temperature got to 102 today. The thermometer inside my car read 176 degrees. I forgot to open the window a crack and the heat blew the windshield out of the Lincoln. The installer came to fix it and said, “Hot enough for you today?”. My wife had to spend next months house payment to bail me out of jail. Grrrr!!

    Aug 30th:
    Worst day of the summer. Its 106 degrees out there.
    I went out to get the paper and noticed my cars tail lights had melted.
    Came back inside and stood in front of the refrigerator with the door open to cool off.
    I’m not leaving the house again!
    The flying worms seem to have gone away now….It was getting really annoying.
    Still don’t know what they were.

    Sept 2nd:
    The monsoon rains finally came and all they did is to make it muggy. The streets are so hot they are steaming. Could probably make dinner on them.
    The rain drove the damned roaches out of the ground. They are the size of a buick.
    I wasn’t aware they could fly! They sound like helicopters…
    If I can find my .357 magnum, I might have a chance against them. Sheesh!
    The Lincoln is now floating somewhere in the Caribbean with its new $500 windshield.
    That does it, we’re moving back to New York where all you have to worry about is getting mugged. Hope my old boss will hire me back.

    Sept 20th:
    Heard some strange noises during the night but too tired to investigate.
    Upon morning, I went out to the car to go to work…Did not see the car but there was a very large hole where the Lincoln was last seen. I cautiously looked into the hole and saw the melted tail lights barely visible under murky water about 20 feet down.
    Seems our “Dream Home” is situated on unstable limestone and something called a “SinkHole” devoured our mildewed and rotted car during the night. State Farm cancelled our auto policy and won’t pay.
    Sink Holes aren’t covered either….Grrrrrrrr!
    Looks like “GreyHound” is our only ticket out of this hell hole now.

    Sept 22nd:
    The city has ordered us to “Move out” of our home
    because the ground is considered unstable due to the
    sink hole.
    The sink hole has nearly doubled in size and is very close to the house now.
    Our neighbors have also been ordered to leave.
    They have been glaring at us while moving furniture into a truck.
    How will I ever sell this thing now???
    Wife hid my gun (Or pawned it.)

    Oct 15th:
    Finally found a buyer for our house but only got half what I paid for it due to the sinkhole and many cracks in our walls and ceilings. I had to pay closing costs.
    Grrrrrrrrr!!! I hope this crummy state sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic.

    Oct 23rd:
    Finally made it back to good ole NEW YORK city. I had forgotten how filthy it is here.
    Our old landlord has agreed to rent us our old apartment again but for $450 more per month than we paid before we moved to Florida. I also forgot what a dump it was.
    For some reason, the Brooklyn bridge looks very appealing to me today.

    Nov 13th:
    Got a letter from the real estate company we sold our Florida sinkhole home to.
    They are threatening to sue me for not disclosing Major Termite infestation to them.
    My wife left me for the bag boy at the supermarket. It is snowing. Gotta shovel it now.

    Nov 22nd:
    Got a summons to appear in Florida court. A $60,000 lawsuit was filed against me for structural damage to the Sinkhole home due to termites. (So thats what those flying worms were!) Had to shovel more snow. There was 26 inches that fell last night.
    I went to courthouse today in New York and changed my name to Abdul Abdulla.
    Got a job driving a taxi. Lets see the bastards find me now!

    Dec 1st:
    Shoveled my car out of the taxi garage and slid into a garbage truck on icey turn.

    Dec 24th:
    Grrrrr! Got held up today after picking up a fare in Harlem. Doctors tell me the bullet cannot be removed from my head because it is in a bad spot. (What could be worse than having it in my head?) I am totally broke. Will have to file for social services.
    I hate this state!

    • Hang on Harvey

      Just wondering if anyone gets past the Opening Squeal for this post.
      A bit of excerpt follows from one of the more entertaining observations posted here.
      The Boss | February 18, 2010 at 10:34 pm | Reply

      To the many who have posted here and the originator of this BLOG.
      I am so glad I am not alone on this….what could I say now that has not been already expressed concerning my own feelings of this horrible state? Instead I will post something I wrote a few years ago. Hope this makes you smile.
      btw: California-Oregon-Washington have nothing to fear from this culture crushing Dreadneck state.

      By AWS
      (Note the date this was written. Some years before the crash with a true Clueless IDIOT in the White house.)

      April 30th: Dear diary:
      NO MORE SHOVELING SNOW! Florida is fantastic! Just got here and love it already. Now this is a state that knows how to live!!

      ———– FIND it and read it. We are not all idiots here. ————–

    • I read you story and lach too hard by it.
      Yu are funny and make me smile when read it.
      Maybe I come Dizney their and not france if i meet you.
      I see boss story more by yu and make me wonder if usa
      not all bad bad peopel?
      OK, bye now.

  65. Hi again,
    I thought this link is just as fascinating.

    Is there anyplace that “Doesn’t Suck?”

    Aloha y’all


  66. Yes Florida Sucks the big one. I love how the Floridiots bragg about how warm it is here in the winter, almost to a point of putting it your face, however what they fail to mention is the fact its only warm here for a few months, 3 to be exact, the rest of the year its frigging miserably HOT and Humid, taking 2 showers a day, and never really drying off unless you sit in an AC building. So Floridiots sit in an AC building all day in the summer but bragg how warm it is here in the winter to the folks up north, makes sense…not.

  67. I came down here (in Fla) for vacation 2yrs ago from NY and originally raised in Mi..—- My neighbors here had a domestic last year,long story short, I got arrested for the first time in my life (age 36) for pot in an illegal search and seizure. Cops thought I was hiding my neighbor on my property and cuffed me then walked in my trailer. A year later , my attorney and I are still battling this. The judge (Columbia County) denied my suppression hearing, so another 6-9 months till the Appeal to hopefully make this corrupt law drop this charge. During my “extended vacation”, I have met more drunk, “know it all’s” than ever. I was really jazzed to read this thread before posting here. You have all taken the words right out of my mouth! Everyone here seems to be inbred and lazy-eyed! I could go on and on, but I’d just be repeating other posts. I can bail soon, but will be on probation until the Appeal results. Being here has brought me down, I’ll never come back. Corrupt State of sure!!

  68. Jeffro: There is a saying in Florida I heard many time when I lived there. “Come here on vacation leave on probation”. Good luck hang in there.

  69. Thank you Mary-Pat. Finding this thread relieved my depression from being stuck here. At least I’m out on Bond. But Jeesh, It’s just like everything elso in Florida. It takes a contractor all year to finish a 4 day patio deck, etc. Why do cars stop at intersections 50 feet between cars? Never any turn signals! Loud ass exhaust from every other vehicle that passes. Oh, the one that never got posted on this thread= 99% of Floridians are Gator Football fans, yet they all walk around asking, “Yauwg Gwaiteirs fan? All day long. I’ve worked all over the East Coast and met lots of “Charactors”. But nothing like Fla! I’ve spent SOME time in some of the main cities in Florida. Even if the people you meet here in Fla. don’t talk inbred, they’re still scammers and bible thumpers(more than likely) When I turned 35 last year, I thought, “man 9 out of 10 people try to screw ya”. I know I’ve been sorta bitter threw the years with everything, but I can’t trust anyone! I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s these low-lifes ,of all education, etc. here IN FLORIDA!!!! I was talking with some nice folks last week that were originally Yankees. They were in their young 50’s and were both Doctors and “easygoing Christians” as she put it. Anyway after talkin w/them only a few minutes they were like, “your a Carpenter huh ?,we should hire you to work on our home!” OKay, now some people would think,”cool a job opportunity, but I’ve SEEN THIS BEFORE! They would want you to do ALL kinds of things for them (while op your ass when your working), and pay you shit money and through you a plate of food now and then……..I know there are scammers everywhere, but Fla is the Capital of that too!

  70. Oh, MaryPat ! My best time ever was in Jersey (Linden Cole- off shore)fishin in the Gulf Stream. U live in Jersey still, right? We ended up with 9 long fin Tuna, 7 yellow fin Tuna, a bunch of lil Mahi Mahi(Dolfin), and a 125 lbs. swordfish! That was in 24 hrs too. WE had to bail way early our 2nd had due to rough seas. You and I both have Email alert for this Thread, so I thought I’d Chat a little. This thread has been dead anyway, why not try to bring it back! ~Jeffro

  71. Yes we live in NJ . We are about 20 minutes east of Philadelphia. My husband is also a fisherman. That’s the only thing aside from the friends we made there that he misses about FL. We were very luck as far as meeting nice people. The funny thing was with exception of one couple, they were all originally from someplace other florida, lol.

  72. Florida is a horrible place filled with illiterate redneck’s and old people. I wish that state would fall off in the ocean!

  73. @ Butthole, you forgot to mention Crooks, Rude City People, and low life scum who managed to migrate here and stay forever so they can sleep on the streets year round in south FL. and find victims to steal from.

  74. When I think of Florida my stomach starts to turn. Nothing but low life rejects trying to emulate every music-video on BET. The US has a septic tank called Florida. The State of Florida is ran by Right Winged Cubans all in cahoots with illegal drug trafficking and all deny being Latino. Florida is one big strip-mall, architecture that will immediately make you nauseated.
    The summers are like a Nicaraguan jungle. Ignorant people infest residential areas and job positions. If you want to get a hot girl in Florida you have to: have a Lexus, Hummer 2,BMW, Honda with rims, shave your head, get fat, wear ghetto clothing and dive slow with music blaring.

  75. The police will lie on their report, lie under oath, and the psychologist they appoint you to will say that you have a drug problem. Now you have to pay for drug counseling too…….Florida Law ruined my health, credit, and career—-Corrupt Florida will ruin your life, I’ll NEVER visit florida again!!

  76. Founded by Hulk Hogan in 1981 Tampa got it’s start as a mega church. After the church of Our Lady of Pretentious Hypocrites was broken up because of embezzlement and racketeering charges. The people went their separate ways the rednecks took the north, the Hispanics the west, and the blacks the east. Leaving the ass holes and douche bags to the south. The residents called themselves tampons and modeled their new community after a high school forming cliques and groups that were so insulated they lost touch with reality. Tampa’s exports include cigars, tropical fish, ass holes, shattered dreams and intolerance it’s imports include oil, exotic pets (to latter be dumped into the wild ) Ed Hardy and Affliction tees, and steroids . Tampa boasts an impressive collection of child molesters and rapists in fact once a year the city celebrates the birthday of the city’s first registered sex offender named Jose Gaspar. The city celebrates this by having a party in which the residents get so intoxicated the are reduced to defecating in people’s front lawns then the police round them all up and arrest them (arrests make up 1/3 of the Tampa economy) The city showcases a wide variety of museums including the King Tut exhibit at Bush Gardens and a garage sale on Platt street. Tampa is a great place to live. However, if you are a Manatee you might want to consider other areas (perhaps a zoo) Tampa is the manatee murder capitol of the world. People in Tampa enjoy driving around on their boats and killing these helpless animals they call this ”teeing off” in Tampa. If you are homeless Tampa is a great spot with prime pan handling locations and no government aid compounded with our impressive 12 % unemployment and high foreclosure rate Tampa is being Called the ”Eternal Homeless City”. If you like cults and chain restaurants boy do we have some places for you! from Grace Family Church to Scientology to Chucky Cheese this place has more fringe groups then newly liberated midddle eastern states. Did I mention Glen Beck got his start in Tampa? Derek Jeter and the Yankees own about 20% of the land here so you better be a Yankees fan (OR ELSE!) We also have one of the worst football teams in the NFL. As for education it’s supposed to set you free however, in Tampa it imprisons you U.S.F. or you stay forever as it is called is the worlds largest community college over 95% of alumni stay in the Tampa area forced to toil in one of the chain restaurants or strip mall protein shacks. The main artery in Tampa is called Dale Mabry it gives commuters unparalleled views of strip clubs, strip malls, gas stations ,and a Borders book store The mass transit is unmatched in it’s ability to cause delays. Tampa has three buses and a street car that goes around the block. The city is planning to expanded this to include a wheel barrel and a grizzly bear pulling a sleigh by 2086. Our water and air supply’s are unmatched in their ability to cause cancer. Dating you ask? Tampa has complex mating rituals. Girls form together with alpha douche bags to form rape cells this usually consists of at least one woman with breast implants , botox and a little dog that suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from being cared repeatedly in coach hand bags at international plaza (This is not a U.N. annex but a mall where old people go to mate)these woman will mate with several former high school acquaintances usually in a state of inebriation, finally they will settle on a permanent mate based on frequent appearances at the local watering holes MacDintons, Jacksons, Cheap, Mangroves and pretty much any thing with the word ”Park” in the name these are status centers that show the males prominence in Tampon Society. they will also select a permanent mate based on work out routines size of their ”parents” company. and tanning salon coupons. Once the mates pare off they will buy a condo in Carrollwood for three times its value but will still claim south Tampa as home as for plumbing feel free to relive your self in our Hillsborough river which proudly claims over 30,000 different kinds of bacteria looking for mountains? well look no further then Tennessee because other than the local land fill you are shit out of luck. Does your metropolitan area menstruate? Well ours does, we have Red Tide that comes almost once a year and the tampons flock to it as they should. In short Tampa is great place for a sex offender to settle down and establish some roots also if you’re a fan of the popular MTV show ”Jersey Shore” you might be interested in settling here This is a fantastic city which is sure to be studied by anthropologists and sociologists for years to come.

  77. Pam,Heh,heh, I Like you,Tampa sucks too,My friend just got a reaming from the Hard Rock Cafe there ,He ususally wins at gambling but he was taken for a ride there.He said he would never go to “Tampon”again ever.Heh

  78. Oh yeah, The cockroaches will dominate your house or apt. in Florida. I think they call them German C.R. They don’t get that big. They leave a funky odor. I was lucky for awhile, I managed to not get them for 2 yrs. Now I’m fighting new hatches consistently. Bug bombs, washing and vacuum everything, yet still screwed! I am a very clean person too, NOT a slob with dirty dishes and wrappers laying around. I’m heading to Colorado as soon as possible, see ya Florida!

  79. Bottom line Florida sucks and the problem is that most people here are ignorant.

  80. MountainMan

    Before moving to Florida, someone told me, “There is a reason they are called Floridiots”. Someone else said the state should be called Flori-duhhh. Others said I would hate it. I was warned about hostile attitude, racism, and rednecks. I didn’t believe it. I was grossly naive. I didn’t even really know what a redneck was until I saw the south. Now I understand all too well.

    Before ranting about Florida, I must first say that this entire country has problems. Poverty, crime, laziness, teenage pregnancy and illiteracy can be found in every city and in every state. But some areas seem to have more problems than others. Florida and the south tip the scales at unprecedented levels. The worst mistake of my life was moving to the Dumbshine state. Moving out 4 long years later was one of the best and most profound things I’ve ever done. I would sooner put a bullet in my brain than destroy my life by returning to that hellhole.

    Day one, as I drove across the Florida panhandle and headed south, the southern inhospitality began with tailgaters literally riding 2 or 3 feet off my bumper at 70+ mph. It wasn’t just one or two tailgaters here and there. It was one right after another. Bear in mind, I had lived in California with piles of people and occasional hostile freeway traffic for 25 years. Suddenly the California hostility seemed dramatically pale in comparison.

    You are how you drive. If you drive rudely, you’re rude. If you drive selfishly – you’re selfish. Being enclosed in metal and glass doesn’t make your piss-poor driving the fault of your car. If you run red lights (like many Floridiots do), you are a stupid little flaccid prick that should be sliced off and ground up and washed away down the garbage disposal. I never before saw so much lawlessness and red-light runners and selfish twits cutting people off left and right. And the cops in Florida are pretty much worthless. Florida is finally starting to wise up and install red-light cameras. Because of the rampant lawlessness of the drivers in Florida, the dumbshine state stands to make huge profits. Miami recently made the top of the list for the nations worst drivers. That’s just the facts, ma’am.

    After living in Florida for too long, I wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper venting my frustration. Of course, if you call out Floridians on their rude behavior, they will verbally attack you, as if they own the patent on rudeness and arrogance. One person wrote a reply to my letter ignorantly claiming I was the type of person who would not be happy anywhere. This person arrogantly made this judgment of me based on a 250-word letter. Gee, that’s funny because I was plenty happy before I moved there and I kiss the ground where I now live because it’s nowhere near Florida or the south. I know what I observed in Florida. I saw it first hand every single day. And there is a plethora of people who totally agree because they too have observed the trashy nature of the south. I saw a lot of dreamless people in Florida who don’t seem to serve much purpose.

    Floridians have apparently heard so many people gripe about Florida that they have developed pre-fabricated responses to the complaints. For example, if you say you hate it there and you’re moving out, their standard, unimaginative and hostile response is along the lines of “Don’t let the palm tree hit you on the way out”. One of the best counter replies I’ve heard was, “Would that be the same palm tree that knocked the sense out of you?”

    Despite the ongoing chorus of anti-Florida sentiments, most Floridians just don’t get it. Rather than using their brains to observe that the complaints about their devils lair have validity, they instead defend their stinky swampland with vile and arrogant remarks. And then they wonder why they are the targets of hate. There were some nice people there and some demonstrated a refreshing level of intelligence (although such people were hard to find), so not all of you southerners need to get your underwear in a bunch. You know who you are. But per-capita, I’d have to go ahead and say that Florida takes the cake when it comes to poorly behaved people.

    Floridians crack remarks about shoveling snow, as if their bug-infested swamp is any kind of a paradise. Never mind the fact that the heat, humidity, bugs (some of which are bipedal), and hurricanes make the place miserable for 9 months of the year, leaving only 3 months of mild weather and comfort. The “I live in Florida because of the snow” argument demonstrates how Floridians are poor at math. It’s simply the difference between tolerating snow for a couple of months while the weather remains mild and comfortable for the better part of the year, verses tolerating miserable discomfort from mosquitoes and sweat for the better part of the year with only a short span of mild weather and comfort. It’s a no-brainer for me because I have a brain. It’s a no-brainer for them because they have no brains.

    However, it is all year long that a higher percentage of people in Florida use bad grammar and can’t spell. All year long many of them park their cars on their lawns and they leave their garage doors open so the neighbors can see their junk piled up to the rafters. All year long Florida suffers rampant pedophilia and domestic and violent crime above and beyond any place I have ever lived. All year long you hear news reports of child molestations, abductions and murders. All year long you hear news reports about another Florida moron who drove off the road into somebody’s house or a building. All year long Florida stinks of stale swamp water and the stench of sulfur and red tide and septic tank sewage. All year long the service-oriented economy of Florida offers pathetic wages. Unless you’re in the medical field or a few other fields, good luck trying to earn a respectable living in the south. All year long the work ethic of Florida suffers a higher-than-average apathy. Taking your car in to be fixed by a mechanic in Florida is taking a huge risk.

    Floridians often brag about the fact that Florida doesn’t have state income tax, while completely ignoring the simple fact that they nevertheless pay for it dearly via city fees and permits and inconsistent and unfair code enforcement along with pothole-riddled roads that lack sidewalks, lighting and signage. They seem to be oblivious to the regularity of power outages. They don’t seem to notice the rude, selfish little morons who think they own the road – young and old alike. They don’t seem to notice that a far larger percentage of their population are haggard looking people who are either grossly overweight or unhealthy looking one way or another. Missing teeth, ratty, sloppy looking clothes, and tangled hair is commonplace. I’m not sorry to say that tattoos and piercings make people look trashy, and the south is covered in tacky tats.

    Florida caters to retirees and there is a mentality of death. I chose to live where there is a mentality of life. Too many of the contractors and businesses there make a living by taking advantage of old people and getting away with it so much that they have it down to a science and so even if you are young, they’ll scam you too. Florida is full of scammers, ID thieves, pedophiles, degenerates and people looking for a way to take what you have. Our house was broken into, our cars were continuously dented and damaged by careless ass holes. That didn’t happen before we lived there and it stopped after we left. Florida is full of cheapskates.

    No place is perfect, but some places, like Florida, are far less perfect than others. But as soon as I moved back to Colorado, I immediately noticed the food tastes better. The air is fresh and clean. The water is clear and tastes delicious. Since moving back to Colorado, I find the traffic flows far better and the number off ass holes tailgating and running lights is significantly lower. People here are far better behaved – not perfect – but far better. There are far fewer rude and hostile jackasses encountered. And yes, it snows. And I’m glad because it acts as a magic force field to keep out the southern riff-raff and all their seedy habits. For that reason, snow is white gold and I worship it.

    So for all you bottom-feeders in the south who gripe about why people complain about the south and why the movies and TV depict you as lazy, it’s because it’s true. All it takes are open eyes to observe it. If want to keep your eyes glued shut and your brains permanently malnourished, then go right ahead pretending you’re all this or that, but please stay in the south and don’t bring your third-world douche bag habits into the rest of the U.S. It’s easy for you to pretend we’re the ones who are rude for calling you out on your third-world behaviors because it’s too hard for your sun-baked brains to overcome the denial that you live in a snake pit full of rednecks and lazy slobs. So stop telling us to stop whining and complaining when you are the losers who are whining and complaining as if to justify your loser redneck ways. If you want us to stop complaining, stop giving us reasons. You stupidly make yourselves sitting duck targets. If you don’t want to be shot at, don’t make yourself a target.

    The difference between you Florida rednecks and people like me is that I could not live in Florida because I was outnumbered by uncouth people who would not tolerate being called out on their despicable behaviors, whereas those same uncouth people in Florida would never survive in the west because YOU’RE the ones who would be severely outnumbered by people like me who will not tolerate your trashy, selfish habits.
    You call us arrogant for pointing out your trashy habits. We, on the other hand, call you arrogant because you insist on defending or denying your rampant culture of trashy habits and lesser education after we call you out on it.

    The people here in Colorado hike and climb mountains and stairs on a daily basis. We ski and snowmobile and go snowboarding. We go boating and fishing, rock climbing, and mountain biking. We hang glide, we parachute, we river raft, we canoe, and we camp. And we do all this in the thinner, higher altitude air. My point is that we are in excellent shape as compared to you beer-bellied, air-conditioning addicted living room couch potatoes. You want to tangle? You’ll get your asses thoroughly beaten! And on an educational level, you Florida rednecks don’t pose enough of a challenge keep it interesting.

    • one of my fav’s on here… one of the best I’ve read bout Flawdiduh anywhere….

      • I agree, this post tells the truth. From the driving habits to the mental midget mindset.

        I have lived in 5 states and I hate it here, I have never seen so many trashy, fat lowlifes.

        Obama should just give Flori-duh to the Chinese, although I doubt they would want it.

    • thorough, great post

      this really is one of the best on here, goes through almost everything in this shithole. I’ve lived in 4 states and visited/vacationed in at least 12… FL is hands-down, no doubt the shittiest…. it just sucks, really. I guess at least I go back with a new appreciation for what is normal and not Floridized or Floridified! Fucking disgusting, horrible place.

    • The re-read “Moving to Florida? Read this first!” challenge got me to do just that.
      I certainly have not read all of the posts here.

      The unending sentences and poor punctuation with grammar and glaringly bad typos contribute heavily to this oversight.
      The simple minded lunatic “Rants” are boring and offer few insights or solutions.

      I have taken some more time to re-peruse the contributions of writers.
      I have nothing else to do these days anyway.

      I did find this one posting (This reply to MountainMan) and since I am from OREGON, find that there is a commonality within this particular posting.

      Sigh…I sure miss the Willamette valley and way cool and friendly folks there.

      Whats new here?
      Hot as hell in Florida today. (Everywhere actually.)
      Another 100 plus degree scorcher.

      My Entire neighborhood is now surrounded by multiple MHC facilities.
      MHC stands for “Mental Health Corp.” and here is a link.


      There is a noticeable uptick of people in mental distress in this area.
      They are everywhere and each and every street corner and stop has multiple panhandlers competing for what few are willing to give.
      They offer to sell their Lithium and other anti-Psychotic meds which appear to be given freely at these MHC centers.
      I have quit going to the Flea markets because they are over run with mental defects and the usual illegals.
      I no longer feel safe there.

      Better news:
      I Put a new Energy rated Metal roof on the house. Antique Copper color.
      Painted surface is Guaranteed for 50 years.
      The Galvalume metal is of “Standing Seam” construction and was custom fitted on site. It does not seem to rust like most magnetic attractive materials. (Time will tell.)
      Looks nice and maybe can attract a buyer. (Fingers are crossed.)
      It has dropped my electric bill about $100 per month so I can say that it is worth the DOUBLE the cost of asphalt roof price.
      Petroleum prices will continue to go up and so will the price of inefficient asphalt roofing shingles.

      Well everyone.
      Peace and Happiness to you.
      Its GOTTA get better, Right?

      Oh….one more bit of disturbing news….Jeb Bush wants his chance in 2012 to screw things up in the Bush family tradition.

      Not kidding!
      JUST SAY NO TO MORE BUSH’S lurking in high places.

  81. I am amazed at the amount of people on this board who are expressing the exact feelings that I have for this God forsaken shit-hole. I can’t wait to move out of this horrible place and never return.
    Do not move here.
    Do not.

  82. We have bought a lovely home in NJ. The summer has been very hot so far but nothing like Florida. My herat goes out to all that are still stuck in the evil penninsula. The Oil is coming get out if you can.

  83. The ignorant, hateful, funky, unbathed, smoke stealing, BIGOTED REDNECKS that fill this screwed up state like maggots on 2 week old roadkill. THEY add to the sickening spectacle that is Florida. I don’t care that it is the south. THAT IS NO EXSCUSE – THIS IS 2010!!! These pigs are everywhere, cutting infront of, interrupting, mis treating, running over and antagonizing anybody who isn’t the same race or equally as ignorant, unbathed and hateful as they are. Karmically speaking all of these morons should be fed to pigs….

  84. All that i have to say is that i am a native floridian. An i honestly agree with you this state has gone too fuckin hell in a hand basket. But think about it this state is now a shit hole because of the fact that there are very few natives anymore. its all because of dumbasses wanting to move here and then living here. and yall talk shit about the confederate flag well dip shits our schools must not be that bad if we know the truth about the flag and civil war we fought you damn yankees for the unfair taxes because of the diffrent life styles same damn mother fuckin reason america fought brittin but you dont talk shit about that flag its all you damn outsiders that fuck up the south we would be perfectly fine with out you but more and more come and leave everyday were just americas door mat for instense if the illegals can swim here and get on land they can dry off and be citizens the cops here are just people makin money for the state with all the contradictory laws such as pedestrians have the right of way but then jay walking we are a fucked up state hell you cant buy groceries anymore unless you know spanish now what the hell i thought this was usa this state needs major help thats why all us natives are leaving we are leaving but we thank you guys for coming too and makin natives millionaires by subdividors buying our land cant wait to leave my homeland and if it werent for rednecks dumb ass where would you get your food who would run the crews building america you wouldnt have roads who would defend our country because the people that do all this are 90% REDNECK
    good writtens

    • TYPICAL Floridiot post

      damn, DAMN what a fucking retard… gotta be some inbreeding goin’ on in them thar jeeenz….

      the response by jet was a hilarious! I felt the same way, ‘run-on’ can’t begin to describe it…….

  85. That is the longest sentence I’ve ever read,
    u dumb hick.

  86. @native

    I guess your “hooked on phonics” tape got lost in the mail? You’re the best example of everything that’s wrong with Florida, starting with the almost non-existent education system. Not necessarily a problem unique to the state of Florida. It seems the further south you go, the stupider the people get.

  87. Floriduhh is really a place for trash and assholes, no decent people should bother going there, and any there should leave ASAP before getting stuck in scam traps and degenerate scumbag webs

  88. I absolutely, positively, undoubtedly, excitedly cannot wait to get out of the shithole, and will never come back, and will do my best to not allow any good, normal, decent people to come here, especially not people I care for, not even to visit, nevermind giving this toilet any tourist money. I have successfully already enlightened many other people that were stuck here, or wanted to be here, to NOT.

    It is with no doubt whatsoever a cesspool, ,and boy, can I go on for ever about how and why… a few here have made great, accurate points…. as another poster mentioned, there are a select few good, at least semi-normal people here, and it is too bad they can’t or won’t leave, they could do so much better almost anywhere else}

    I’ll save the Floridiots some time and say the insanely idiotic response for them: I won’t let the palm tree hit me on the way out, and yes, it means more sunshine for you {to finish cooking your peabrain with} Too bad the sun can’t grow teeth back for you morons.

    Hopefully none of the words in this post were too big for any of you low-class {more like NO-class} trashbags. Enjoy your Spitshine state, keep polishing that turd of yours. Or is it a rotten, gangrenous appendix on the side of the U.S.?}

    In short, the WORST part by far is the people, then the weather. But it really is all just a mixed bag of unpleasant daily life and torture in this armpit of a place}

    any inquiring minds, leave a post, I will fill you in on this shitland, I can be your “where not to travel guide”, which will definitely include the whole, entire landfill peninsula that is known as *shudders* florida {not deserving of capitalization}, by the garbage which inhabits this place and by those who know no better, or are blinded, either selectively so, or just numb from all the drugs and/or drinking, and plain stupidity of course.

  89. Drinking, smoking, drugs – illegal and/or prescription – W O W! almost everyone in Floridaaaa has some sort of issue, these people are Fucked!

    Inbreeding, or maybe just plain ugly, hurt, shitty looking people, who by the way, cannot dress well, wearing raggedy bits of clothing even if they aren’t broke, barely shower and generally horrible, non-existent hygiene.
    Fucking gross!!

    Crime, whoa……. this dump is on its way to becoming a posterchild for country’s shadiest places. Law enforcement, what a joke. The term itself is an oxymoron. Laws/rules do not apply to the common, run-of-the-mill piece of shit here, which is the most prevalent, ubiquitous type around. Regardless of race, each kind is at its worst here.

    Drivers: complete, total unadulterated diarrhea is what these ‘people’ are.
    Yes, a few are too old and don’t realize some of the mistakes they make, but the rest have no excuse. 24/7 assholes all around, some visibly drinking a beer, or smoking weed. Mix kids with shitty parenting or shitty parents themselves, all with shit for brains with the phone calls and texting (because everyone here is so important and busy, bunch of executives in ripped, stained tie-dye t-shirts it seems) it seems and it has to be the state with the most idiotic ‘accidents’ anywhere. Many fatal, ugly, innocent-involving wrecks, since these inbreds speed everywhere, in between red lights a quarter mile apart, and often right through them. And these assholes hardly ever kill themselves!


    ~that blank space above shows how much of it there is~
    no social skills, no intellectual skills, no life skills (goes along with ‘no life’), no work skills, no standard of quality. No desire to improve. Just trash content being trash. If they even know what ‘content’ means, since that generally has a positive connotation and has more than one syllable. Which of sure they can drawl out to sound like 4 or 5.

    want proof of the total dysfunction in this swamp? just look up any, A-N-Y news station or newspaper and read the stories or watch the streams if possible. Or ask anyone with more than one tooth in their mouth and who seems to have had a shower in the past 2 months. And I mean ‘shower’ in the non-third world sense, and in, with soap, in a bathroom not getting wet in the shit water that falls upon Florida.

  90. Then you have the idiots who floor it as soon as the light goes green, or just before. and the morons who crawl away 5 second after the light changes, as if waiting for the next red, or next green, who knows with these bunch of assholes. And of course the inbreds who make a game of driving like complete scumbags looking in their rearview to see who they can piss off or cutting you off by inches unnecessarily or even when there is another wide open lane. They all think they are nascar drivers switching lanes, and of course no one uses signals besides the middle finger they just pulled out of their greasy sphincter.

  91. A few are actually just innocently driving along, making minor mistakes like any normal person. Some are even oblivious, but most, as the post above says, are just lousy, miserable ‘people’.

    When it comes to work related stupidity, I have had some of these buffoons come in with their ipod on, in rollerblades (might have been rollerskates and a cassette walkman since this place is so far behind). Even had dumb bitches come in wearing sandals/flip-flops!

  92. all true… I challenge anyone with normal, decent hygiene habits, at least semi-intelligent, non-delusional, substance abuse free, who is generally observant and aware of their surroundings, to spend more than three consecutive months here and not be suprised and disgusted and then agree with the sentiments on this and many other websites….

  93. don’t forget the complete lack of class and style, which has nothing to do with money, as you can be loaded and be hated and trashy, and be pretty broke and be a decent, likable person. you don’t have to buy a new expensive wardrobe or have the latest fashions, though wearing something newer than 1982 would be nice.

    how about the cars these Floridiots drive, all beat to shit and falling apart, likely from drunk/drugged-up crashes, combined with the garbage lifestyle they lead, getting in fights, having people hate them enough to vandalized their cars. like another poster said, tattoos ain’ my cup of tea, but some people have cool ones, I guess. But these pigs here have the trashiest ‘body art’ possible… even on their faces and eyelids…. places you cannot hide even if you wanted to pretend to have a brain and decency. how about the wanna-be ‘gangsters’ and thugs choice of attire and music they drive around blasting, wow, no words to say! it has to be that these scumbags need attention badly, I dunno. all these dumb things to do and wear, and act like… to try to be different maybe? who knows, who cares, in the end they all seem to be the same waste, bottom of the barrel garbage drippings….
    what sucks even more is they have a bunch of kids and raise them to be the next trashbags, and probably trashier!

    all I know is a bunch of us are out of here soon, permanently, and will never give this shithole/trashhole another penny ~ so you creatures can have your wish and have the people you claim ruined this cesspool leave and enlighten others about even stepping foot on this pile.

    to the few good of you stuck here, do not be offended, but even if you are, just get the hell out and have a better life elsewhere, anywhere else.

  94. sly stallion

    are those shorts trying to be pants or pants trying to be shorts? either way, it looks stupid as heck. or maybe is it a 30 year old overweight pig wearing a twelve year old’s pants? toss in some awesome tat’s and some made up idiot language trying to be passed of as English and you got the hottest image anywhere. you mustn’t forget the body odor/stench, cigarette and cellphone in hand, important busy people ya know.

    kinda funny when immigrants know better English than supposedly ‘native’ speakers…….

  95. …… some made up idiot language trying to be passed of as English
    …… kinda funny when immigrants know better English than supposedly ‘native’ speakers…….

    I have been personally irritated about this for years….
    How the hell do these people go to the same schools as white people and
    come out speaking an entirely different language?

    EXAMPLES of FLORIDUH speak with (translation):
    DAT be Gud nuf? (Why I believe this is the best I have ever achieved.)
    Wud id dat? (Gee, I wonder what that is?)
    Dat B yo cuz id sho ad shi b Mi nuh. (Is this yours and may I borrow it?)
    Dis a jac, gib id ub! (Excuse me sir, May I borrow your vehicle?)
    Doen snitch! (Golly! I must tell someone about this crime. NOT!)

    The schools suck! Must be the worst in the lower 48 states.

    Meanest, Nastiest, Most Ignorant people I have ever had the DISPLEASURE of meeting.
    Its NOT THE COLOR you dumb fucks…..Its the way you act!

    If I can find a buyer for my house, I am going somewhere friendly and with seasons and NEVER COMING BACK to this CULTURE CRUSHING Dreadneck state!

    Apologies to those to whom this does NOT apply.

  96. sink florida

    true shithole/cesspool/trashhole/trashpool for sure… like a giant petri dish of disgusting, gross, ugly, moral-less, vile people….
    the whole state is like the projects/trailer parks rolled up nice n grimy, with lil patches of nice, clean, rich people areas ~ want stereotypes? move to FL, all the worst of humanity is there waiting. I no longer trust anything or anyone, no even the fucking mailman! I hate this shitty dump, anxious to be out, glad to vacate for scumbags to spread out or for a new one to take my place.

    BEST TIP POSSIBLE, at least for now: IF you are a good, nice, decent, clean, honest person… watch for signs of things happening stupidly, and illegally, and just plain and simple things wrong happening…. do not ignore the signs, or you will get symptoms! (of disgust, hatred, misery…….and any negative/horrible feeling, they will come) people who do not care if the world and life rots around them, and/or if they have no standard of quality, and are ready and willing to scam and fuck any normal good person, might be happy and do well in FL…….

    avoid this moron/asshole-infested/infected toilet like the plague!!!!!!!
    and really, DO pass this website on to those you care about that are in FL or are thinking of being there, if you really care!!!!!!!

  97. Since my escape from Florida, Tampa in particular, I haven’t been back to this site much. Judging by your comments, I see things have gotten worse there. I still have friends there and they say the same. Do what you have to do leave your house break your lease but get out. The horrible health care almost killed my husband. We came to Tampa with high hopes and left happy to escape with our lives and sanity in tact. Good luck to all still stuck in the pennsula from hell.

  98. mary pat,

    I am curious to know what kind of experiences you had, any notable positive or stand-out negative… and how long were you here before deciding to leave, and then how much longer to muster up the muscles to get the hell out!

  99. whoever wants to can call it racist or whatever you want, I just call it how I see it…….to some it might sound like I’m defending rednecks, on the other hand some of them would still get pissed at my words, who cares, I’m not a bullshitting politician.

    the problem in this abysmal armpit is more than the disgusting rednecks… In Florida, each race has extreme pieces of shit to represent them, or spread stereotypes, drag down steps the good of each kind try to take…. white, black, and brown, like a post above said, the worst of humanity – the asian immigrants here, some may be third world, but they have more class than the idiots from here.

    morons can say shit sucks everywhere, or its all the same everywhere, or whatever to minimize the trash that they find acceptable or are part of, but in Florida, you have ALL of the things that are wrong with anything and everything and everyone, in the worst way.

  100. florida is saaaaaaad

    shitty service everywhere and anywhere, pigs/slobs working in restaurants, disgusting fucks.
    fucking place is nothing but scams! lots of degenerates looking to rip your ass off at any chance, fake niceness til they pork you, fucking assholes, DIE!!!!!!

  101. Vigoda
    I Was offered a transfer to Tampa by my company. We arrived in 2005 . With the exception of black mold in our first apartment, things actually went pretty well. I already had a position and my husband was able to find a good job. We made alot of friends and honestly we were looking to buy a house. Things started to take a nose dive after that. My husband lost his job due health problems. We soon found out about the healtcare in Florida. Do not get sick in Florida. I cant say it was just one thing after you spend one winter in Florida you get over the winter thing quickly. The one thing we did hate,were the summers. Living in Air Conditioning for 5 months is not my idea of fun. Coming from Phila/NJ we were used alot more culture and good restaurants. I sorely missed seeing my children even though they did visit. We had never had a car accident in 28 years. While in Fl. my husbands truck was hit twice while parked. It was just one thing after another. When the economy hit the skids,I was offered a transfer back to NJ. Fearing an oppurtunity to get back home wouldn’t come again we decided to leave. We sold everything we could not pack in the truck and car and left. Leaving Florida is like taking off a band aid you just have to rip it off. We left in May of 2009 and never looked back.

  102. florida is saaaaaaad

    you know what could solve many, if not most, or this landfill’s problems: half decent police! instead of cops who are as shitty at the people they are supposed to serve and protect, whom, in a shithole circle maybe karma kinda way, have no respect for the law and/or enforcement

  103. why florida doesn't suck

    that would be a much shorter list, the place is fucking horrible torture!!!!!!!

  104. call waste management

    bunch of inbreds, degenerates, losers, druggies (alcohol, illicit, prescription, waste products- don’t believe it? google it, they do it all in FL) non-bathing pigs, no-moral-having scumbag, scamming trashbag low-life/no-life assholes (it’s not called the duurty south for nuthin’) covered in idiotic tattoos that kindergarteners could do better in art class. the fattest, nastiest fucks think they are tough and ‘big’ as in muscular, and probably fool the skank-ass gross pig bitches. the weather is disgusting, and the air smells lile shit most of the time, ‘reclaimed water’ or not. the place overall is like the shit that drips, leaks, and oozes out of a garbage truck as it drives around. fucking NASTY. period. I know, I know, not EVERYONE in ‘Flawwda’ is this way, just about 93% is, just watch any website local news channel stream or look through the website itself… yea, “crime is everywhere” (for the idiot that was going to say that) but FL is fucking sick

  105. Putting up the house I just bought 18 mos ago for sale. I’ll probably lose everything I have in it, but it’s worth it to get the hell out of here. Tips:

    1. You are not a “customer” here – you are a “mark”.
    2. The last best meal you’ll have at a restaurant was the one you had just before you got here. And whatever they’re serving you might not be what the menu said.
    3. Fruits and vegatables suck here. How can that be? Don’t they grow that sh** here? Watermelon is $7.99 IN SEASON!
    4. Everybody has an attitude. Almost everyone is Stupid (capital S).
    5. Economy is off the rails.
    6. Rednecks. ‘nuf said.

    Saw a bumper sticker on a pickup “Happiness is a Northerner on I95N”. He was absolutely right!

  106. shabba ranks

    great advice, for starters:

    1.) lay off the drugs
    2.) stop inbreeding
    3.) have cop earn their paychecks

  107. shabba ranks

    Rick, you are spot on… especially #1 and #2….

    don’t worry man, whatever you have to lose/let go is nothing compared with the never-ending sacrifice that goes along with living in Floridump.
    likely a pig-redneck with the pickup/probably his home, though the sticker took the words right out of the mind of an intelligent Northerner.

  108. Escaped the Florida trap after 5 long years, have not been any happier. For those of you stuck in Florida and are trying to escape, Ill say some prayers for you, even though Im not that religious.
    I decided to visit this site to post this, IM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY OUT OF FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. bloodhound, I thought you meant you didn’t become any happier once you left, I coulda lost hope for gettin’ outta here! but as I read on, it was clarified, and I got a bit more motivation from you. I’m curious, what did you got through here, and what made you leave, and how did you finally do it? been here a few years, it totally sucks ass, BAD……. uuggghh

  110. Just discovered these posts about Florida. It seems there is alot of discussion about north/south traffic. I commute with my work from the Western states to Florida so I can’t help but throw this into the mix. For me the entire east coast has an undesirable culture to me. Florida and “the north” are much the part of the same difficult dynamic. People seem to have big boundary issues. They seems to hate or distrust each other. People go 120 m.p.h. on the freeways, high on antidepressants and when they wreck, there is no fault. I saw a news report that 80% of the people driving in Florida are on prescription mental health medications and pain killers. That says it all to me, people must have to take all the stuff to keep from killing themselves or each other in Florida. Just reading the posts from “the natives” you can see they get defensive, but it’s understandable.
    Their solution is to “beat your ass.” But I have to say, after spending time with “the snow birds” I am ready to start swinging myself. For the ones that move to Fl , think about this– what are they all running from? Instead of finding an escape in Florida they land in a soup of similar people who run from their problems. To be fair, there are things I enjoy– I have met some really good hearted true Florida natives, and the beachs are nice enough as is the winter weather. But if you want to escape, I highly advise you to look west of the Mississippi. To me even Texas is better than Florida, at least you can get away from swarming miserable people when you want to. This from someone that dislikes Texas for the most part. But the mountain states are best. I noticed that when I have to come to Florida with my job, I drink more. I start a new job soon where Florida will be out of my loop. Will probably visit people there occasionally but never live there.
    One of the few things I actually enjoy are the hurricanes. Bring’em on, wipe it clean. I am to wild-spirited for this place, I doubt I really mean this, but swarming miserable people drive me to it and I don’t want to become a drugged zombie to endure. I’m outta here.

    • Floridiot Degeneration

      NoHope, curious as to what kind of experiences stand out regarding the people or anything else that really REALLY sucked, since we normal, non-selectively blind, undrugged intelligents know it all really sucks in Flawda.

      I agree with your post COMPLETELY/100%… the women….WOW.

      …….just a bunch of miserable low-life/no-life, scumbag, shady, shitty ‘people’, even the rich ones. Proof that money cannot buy class.

  111. Well I’m Finally looking to make plans to abandon Florida I have one 13 year old son who lives with his mother in south florida and hes completely happy, he was born here so this “Florida” life is normal to him. I’m originally from new york and cant take this god forsaken state one minute longer, I have stuck it out for 15 yrs and nothing but crap, the women in general are crap, either they have 4 kids from 4 different daddys, addicted to coke crack, oxys, weed or some other stuff or they are strippers/escorts/hookers or hoes the problem with florida isnt the enviroment its the people.. You have 400 thugs/scumbags for every 1 hard working decent person thats the real problem with florida and theres no escaping it anywhere you go and god forbid if your decent the “regular” people will look at you like your the weak strange ones because you dont have seventeen tattoos a bald head and an extensive arrest record are look like your on the edge. Florida is a disgusting state im sure there are 1 or 2 people that are happy but for the vast legions its a life of misery, i’m escaping very soon to new england im writing this now from somewhere in between ny and mass, im not saying where because i dont want the rest of the scumbags from florida to follow and asshole it up.. Ill miss the couple of ppl that i met but ive already been here for 2 weeks and nobody has even noticed i was gone except my neigbor whos watching my fish, I wasted 15 yrs of my life here and once i leave Im never looking to go back..More and more ppl are leaving florida cause its only getting worst not better

  112. Floridiot Degeneration

    ~dunno why it reply went to breathofair but meant for No Hope~

    No Hope, curious as to what kind of experiences stand out regarding the people or anything else that really REALLY sucked, since we normal, non-selectively blind, undrugged intelligents know it all really sucks in Flawda.

    I agree with your post COMPLETELY/100%… the women….WOW.

    …….just a bunch of miserable low-life/no-life, scumbag, shady, shitty ‘people’, even the rich ones. Proof that money cannot buy class.

  113. Mundane Paradise

    I fell in love with a native Floridian and so moved here to Florida in late December from NYC and now regretting it. There’s no jobs here and my bf works in the medical field but can’t even find extra work because 1)the hospital where he works don’t want to pay overtime 2)these other hosps need extra help but don’t want to hire. I can’t seem to find work because as I said the economy sucks down here and it’s not getting any better! You even have to jump through hoops just to enroll in college, the weather here is SWELTERING, it’s terribly uncultured and the place is full of rednecks and hardcore racists and confederate flag wavers. Not to mention the terrible drivers on the roads (never been in an accident in my life and ONE MONTH after coming down here we got rear ended by some asshole) and the piss poor attitude of the people here. And it’s true–FL is full of pure IDIOTS…! Our AC broke down in our apartment just as the summer heat kicked in and it’s been a struggle to repair it. The last time it was repaired it broke down again 30 MINUTES after the repairman left. It just goes on and on and I’ve had it. Even my bf is fed up and I’m thisclose from jumping on the plane with a one-way ticket back to NYC. You know what, I’m going to just do it and I’m taking my bf with me so he can see that there is something better than what he’s grown up with down here. I had so many lucrative opportunities up there that just ain’t happening down here, period. FLORIDA SUCKS !!!! The rednecks and high-set pickup drivers can have it!!!!

  114. Mundane Paradise

    Oh and another thing: it’s true that this place is just for old people and sports fans. They can have it, I’m going back to NYC!!!!!!

  115. Congrats to you lucky few that are escaping the evil pennisula. I made my esacape almost two years ago and couldn’t be happier. Good luck.

  116. miserable garbage truck drippings

    just trash ‘people’ that don’t want to and/or don’t know how to be happy, don’t want to learn how, and do their best to make sure others aren’t. If they only would put all that effort into being drug free and getting an education or doing a good job at work and earning that paycheck, or getting one less crayola looking tattoo, or collecting government cheese and all the other wonderful handouts when there are some who actually are needing help.
    total bags of shit, or anything that smells horrible. fuck all you assholes who can’t just live and let live {while prospering would be nice} you know who you are, unless you are the real dumb fucks who are clueless. anyone normaal and smart will not be offended.

  117. complete degenerate assholes

    I guarantee anyone {normal/decent/classy/respectful/clean people only, not more of what is already abundant~I know, alot to ask for} who moves to Florida, or even visits for more than 2 months and pays attention to the shit that goes on will be shocked, disgusted, angry, pissed-off, ripped-off, scammed, lied to straight-junkie-faced, and might feel embarrassed for the trashy since they have no shame for themselves. just WOW… really no amount of words could clarify…. just horrible, cringe-worthy, gross, ugly, nasty, umm, I dunno, fucking ROTTEN life forms. The weather is extremely yuck too, but that is secondary to the cesspoolian culture.

    In every aspect whether it is in restaurants {not just other patrons, but staff}, stores, walking around a park, going to the aquarium, just being in line at the bank, majority of low/no-lives. Obnoxious, loud, smelly, gross, un-clean, dressed like pigs, looking like a pile of hairy shit, sometimes asking for money or to use your cellphone. Trust me, besides being fucking disgusting, it is never that simple, and generally part of some scam while trying to distract you. Someone is probable testing to see if you are an easy mark or maybe their buddy is breaking into your car, or just vandalizing it for joy.

    Traffic – blood pressure rising just thinking about it, thought it’s not the traffic itself, it is how these idiots handle it, and the fact they can make a traffic jam anywhere, anytime, for any stupid small thing that the rest of the world can still manage to keep at least a crawl speed for, these morons are GRIDLOCK, crazy thing is the roads are mostly all like a highway, and still it takes 45 minutes to travel 15 miles. Traffic lights every quarter mile in some area, trust me, not uncommon. And you get them all in a chain many times-accelerate to speed limit like a normal person, and slam on your brakes soon after, so as to avoid the ‘safety first’ red-light camera and its fat ‘for safety enforcement’ tickets, along with the great ‘law enforcement’ ready to bag you with a seat-belt ticket. All while the scumbags around you tailgate, and floor the gas pedal on green, and cut you off instantly if they think {you need a brain to do that} there is room for half of their car, they will try to wedge it in, just to be in front of you, where there happens to be another type of Floridiot, doing 13 MPH in a 55 zone. Bunch of NASCAR wanna-be assholes, usually in shit-box cars, who seem to be jealous of anyone who keeps anything in nice shape. Must be some kinda sport to squeeze in front of people or ride their bumper, or do all kinds of stupid shit stupid people do. Funny though how safety is so important that motorcycle riders aren’t required to wear helmets. hmmm. The retards who plan the roads/zoning/lights/traffic flow… well, maybe there isn’t anyone doing that, or there might as well not be.

    This armpit is 20 years behind in infrastructure and most other aspects, for that matter. The loaf known as Floriduuuuhh needs to be pinched already, wiped, and flushed.

    Crime, geez… no space here for this…. just look it up, ANYWHERE.

    Don’t drink the tap water…. unfortunately, you might have to bathe in it or wash your car with it.

    really, you’ve been well forewarned.

    MISSION: difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE – out of the landfill shithole, and back to normal, which is ANYTHING and ANYWHERE else.

  118. I took a vacation with my wife and we stayed at a very nice looking Beach Hotel – definitely upscale in Fort Lauderdale.

    Well, we were in the bedroom doing the nasty…when she got up to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden I hear a scream like you cannot believe.

    I jumped up and ran in – and I couldn’t believe it – about 10 or 11 giant cockroaches….I mean almost the size of golf balls were crawling on our toothbrushes and soap. I grabbed a shoe and started killing them.

    Blood spurted on me and all over the bathroom. My wife wouldn’t stop screaming and shaking. We checked out and she made me drive straight back to Pittsburgh where we had come from.

    She told me if I ever take her to Florida again she’d cut my cojones off when I was sleeping.

    I’m taking her skiing this winter.

  119. i couldn’t believe all the ppl ranting feel the same way i do… i’m hoping to leave jacksonville,fl next year (2011) .here its what the majority of you have described fl, it sucks so bad here i’m depressed.. my kids depressed…i don’t even flirt with woman here anymore because for 1 i dont like woman with tats,and i miss my chicago educated woman who are not on bs like they are down here.. all the good woman here are hiding too because they must think all the men here are jokers too..i’ve met good ppl here but they all moved back to their hometown,i keep in contact with them and they constantly tell me to leave… they tell me basically how much better they feel.. i can’t wait to leave, as a matter of fact f my home.. im making the move regardless of circumstances plus i’m unemployed and they just overlook skillful hardworking people especially a hispanic!!!! reading this site made me anxious to leave.. also when i found out we have 1600 sex offenders in jacksonville alone .. it made me sick to my stomach..also all those cases of missing children.. its so sad… but people please pray for us for a smooth transition and god bless you all….

  120. It is bad enough how these people act and look, but have you noticed (how can you not) how these degenerates dress? Looking like they haven’t done laundry in a few years, I guess it goes along with not bathing. Nice tie-dye shirts to style-up the mullets. Shitbag people stuck in the ’80’s. Just stop wasting every penny on meth, beer, illegal prescriptions, and cigarettes and buy a new shirt once every five years.

    It must really suck to be trashy, piggish, disgusting, slow, dumb as a pile of dog shit, and ugly as hell. Then again, when you are that trashy and dumb, and high and inbred and all that other good stuff, you must not notice…….

    • then get the heck out and leave! Why stay in a place that you hate so much. Go back to your rude yankee friends!

  121. If you all hate it so bad here then feel free to leave! All four of my children went to Florida Public Schools and all four went to the University of Florida! It sounds like you guys are picking the wrong places to hang out in. I’m in my late 40s and was born and raised in Florida and I have never been around people as you all describe.

    Are all of you yankees must be hanging out in the worst parts of town? The city I live in has minimal amounts of crime and over 50% of the people have at least a 4 year degree. I live in a town with 70,000 plus people too!

  122. Why do you all come down to Florida and complain 100% of the time but yet you all refuse to leave? If I hated the state I lived in I would get out! I’m sick and tired of all of your excuses. I have visited places like Detroit and parts of Ohio and those people are some of the rudest and nastiest people I have ever ran into.

    People up north are all trying to keep up with the Jones’ and judging. These so called rednecks would stop and help you out but you northerners would just drive right by one another. You all have no idea of what it means to help a neighbor out! Up north no one holds doors or uses manners.

  123. I agree Jake! Yankees are very rude and nasty to one another! Try driving through suburban Chicago or Cleveland and wave at a person walking and you will probably get the bird. I don’t know where these people are hanging out at but its not the Flroida I know and I have been here for over 20 years, originally from North Carolina!

  124. ‘get out!’ …….

    how original… how about you read and realize this site is for Florida haters, not those who find it some sort of utopia….

    kinda funny coincidence that both ‘bill’ and ‘jake’ suddenly both spontaneously decided to submit dumb Floridiot thinking on the same day, minutes apart, with the same basic dumb Flawduh thought process.

  125. whydidicomehere

    to bill and jake thats good that y’all love it here< but let me start by what i think of what ur saying,first off you keep saying my city,but you don't mention what part of florida you live in, all florida is a dump man accepted it, theirs rude ppl everywhere but here in florida its a majority of assholes, second you visited ohio,chicago etc ,not lived their,so how do you base an opinion when you nevr lived their,every one blogging has had experience s living in florida,so they comment a fact based on their living situation, you guyz just speak non-sense without living where we are from,so you guyz are the haters, i personally live in jacksonville,fl and the people here 90 % of whom i met were locals or from other parts of florida,and they were ignorant,rude, and disrespectful ,especially when ur hispanic, oh and the black necks here are just about as bad as the rednecks meaning they've joined together to project hatred to any other race, i've met kool ppl both black and white who were from other states who feel the same way i do, its a prejudice way we get treated for being from up north.. but it is what it is,and i befriend everyone, but y'all floridians are a special breed i can't figure out…oh and btw jake and bill what about all the sex offenders , hate crime ,kidnappings, that hapen in fl ? y'all don't report it because fl is a tourist state and y'all need that up north money to survive and bring buisnesses from up north also, so y'all don't report everything ,for us northerners to buy up property and think were better off ,but we really screwed ourselves more….

  126. 97% asshole peninsula

    Floridiots act, look, and smell like dirty, unwashed assholes… bunch of degenerate, miserable, rude, trashy pieces of roach shit….

  127. 97% asshole peninsula

    I don’t care where they came from if not born in the swamp, the scumbag culture in Floriduh prevails and takes over even good people from other states and countries, and the ones that were shitty people before become worse in Floridump.

    bunch of assholes and idiots!

  128. trash hole full of degenerates and idiots

    If you like dressing nice, bathing and hygiene, you won’t like ot here. If you enjoy driving and take care of your car, you won’t like it here, these scumbags will ruin it all. If you take good care of yourself and family, and are a decent, classy, polite, respectful person, you will hate it here.

  129. We really did hate it for all the reasons stated. We did leave, If the natives would travel they might find out we are right.

    • useless Floridump

      has your stress level gone down? how did you get the courage and strength to get out of this landfill? I feel when I finally go to leave, somehow this shithole will trap me, or some of its scumbags will see my truck heading for the state line and barricade me…….

  130. useless Floridump

    You shouldn’t call these idiots ‘shit’, since shit can have good uses! these degenerates aren’t even good for fertilizer…….

  131. When the economy hit the skids,I was offered a transfer back to NJ. Fearing an oppurtunity to get back home wouldn’t come again we decided to leave. We sold everything we could not pack in the truck and car and left. Leaving Florida is like taking off a band aid you just have to rip it off. We left in May of 2009 and never looked back.

    • i have a chance to leave jacksonville,fl to connecticut .. and i think i’m gonna go, their has been nothing but heartache here in jville,and the people here do not make it any better… rude ,nasty ppl.. no work…and boring as hell..

  132. Leave if you have a oppurtunity in conn. take it. Break your lease if you have one. Good luck.

  133. FloridaCracker

    Hello to all. I was born and raised here in South West Florida. I have lived in other parts of the U.S. but spent most of my life here in FL. Due to the type of industry I have worked in for the past 28 years, I have traveled to every state in this country except North Dakota so you could say I have a unique perspective on how people behave in different parts of the country. I resided in NC on two occasions, once for 4 years in the 70’s and again from 2005 to 2006. I lived in GA (north metro Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming) for a few years back in 1997 to 2000. I spend 2007 to mid 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. Never resided in but spent several months in CA from the south to north working and even spent a few weeks in Alaska (Juneau, anchorage and Fairbanks) also while working there. Now here’s the kicker, I work in the hospitality industry in a renovation capacity so I have dealt with thousands of individuals whose job it is to make others feel welcome. Of all the places I have lived, NC seemed to have the friendliest people. Now I am talking about mountain folk, between Winston and the Virginia line in the middle part of the state. Las Vegas is a very busy place filled with lots of people who are scrambling to make money, period. GA also has lots of people in a hurry but most that I met were very friendly. Alaska, well it’s like being in a different country. People there just didn’t seem to worry or care too much about all the things I have heard about in other states. Friendly people in AK just a little more passive about the problems elsewhere. Now as for FL, I have seen my first home turn into somewhat of a cesspool. So I agree with much of what I have been reading here in this forum. What I wonder though is could there be a connection between how bad this state has become and the many people who came here from other places? Did any of the problems here arise as a result of people migrating here from the north? I have been to NY City 4 times for work, NJ (was almost mugged there), Baltimore (never heard so many sirens in my life), Washington DC (words can’t even describe the crime here) and many other areas which it is commonly known have high crime rates. Now I am not picking on the north by any means, I have never spent enough time in the northern states to get a complete perspective on what it would be like to live there year round. What I am certain of however is that things have gotten worse everywhere. I am also fairly certain that activities like shelling on the beach, parasailing, skydiving, nature walks, hiking, jet skiing etc. etc. etc. are not real prevalent in the big cities. Activities which can be enjoyed just about anywhere in FL. There are sorry people in any state for sure, I guess it comes down to what an individual is willing to trade for what they enjoy the most when deciding where to reside for any length of time. Another important note about me is that I am very much into ham and shortwave radio. I also use the internet a lot for listening to scanner frequencies all over the world. Probably the one thing that I would suggest as highly important to anyone considering a move to any state is to utilize this free information to make an informed decision about their move. Just do a web search for police scanner and find the city you want to move to and spend some time listening to the police calls first. Be sure and do this on a weekend when things are at their peak. You can really learn a lot about the crime in a place this way. The best part is that there is zero chance of any bias like what you may get from a demographic almanac that is published in print. What you here is what you get. Check out Las Vegas, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago and any other large cities that may be near a metropolitan or urban area you may be considering a move to. You will be glad you did. You can even get an app for this service on android smart phones now and it is FREE. I hope all here find what they are looking for and will be happy with it. And if you are ever in South West Florida and stopped at the store and I see ya’ heading to the door, I’ll hold it open for ya’, broke down on the side of the road, I’ll stop and help you, looking for directions, I’ll help anyway I can. When I lived in Las Vegas, my favorite pass time was to take the casino winnings down to McDonalds and buy gift cards for homeless people. There are a lot of homeless people there. You just wouldn’t believe how good it can make you feel to spend lots of money feeding people who can’t afford to eat unless you’ve done it. I learned this as a young man when while on vacation my father purchased food credit in a diner for a homeless man who hung out in front of the diner. That action really stuck with me when I saw the look on the homeless man’s face when the manager told him the news. I think he was crying. I remember my father saying “here we are wondering if we will make our destination without having to pay for another motel room and this man is standing out front going hungry”. It really put things I perspective for me. I guess it’s not so much the place you live as it is the person because I will treat people the way I want to be treated anywhere I am. Good luck to you all and God bless.

  134. Hope to Leave it all behind me soon

    Response to Florida Cracker:
    …Hello to all. I was born and raised here in South West Florida. I have lived in other parts of the U.S. but spent most of my life here in FL. Due to the type of industry I have worked in for the past 28 years, I have traveled to every state in this country except North Dakota so you could say I have a unique perspective on how people behave in different parts of the country….

    To Florida Cracker:
    Finally a cohesive and non ranting, yet educated response complete with paragraphs and punctuation.

    What you have said makes sense and I find nothing to disagree with from your intelligently versed observations.
    I wish there were more letters like this from Florida transplants and natives.
    There are things to learn from you.

    I wonder what the work is that you do in D.C. ?

    Former Computer Tech and electronics person who has done work for DOD, NASA, Honeywell, and others while here.

    I have no job, have not collected unemployment, nor food stamps.
    I get no aid from any government source.
    I lived off my savings and 401K but they have grown thin.
    I am lucky enough to have someone who pays the bills for me while I try to improve my lot in life. The costs are minimal.

    My neighborhood is very empty housing wise.
    Panhandlers are at every 4-way stop, gas station and Circle K.
    Many of these are some of the very same “Mean, Rude, Nasties” that I have had the displeasure of meeting one way or another through the years.
    I feel nothing for them and will not help.
    Self preservation is the key for me here.

    Things are bleak at best but yet I seem to be doing better than most of those I meet.
    I can only assume that I must be doing something right.

    No cell phone, No cable, No high speed…
    savings estimate $16000 (thousand) in ten years.

    My car is maintained and fuel efficient yet is 19 years old…
    savings (est.) $35000

    House paid for long ago…
    Savings in interest alone, $53000

    There are other examples of savings in the past that have served to save me in the present, but I think you get the idea.

    I did not let the greed that ran rampant through America during the BUSH years influence what I viewed as “common sense” decisions.
    In otherwords: A ripe orange is still orange no matter what color it has been painted.

    People are eager to blame everyone else for their own stupidity. (Witness the lady on TV recently who fell into a shopping malls pond, (While messing with a cell phone)) and yet has the nerve to blame others for her incompetent inability to watch where she was going. (Sure hope she does not drive too! )

    Have a nice life and may your influence
    help to guide others as well.

    Chicago guy in Florida

  135. It should be mentioned that the posting above is by “The Boss.”
    I have made other posts to this forum.

  136. moron/asshole drivers, cops included

    just to be clear, AGAIN, I know stuff ‘can happen anywhere’ but to the idiot that says nothing but that and wants to be blind to reality, Floridumb is the place with the most assholes, fitting since it is a toilet. very dumb motherfuckers, too. complete waste of a life/brain/heart, etc. and they raise scumbags to continue the worldwide decline.

    To those same idiots that say “it’s all the same everywhere”… it is a bit telling of the shithole place and people when it is regular/common/almost normal for five cops to be killed in a month…. in a few years living in this cellpool, more cops have been killed than in 3 decades in the Northeast {capitalized, for it’s Greatness}……. that’s not even counting police being shot or attacked, CONSTANTLY.

    So, again, to those that want to live in this latrine, come on down {literally, DOWN to the bottom of the barrel}. I will gladly vacate my spot for you. Actually, I really am finally leaving this fucked up dump soon anyway! *sigh of relief*. CAN’T WAIT! back to normal…….

  137. assholes and idiots REALLY sums it up

    To the miserable trashbags and assholes and idiots and junkies and criminals:

    Come to Florida! it is a wonderful paradise of sunshine and beaches and palm trees and flowers!

    Friendly AND intelligent drivers, not under the influence of anything, EVER. Not every single day, all day, non-stop. Many classy non-drivers and pedestrians to greet you at almost every storefront and even some ATM’s! Good people to make lifelong friends with, or maybe for a couple days. They will never rip you off, or stab you in the back, or use you.

    The best theme parks, completely free of child molesters and violent robbers. Beautiful hotels, where nobody is ever assaulted or raped, no fist-sized roaches, fleas, spiders or anything like that.

    You’ve never seen a huge amount of fugitives on any TV shows coming to hide in Florida, since the laws are followed and upheld so strictly and fairly. No illegal immigrants, not even hundreds of thousands, ever come to commit all sorts of crimes and then just easily leave, incompetently untraceable or otherwise.

    • don’t forget gross bedbugs… yes, they are all over the country/world…. but everything is more disgusting and plentiful in Floridump.

      waiting for some bunch of morons to sue a hotel in FL for exposing them to bedbugs, or maybe a hotel owner to sue a guest for bringing the bedbugs in, since this is the top state for idiots, assholes, and lawsuits.

      people {dumb FL lovers} say “Florida doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity, stupid people are everywhere”……. *shutdafuckuuup!* (in a nice northeastern accent)……. might not have a monopoly, but FL has the most stocks and shareholders when it comes to stupid, miserable, druggie assholes.

  138. assholes and idiots REALLY sums it up

    The post by ‘The Boss’ above, Feb. 18, is hilarious and goes well with mine above. Good for those who ‘get’ cynicism/sarcasm. In other words, not good for Floridiots, who ‘get’ nothing.

  139. Florida Really, REALLY Sucks

    Let us list the reasons ‘why not’, surely the shortest list ever. This place seriously makes you question the goodness, quality, and intelligence in people. None.

    Most intelligent beings on Earth these are not.

  140. Assholes Abound!

    Quick summary of Floridump:

    In most/many places, {ALL the cities/states I have lived in} there are more good people than there are the ‘undesireable’ kind.

    In shithole Flawda, the trash, scumbags, degenerates, assholes, junkies, losers, criminals, assholes, rude garbage of all colors, the worst of each actually, outweight the few good people.

    Need proof? Keep your eyes open when you visit or first move to Floriduh. If you don’t notice the cesspool culture, you are either dumb, on seriously strong meds, or you just fit right in to the petri dish.

  141. Assholes Abound!

    Don’t forget the way below average, no standards, shitty service from everyone everywhere, in ANY type of business…….


  142. smoke another one

    ya caint leave out all dem there lovely meth-heads, some wit purdy mullets

  143. shitty place overall

    I rented a car and also borrowed a friends car while visiting FL, and thanks to my experience and the input from residents of red light cameras, I will never return, nor will any of my family. No one I care about that I can influence, for that matter.

    It is either slam on your brakes and worst case scenario get rear-ended from the constant tail-gating assholes, and even if not hit by another car, potential damage to the car from needless, sudden, emergency-like stopping. Which happens ALOT.

    Or you can go through the quick-change lights safely {and while driving normally} and get a huge ticket, in some cases only made aware of when already back home, in a normal state.

  144. Just hearing the word Florida makes me sick. I live in florida and sometimes I wish it would sink to the bottom of the pacific ocean.(Me off of florida of course). The people are ghetto and the weather is always humid and wet. I don’t know why the hell it’s called sunshine state. I hate FCAT with passion and the government system sucks. Everything sucks. The beaches are dirty although it takes about 15 minutes for us to go to it. And the teachers can’t teach

  145. I agree with all you said, except Floridump sinking into the Pacific… that would take to long to get the armpit state over there… let it just sink into the Atlantic, where it shits into already…….

    But yeah, just the word is sickening, and all the thoughts and memories it brings ~ Florida fucking sucks SO fucking bad, WOW……. the people, the cops, the weather, the driving, the traffic, the crime, the congestion, the overpopulation, the crowding, the ‘culture’, neverending drugs and drinking and starting trouble, the trashy white people, the trashy black people, the trashy spanish people (I’m not running for president so fuck all the politically correct bullshit, people are suck pussies to express what they feel these days)… honestly, the color does not matter, these assholes are all supreme assholes.

  146. idiot, degenerate 'culture'

    Stupid fucking setup in this place, EVERYTHING about it. The homes, 6 feet from each other. Dumb utility shit sticking out in the front yards. Shit-water sprinklers, smelling like total diarrhea.

    Moronic roadways, (I guess it goes with the moron drivers) traffic lights with no road sensors to change if their is no opposing traffic, every 1/4 mile, with reds you sit at for 10 minutes, then get a typical slow-brain/no-brain/shit-for-brains, drugged-up Florasshole in front of you, so you get it twice in a row, if you’re lucky, maybe 3 red lights. Or you can opt for getting a nice corrupt-asshole-pocket-filling red light ticket. All while being tail-gated everywhere, by meth-heads that must be in a hurry shitting their pants, or maybe they are all just really important people, executives and stuff, going important places, doing important things. Doubt it, since their cars look like piles of shit, and so do they. More than likely, they are just going to a liquor store, or a crack neigborhood. Miserable fucking low-life cesspool. Wow. Sunshine and palm trees, huh.

    Quality of life is sooooooo much more than 3 decent months (cumulative, not even consistent) worth of weather. This place is only for the wealthy retired, or just wealthy (and then ony in exclusive areas).

  147. wasteland united

    how about the 30-45 minute morning commute – and it is only a 10 mile drive! in normal places it takes about 8 to 12 minutes, in 30 minutes you would drive close to 30 miles. true shithole, yes it is.

  148. wasteland united

    how about the 30-45 minute morning commute – and it is only a 10 mile drive! in normal places it takes about 8 to 12 minutes, in 30 minutes you would drive close to 30 miles.

    true shithole, yes it is.

  149. what a DUMP!!!

    don’t forget another reason for the idiotic commute is these moron losers are always crashing, and often bad deadly crashes – fucking pure idiots, idiots and assholes-that pretty much sums up 97% of this disgusting swamp cesspool population. rush hour here is an 18 hour a day process due to these dumb fucks. and thats only because they take a break to get high, or pass out, or steal, or find someone to fuck, even if underage.

    how about a good job? holding signs in front of businesses for 8 hours a day or more… great fun, room for promotion to sign spinner. especially enjoyable in the ‘warm’ weather (7 or more disgusting sweltering months of the year). guess it’s enough money to pay the bills, or maybe more likely just buy some more cheap beer and meth.

    all this toilet state cares about is fooling people into thinking it is a great place, the shitty tourism commercials and pamphlets and brochures and all. fake ass grass and imported palm trees. fake smiles in the ads. why not show the actual gross ugly as hell junkies from here? it is a fucking filthy, crime ridden, smelly, very hot, boring, ugly, classless, dumb/uneducated, lowlife pile of dog shit place.

    keep crashing and dying and overdosing inbreds. just try to keep it among the idiots and assholes, leave the few good innocent people out of it. and stop killing cops you fucking degenerates. it’s not a sport, just like driving like an asshole isn’t, even though the cops also drive like assholes. and neither is making babies with family members.

  150. asscrumb stenchy people!

    DAMN! there are ALOT of ugly bitches in this place, ugly ass people in general actually. What is with the ripped, stained shirts, tie-dye on top of that, filthy pants, disgusting mouths, some with one bottle opener tooth, ratty rats nest hair, pigbitches with boogers on their mustache, melted cheese titties with with mini afros on the nipples. The redneck sick bastards with food, or shit crumbs, or dried yeast or menstruation in their beards. *sigh* I can go on and on, seriously, but it is even making my stomache twist and turn. I’m not even exaggerating, these fuckers are NASTY like nowhere else I’ve been.

  151. this site name is right!

    cost of living low? bullshit – if you are a normal clean person, you will waste alot on soap, laundry detergent, damprid and other products for the clothes ruining mold and mildew, bug spray, water softener, water filters, air fresheners for the constantly shit smelling sprinklers and air in general, hand sanitizer for all the piggish scumbags you will encounter.

    not to mention most stuff costs the same, maybe a couple pennies less, sometimes more actually.

    As has been mentioned before, most things can be dealt with, but the disgusting, trashy, rude, low-class (no-class actually) slow brain/no brain culture and assholes and miserable idiots is impossible to deal with and not be stressed, become a druggy/alcoholic like them. I don’t care where they are from, native, other parts of U.S., other countries… they were asshole wherever they were, or became assholes here, or got worse here.

    Or, believe it or not, contrary to what some moron, inbred, I.Q. of 25, uneducated, raised by shit parents, became shit parents themselves…. natives can be miserable asshole losers, too.

  152. anon y mous

    Have you seen the way the florida rednecks constantly twitch? Their neck seems to be on a spastic nerve ending. These are the people that only think of themselves all the time and everyone around them is miserable. Maybe incest caused it. Florida is full of idiots and maybe its the bad water or just a lot of demons floating around in the air. Either way they treat everyone with equal distrust and negativity. The only way to survive is to have good friends outside of the norm. It’s almost impossible to act like someone who is cultured or with properness in the florida society at large. Besides its rumoured that the police are in fact in league with whigger gangs around St Petersburg and it is known that they are religio-fanatics. Best of luck to you in Florida…Btw, Tampa is to be avoided at all costs.

  153. The Florida “government” expects you to be a total gay dork everywhere you go whether it’s by car or walking,etc. Otherwise you get a feeling that you are being suspected as a “drug-lord” or worse someone who is not going along with the overall right-wing plan. This plan has something to do with a diet of red-meat mixed with ignorance and some false hopes. Only the toughest, regimented person can live here among the overall atmosphere of fear and corruption. It is true there is only an illusion of freedom, you really never can relax and enjoy yourself unless apart from the societal norm. I recently went to pay a driving ticket to the Tampa Govt and it was such a scary experience. I had to wait in line for a near hour with thugs for one, secondly it geniunely seemed as though the clerk would not allow me to honestly pay the ticket since they had already nearly made it difficult to pay on time (not getting into it in detail). The idea was to make it so erroneously hard to pay on time that they would probably collect an additional 200 or 300 dollars. Since I spent some time in NYC recently, the experience of properness and decency of human culture was still with me, so I carefully attended to the issue. As I left the city (happily no longer living there) I saw an angry man in a truck waiting for my parking spot, then I saw angry people for the rest of the drive. I also saw a freakin huge pickup “monster truck” with a police license plate–the blue stripe one. Recently in St Pete I saw a man driving a Hyundai with flashing blue and red lights emanating from the fold down sunshine blocker. It seems as though between the hardcore religious people everywhere with that stupid fish on their car, their indignance for life in general, the money the old near-death republicans pay the tax, and the profusely prohibitive laws regarding basic rights of freedom that Florida has only one positive element. This would be the natural parks. You can go on some nice hikes and that sort of thing just watch out for Jethro, he’s waiting and he’s got a gun and you look sort of like a hippie (a big crime). Florida reminds me of the ending of the film Easy Rider. I think most of the problems would be lessened if they loosened up on the out-moded prejudices about other religions, ideals, cultures and be open-minded to the ideas of the world which are nothing new nor are they dangerous or bad. It seems as though the Republican Voters in Florida have a strong feeling that “ideas are dangerous.” Being a reactionary haven, sexual repression is high and therefore many things can be attributed to it. For instance many girls in FL are lesbians. Why? The education system has made sex education a religious issue and has church people come into the high school for the lesson. This is only one example. Then the men that they have in their life many times are abusive and just plain out bad people. Everything becomes repressed and then as time goes expressed by use of drugs, unhealthy sexual stuff and so on (you name it). As seen here you cannot even read the entire comments it is so great. I’m glad to see an organized effort to criticize the environment thats being set-up in order to increase money for the government/crime syndicate/roman catholic church/thugs and take away personal liberties of expression, happiness, the basic necessities. It’s true every billboard has a picture of a perfectly happy smiling (hypocrite) face usually lawyers (their TV ads are even more fucking gay) and promos for some dumb civil organization. Besides this the trees and lakes and rivers are in constant danger of being bulldozed for no reason except the pay check of some dumb fat bigoted religious hypocrite from corporate-pigs. Recently, I even saw fucking meth pipes being sold at a very well known flea market (take a guess). Only a few areas have the potential for consciousness expansion but atleast there are some. Besides those you will pretty much find inhuman machines with fat asses eating burgers all day with severe tailgating on the roads (why is that?). You can even go to a bank to withdraw money and be suspected of all kinds of stuff completely out of nowhere. When in Florida you have to assign yourself to a class and stick to a program otherwise your individuality will be considered threatening by them. Stay away from Tampa thats a town of total religio-conservatives who think they are New York and are not at all (they’ll never know it). Live near a place where Europeans visit and Northerners come down then maybe you have a fighting chance not to get tasered. Keep a handy self defence weapon around. Oh yea don’t forget about the paranoia and fear of the ignorant people running the sham called Florida. Totally avoid Jacksonville and definitely never go near Orlando unless you like rednecks and guns and drugs. Mix these ingredients up and you’re doomed. Florida is a place where males will threaten girls violently at parties and the girls do not know it is unethical (to say the least). Rednecks make me sick.

    • yeast infected, tampon infested

      I don’t doubt and am not suprised that in the Spitshine state/junkie central flea markets meth pipes and other disgusting classless trashy shit is being sold…

      How ’bout all the awesome kindergarten art class ‘tattoo shops’ in flea markets, all over the toilet state for that matter….

      There is one G R E A T thing about Flori-shithole (not really)……. Money orders at Amscot are free. *shrugs* Gotta dig for stuff people, lower your standards dammit! Or abandon all standards AND hope, period.

      Fuck this pile of trash place loaded with gross, pig, miserable scumbag assholes and idiots, I’ll gladly pay for my money orders and even pay higher tax to live in a decent, NORMAL place. Not ‘perfect’, morons, just NORMAL.

  154. that place sucks, PERIOD!

    Uneducated assholes, not much worse than a rude idiot, and that place is tops in that aspect! Complete retards, in whatever definition of ‘retard’ you want to use.

    You spend your time on the road avoiding accidents from those scumbags, all high and drunk, AND texting… you know, important conversations, important people. If you’re walking, which you shouldn’t, since that would be dumb, and a more likely way to become a statistic of that shitty state, but if you DO decide to walk, don’t do like the dumbasses there do, pretending their rotten, infected, diseased, drug filled bodies can take getting plowed by a 2 ton car, just continuing to stroll in the road nonchalantly.

    2 simple words to summarize, as well as all the descriptives in this sentence, to cover the vast majority of the population in that sinking turd, that backward, inbred, unintelligent, unclean, abnormal, scam filled, corrupt, lawless, uncouth, obnoxious, inconsiderate, violent, smelly, greedy, shameless, disrepectful, loaded with walking, talking pieces of shit/bacteria:

    ~~~~~~~A S S H O L E S and I D I O T S~~~~~~~
    Almost all of them are one or the other, many are both…. and there you have it, the putrid state abbreviated as FL. Even the name makes me sick.

  155. Quite Shitty

    Two more words to describe this horrible, terrible place:

    APATHETIC and just plain ol’ PATHETIC


  156. I’ve lived here fopr 14 years from Delaware. Your an idiot. I love it here. Don’t care for the tourist areas but do you have any idea of the other places in this diverse state. Honestly we can say all these things bad about any place in this country. You have to weigh it all in and in the winter I laugh my ass off when the rest of the nation is pasty white miserable bastards.

    • as stated before, you fit in.......

      For calling people names, who you don’t even know at all, you are the special type of Floridian: an asshole AND an idiot… wait, that is actually a typical Floridiot. You should learn how to spell, too. Though if you didn’t figure it out BEFORE you got to Floriduh, there is no hope for you.

      Weigh out what? All the non-stop, daily trash bag culture everywhere? The rampant crime, scams, rip-offs, people looking for who to fight and fuck and get high with, or steal from, or kill for the 20 in his pocket? No thanks, YOU weigh it out, that shitholes laundry list of problems is too heavy for me. You can find and pick problems with anywhere, but anything that ‘can’ happen elsewhere, and shit that DOES NOT happen elsewhere, happens in that weird, fucked up, abnormal, crazy place.

      Doesn’t matter where you were from, if you were trash there, you will get worse in Flawdump. Maybe you were one of those ‘pasty white miserable bastards’ you mentioned? If you’re not white, maybe you’re some other kind of miserable bastard {as well as racist, then you will fit in just fine in the toilet Spitshine state}…. still a miserable bastard, now in his proper environment, of mostly ALL assholes and idiots and dumb, piggish, unbathed, drugged up, inbred ugly fucks. Keep telling yourself it is so great in that swamp. Try some prescriptions and meth or mix some shit for extra fun. Or for a scumbag population reducing overdose. Natural selection/survival of the fittest hasn’t reached that backward cesspool. The more degenerate you are there, the more ahead you get.

      Thanks, but I will take being around educated people with class and respect and decency and hygiene anyday, don’t mind being ‘pasty white’. A miserable scumbag with a tan, good for you!

  157. GEEZ, where do I start!

    Illegal immigrants (illegal anything and everything, actually), crime, useless cops, greedy/corrupt government, worst drivers I’ve EVER seen. ‘Misery loves company’ should be the state motto.

    Like other posts above said, the worst of every race is in that rotten peninsula. So if you are trash (bonus if racist trash), you will find plenty of your kind there, whatever that kind is. Best avoid toilet areas where you are the kind they don’t want.

    It’s like the state only makes money from tourists, and when that dries up, they fine you whenever and wherever possible, and install red light cameras every quarter mile, since there’s a traffic light every3 blocks.

    Picture being on the highway and having to stomp on your brakes every 200 feet for a redlight that is set to only turn red when a car is approaching. Then you sit at it for 5 minutes, before being tailgated and cut off and having nascar inbred idiots around you flooring the gas, only to reach the next red, a couple blocks ahead, just when you reach the speed limit driving normally, and not inbred style.

    In normal places I’ve lived, trashy people stand out. If you are clean and polite and have class in Florida, YOU stand out. If you DON’T do drugs, and DON’T have 3rd grade, ballpoint pen looking tattoos all over your disgusting body, you stand out. If you like to keep your car clean, somewhat dent-free, without garbage bags covering where a window should be, you stand out.

    NO, assholes and idiots, it is NOT the same everywhere. No normal person says it is utopia elsewhere, but there are places where you can have normal expectations (some crime, and some asshole people, not a majority of scumbags and common/OK/accepted/expected/NORMAL and raised to be a degenerate), mostly law abiding citizens, who raise kids with respect. And who think it’s good to try to do a good job at work and earn your paycheck (which you get to on time or early, without causing or seeing a bunch of avoidable low I.Q. crashes and ‘accidents’), and feel a little pride in what you do, and care for how you maintain your home and self appearance and hygiene.

    Good, decent people unsure of whether to make the jump, trust me (or ruin your life and find out for yourself), sunshine, (disgusting/endless) hot weather, beaches, and palmtrees are not all it takes to have a good life, or any semblance of ‘quality of life’.

  158. Florida is beautiful, but the people here in clearwater, FL suck!!!! They are rude, selfish, and take advantage of others if you let them. What a very unfriendly bunch of people. I am from Michigan originally and have lived here 10 years and have not sustained any friendships at all. And dating??? Ha Ha that is even worse. Very hard for me coming from Michigan where I have a circle of friends and lots of boyfriends. Never bargined on bring alone the rest of my life. Should have stayed in Michigan, but can’t now

  159. gross, classless people

    notice how all the pigs, (n)/(w)+iggers and losers dress the same? fat disgusting slobs or super bony meth-head looking scum wearing gigantic XXXXXXX t-shirt down to the back of their knees, ugly, stupid, massively baggy, almost to the ankle shorts, hanging off their stank unbathed asses, dumbass bandana or baseball cap, tilted faggishly as if never taught how to put on a hat, even aretard could put on a hat straight sometimes. then they have the brim bent in a moronic fashion, or completely flattened, looking like dorks. they walk like they have a full load of liquid shit and beans running down their thighs, with chunks of constipation.

    so in summary, the way these low-life idiots walk and drive is repulsive.

  160. very toilet-like place

    Race with the Devil.

    That movie is what that shitty state is like. Watch and learn. Anything/Everything that can go wrong, does and will.

  161. This shithole(florida of course) has just about been the death of both me and my boyfriend. It’s like whatever I knew before I moved here, I’m mourning the loss of. It is truely like a curse. Everything I ever cared about has taken a hit, and I feel like there isn’t much of me left. Every facet of our lives has been affected. My boyfriend is getting complaisent and I am getting physically and mentally weak to the point that if we don’t act soon, we may not be able to leave. I can’t even believe I’d ever be saying something like this. but we have been victims of every catagory mentioned pertaining to this Godforsaken state. Plus some other shit you could never have paid me to dream up. I am just about defeated, feel like I’m coming up for air for the third time, but I know it’s going to be me to light the fire under us and get us the hell out of here. I have to summon up what’s left of me and rip it off like a band aid, as someone else described what getting the hell out of here would be like. I noticed everyone on this site who has gotten out feels better and normal again. I’m afraid I might be too far gone, like someone else on another site said something like you might not ever be the same again even if you do leave. Scary stuff. I am just going to forge ahead and get us out of here asafp before one more thing happens . I swear if one more thing happens, I could become grounded. But hey-maybe it’s just a hard core learning experience.

  162. yes, being a victim of everything this place has to offer has virtually sucked the life out of me. normally you have some control over beig victimized, but here you are forced into submission. when we first moved here, by the end of 1 week, i was crossing florida off all maps of th US-the phone books, calendars,postcards, my placemats. gotta take it out on something. my rant to go along with it was and still is, that florida is uncivilized, should never have been settled, and should be unmarked territory on the map. when we drove here to move in, i felt something terribly wrong as soon as we crossed the border. i’d say the nightmare began then. you also can’t live here withiut having some real nightmares. even though i haven’t had any since i was a kid, these are frightening and paralyzing dreams. i have one that repeats, that involves being ready to fall off from a tiny deteriorating platform that is precariously balanced on a wavering pole, a mile above the ocean. that’s always fun……. but the one i call the florida dream, says it all : my boyfriend and i are in a golfcart(hardy har) driving through florida. it’s like a game and have to try to make it to the end. but it’s on a long, straight, flat dirt road and nothing but tall dried up grass. it’s way in the past, the air is thick, musty, and stale. the atmosphere is beyond primitive, it’s savage. stationed about every half mile, on the side of the road, are these old, old african men dressed in old dusty clothes, old dusty safafi hats, and are holding these large bad ass spears, with long nasty blades. sitting next to each of these dudes are a giant tiger. you never know if they are going to let one loose on you, and you always think they will. you know the golfcart can’t outrun them. at the halfway point, there is a weird clearing with a run down cafe. it’s empty, the waitress is rude and the food is horrible(gee, wonder where i got that from) we discuss proceeding with the game or not. my boyfriend doesn’t want to proceed…….but i do! go figure. the dream ends there. or does it?? other dreams include biking through an empty white cement city coming to an abrupt drop-off, unable to stop. then i love the one where i’m stuck in these mile long veins of dirt, sliding down into giant cracks, struggling not to. other fun includes walking on unstable , warped layers of planks of dried up earth, with snakes in the layers underfoot. weeeeeeee!! i know i haven’t mentioned anything specific yet, but i’ll say this about a concert we went to, i never walked through so much trash AND garbage-i threw my socks and shoes away, no lie, these people ARE PIGS.

    • carole, geez.......

      wow lady, that was a bit, um… crazy….

      your first post was so-so, but the second was kinda/quite loony. you should give us examples and/or opinions and not wack-o ‘dreams’ n stuff.

  163. i love Florida!

  164. abnormality central

    yup, looks like ‘it’s the same everywhere’, as most idiots and assholes of Floriduh and elsewhere would have you believe. Check out how it is just like whereever you live:


  165. OK not being rude cynical or bitter, Just the facts, I moved here in 2003 to be near my daughters till they got out of High School, they lived in Miami, was only staying for 2 year at the most, I moved here in may 2003, by June 1st I realized I had made the biggest misteak in my life, I have lived in Miami, West Palm Beach, now in Fort Myers, this state sucks beyond all imagination, there is nothing, and I mean nothing good about it, I was once told by an ex floridian mind you, that nothing good ever comes out of florida, boy were they right. I feel like I have sold my soul to the devil, I have been trying for years to get out, I will get out of this God forsaken hell on earth, I refuse to die here and for a while thought the only way out of this sewer was in the back of a hearse. After finding this website I actually have some hope and realize I’m not “crazy” as the floridians would have you believe if you state the fact you hate it here, they all seem to only have one answer to any comment on florida “well at least it dosent snow here” WTF???? since when is snow some kind of death from above lol, so what it dosen’t snow, other than that one fact everything else about this place sucks, floridians are rude as hell, I mean true born here floridians, I always make a point of asking one of them if they were born here, and low and behold 99.9 % of the time is they are a$$ holes or violent, or rude as hell, they are true floridians, and you people that are from the north that defend this hell hole are usually just trying to convince yourself that your happy here because you realized you made a big misteak moving here and can’t get out, I have no problem addmitting I made the worst decision in my life moving here. My bigest regret in my 54 years of life: Moving to florida. If you can get out God Bless you, I will not be living here this time next year, I do not care how much money it cost me or what I have to give up but I tryley believe that I will die here if I don’t get out. To all you floridians that are going to post your simple minded stupid replys, here is my answer in advance: : your thoughts, comments and opinions mean nothing to me, I could care less what one of “you” people think of me, and really do not respect a signle one of your rude, arrogant or uneducated thoughts. So save you time and breath, facts are facts, do some research, florida is in the top 10 spots of so many bad things how can nobody see that this is just a very bad and maybe doomed state.

    • P.S. before you people start attacking me for they typos in my post, sorry, I typed this out on my phone and it dosent have the biggest screen or keyboard, so the fact there are typos dosen’t render my post invalid. Thank You

      • PAC760
        I am not here to slander or belittle you.
        Typos are not a sign of illiteracy nor ignorance.
        I do want to say that many of the posts here are seemingly Illiterate RANTS offering no details as to the “WHY?” question.
        Name calling and endless sentences do not indicate a coherent thought process. (To me anyway.)
        I do not necessarily disagree with some of the subject matter of those “Rants.”

        I too wish to vacate this state and never look back.
        I too was warned (moving here) by a woman whom I worked for in Oregon that this was a very bad idea and told the people living here were mean and nasty.
        Obviously I ignored those warning words and came here anyway.

        I have met some nice folk, but for the most part, they are from the midwest states.

        Here are some of my experiences.

        First night in our small apartment in North Tampa…..someone drove through the parking lot and blew out the windows of a few cars with a gun.

        There was Doug (same apartments) whom I met shortly after moving here….found shot in the face by a shotgun in his car in north Tampa. Don’t know if that one was solved.

        There was Brad, a good man from Pennsylvania who I knew for 14 years….
        He was riding a bike in St. Pete when 4 blacks in a stolen Camry drove by, shot him, drove on and then decided they did not shoot him enough so they backed up and shot him some more….he’s dead and they are still alive and in jail. I do not know why they did it.

        There was Jim, a very likable florida native who runs a rural orange grove and small zoo near Brooksville…..Shot 4 times with a .45 cal in the chest at close range in a robbery by a few blacks.
        He survived and is still recovering.
        He has HUGE MEDICAL BILLS TO PAY and he has open wounds that will not heal.
        The crooks are still alive and in jail.
        Jim says they have no sense of wrong doing and only regret being caught.

        There is Jims friend (above) and one time helper RICK who was attacked viciously by bikers at a bowling alley after he was flirting with a girl that may have been with the bikers. (Again Brooksville.)
        The bikers (I am told possibly 6 of them) took him outside and beat him so badly that an eye socket was crushed, his skull was cracked and partially crushed.
        Ricks mind and memory capacity is now questionable.
        He is blind in one eye.
        He cannot work any longer and the Hernando county attorney declined to prosecute the perpetrators….WHY?
        You fill in the blanks on that one.

        Now me….I found a wallet containing about $800 and drivers licese among other things.
        When I returned it to the white ass_ole that lost it, I was attacked in my car by him through the window and had my nose broken….cops did little and the city attorney that handled the case was on TV soon after I talked to him and charged with soliciting BRIBES to do his job….(he wanted me to give him a couple of computers.) Nothing was done.
        That cost me $5000 in medical bills.
        Perpetrator is a Florida Native and was not cited, jailed. charged or anything. Can only hope he found repay in Iraq.
        btw….I will no longer return anything I find to the owners.

        There are other examples I could give and I have documentation and videos of a few incidents just to remind me that it is all TOO REAL.
        It also serves to remind me that I am seriously out numbered here and so
        I try to keep a low profile. stay out of everyones way.

        So there you have some TRUE examples of the horror that is FLORIDA.
        Morons. Retards, Murderers, Rednecks and Robbers and Yet, still some good folk who try to avoid the aforementioned.

        Did I mention our New Governor?
        The Politics and scandals?
        See the daily drama that is Florida…. http://www.tbo.com

  166. sheesh.......

    man-oh-man! does that place bring terrible thoughts, and maybe even nightmares. What a lazy, miserable, lowlife, shady, crooked, corrupt, backstabbing, crime infested, scumbag infected, rude, obnoxious, smelly, sweltering hot cesspool that place is.

    I should have known better, since as a kid I remember seeing postcards and thinking, “that can’t be real, it can’t be that nice, it’s just to pull you in”. I was smarter at 10 than these idiots are or ever will be.

    Toilet. Indeed.

  167. damn this state sucks so bad – the people are such rude assholes and everyone drives like they got diarrhea, like they are so busy or important, nonstop crashing idiots – lots of junkies, drunks, retards – everyone smokes and looks unhealthy and dirty and cannot dress nice EVER, pigs. quite trashy.

  168. I checked out a site posted above somewhere, good for you blind morons who are in denial of how shitty life in the sewer swamp is torture. and stupid Florida defenders who are just greedy and tell anyone this place is fabulous to get them to WASTE {not ‘spend’, there is a difference} their money here.

    you can’t make this stuff up, only southerners can be this dysfunctional and uncouth, if anywhere other than Floriduh.

  169. disgusting, period

    I stopped guessing and wondering what the heck was wrong with that terrible place. I just accepted that it is super miserable and shitty, and got the hell out of the hell hole.

  170. Florida sucks !!!!!!!

    Man, what a huge amount of assholes. Really dumb, stupid, ignorant, uneducated, classless, moronic, shallow, idiotic, piggish, rediculous, rude, ugly, dirty, shady, uncouth, inbred, gross, unbathed, shitty, scumbag population.

    97% assholes and/or idiots and/or scumbags I’d say. They all fit in to at least one of that kind.

  171. really dumb people

    what a pile full of ignorant rude assholes that place is. hot as shit, too. gross. “Floriduh” and “Floridiot” are truly perfect words for the hellhole.

  172. pure, total, complete trash

    Proud to be scum, and scumbags.

  173. Roadworrier

    Florida is America’s very own curio – what would the TV show “Cops” be without it?

    About the best things in Florida are Mons Venus in Tampa and the Dollhouse in Pompano. Amazingly the Marlins, despite playing in a dump in front of less than 5000 “fans” every night, have won 2 more World Series than the Cubs and the Mets have the last 20 years. And the Tampa Bay Lightning have one more Stanley Cup than the Vancouver Canucks do. Go figure.

    My in-laws lived in Boca for 18 years, sold their house at a loss and moved back to cold, boring Connecticut to be near their kids and grandchildren. None of us were willing to buy their place in Boca for our own retirements. It always had to be repaired after hurricanes and there were alligators. Plus they couldn’t keep their dog in their friggin perfect retirement neighborhood which bans such creatures. (Conversely, dogs are welcome to roam without leashes or even owners in 90% of the rest of Florida.)

    So no more pilgrimages for Spring Training (of course the Dodgers left Vero Beach a couple years back).

  174. So i escaped to bloomfield connecticut, and I really tried to make a go of it, i subleased my apartment in boca del mar, and when the lease was up I was going to let it go …i thought florida was terrible but now i’m in the land of no human contact i lived in new york for 20 years so how bad could connecticut be? Very bad, people are nice but its only on the surface, the snow has been outrageous I spend 400 a month in heating oil, my electric bill never went over 120 and thats running the ac 24/7, theres no night clubs no night life and the people aren’t that attractive, its may and still 50 degrees? guess what the place that i hated so much, i will be returning shortly too, my plan, MERGE, as the saying gos if you cat beat them join them, im sorry but the northeast sucks ass, maybe california is the answer but i know nothign about california

  175. Florida does suck! Anyone who doesn’t see that are the blind ones.

    The schools are shitty, the people are rude for no reason and extremely cocky, it’s hot like 24/7… I can go on and on. Point is; Florida sucks. If I were the president, I’d find a way to separate FL from North America. Disgusting people, disgusting weather… bleh!

  176. asshole and idiot capital

    really nasty, fucking dirty, ugly, gross, piggish, shitty, dumb, stupid, uneducated, classless, rude, disgusting culture/society, in all definitions of all these words… and more….

    Go and see with your own eyes. Forewarned.

  177. Fucky Damn Shit


  178. I thought it was just my experience but I guess others had the same problem with Florida. Hint to stuck-up snobby women: someone standing behind you in a line is looking forward (thus at you) because they’re standing in the line, not because they’re checking out your ass.

  179. garbage place landfill

    curious Dave-what kind of stuff happen to you?

  180. garbage place landfill

    curious Dave-what kind of stuff happen to you in that hellhole?

  181. florida blows

    Hello everyone i,m from Florida born and raised and even i agree with every statement on here. I,m 20 and I agree that everyone my age down in this shit hole is an idiot. The economy is straight garbage its hot humid and the rain only makes the shit hole worse. It is also very hard to live here I had a job making very little and the company had some policy where they can get rid of you for whatever reason they the first 3 months you are there. I just wanted to work I did my job never no complaints guess what 3 months rolls around were gonna have to lay you off. So there went my job then my mom lost hers shortly after her fiance lost his 2 months later and hes a medic, we were all hard workers its just the bullshit people here find every excuse to hire someone for cheaper. So we ended up staying at my Grandmas house for 6 months could not find any work so we looked for places to move up north we decided on MN (Minnesota) we took a little over 6 grand up there a take a shot at moving out of the shit stain state, within 3 weeks being there we all found jobs and now are living decently and are able to pay our bills and rent and live a happier life than in Florida it was a big gamble we only had little over 300 left when we came up here after moving costs and other expenses, but I am so glad we did people up here real nice economy is in good shape up here and its not that hard to find a job. If you want to get out of the shit stain state i recommend Minnesota. good luck to all who want to get the fuck out of there.

  182. Minnesota is the Answer?

  183. To be honest i am completely lost here, its like im on some deserted highway with no map,little gas and no triple A card, this is not how life is suppose to be, i wish i knew of a place to go and live a normal life? normal to me is go to work go home and watch tv with the people i love? is this to much to ask for? my american dream is really simple just have a loving family thats it, thats all i want, and for some reason it just isnt happening here? i dont get it????????

  184. florida blows

    Minnesota is where I found my answer. Great job economy, really friendly people, and everything else is above average in this state 🙂

  185. Scumshine State

    To the miserable trashbags and assholes and idiots and junkies and criminals:

    Come to Florida! it is a wonderful paradise of sunshine and beaches and palm trees and flowers!

    Friendly AND intelligent drivers, not under the influence of anything, EVER. Not every single day, all day, non-stop. Many classy non-drivers and pedestrians to greet you at almost every storefront and even some ATM’s! Good people to make lifelong friends with, or maybe for a couple days. They will never rip you off, or stab you in the back, or use you.

    The best theme parks, completely free of child molesters and violent robbers. Beautiful hotels, where nobody is ever assaulted or raped, no fist-sized roaches, fleas, spiders or anything like that.

    You’ve never seen a huge amount of fugitives on any TV shows coming to hide in Florida, since the laws are followed and upheld so strictly and fairly. No illegal immigrants, not even hundreds of thousands, ever come to commit all sorts of crimes and then just easily leave, incompetently untraceable or otherwise.

  186. fed up and disgusted

    Ever since I moved here from other states. I have had nothing but bad luck and bad expierences. No one wouldbelieve the most bizzare off the wall things that have happened tome.

    If I write a book there won’t be enough space to put it in just onebook all the shit that has happened to me. I came here in top physical shape, like the body of a gymnast. American express gold premium credit, and alll kinds of great things going for me. Now I am disabled, poor, under thepverty guideline and struggling for a job.

    This is the worse place to be.(WPB). Save yourself the trouble people. Don’t even com on vacation. Find better places to go to. This is the looser place. People are so stupid they don’t know it. You can really getover on people here and they wouldn’t know.

    Wait till this book comes out about all the b.s I had to endure. Fla creates so much tension and dyfunction than anyone I have ever lived. There are so many stupid people they don’t even know they are stupid. Dumb is smarter than some people.

    It won’t be long nowbefore all whitepeople leave and there will be enough zulus tot make a r=tarzan picture and cocoroah country.

  187. Florida Sucks, period. There is no need to say more if in fact it’s true. I guess if you could afford to play ‘clean up’ after every hurricane then of course it’s great.

  188. Land of the Lost Losers Who Keep Losing

    What a fucking landfill. Never been to a place with so many idiots and retards and trashbag peopl before, and I’ve been to about 15 states. Maybe there is a shittier place. Good for them, I don’t care, don’t want to know.

    Some dumbasses say, “Florida doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity”. It sure does seem to have a majority controlling interest in it though. These morons cannot get anything right the first time, if ever. From getting an alarm installed in your home, to getting your car serviced, or landscaping, painting, flooring, NOTHING is done right the first time. Only after breaking a bunch of other shit do they on rare occasion get the initial problem fixed, mostly half-assed and mickey-moused. Fucking inbreds.

    I’m suprised these degenerates can eat, breathe, and take shits unassisted. Some of them anyway, sometimes… maybe. *shrugs* One thing they can do without any help is crime…. LOTS of it. Oh, and, take handouts. Almost left that out.

    These assholes sure can take free shit anytime, anywhere, from anyone, whether it is given to them, or if not, they just take it, no matter how worthless or useless to them. Or even if as useless AS them.

    Old adages, priceless, timeless ones: Stay in school, assholes, as long as it’s a school NOT in Floriduh. And say no to drugs, even if ‘legal’. Another useful tip: Don’t make babies {or have sex} with family members.

  189. Disgusting, vile, rotten, violent place

    Be careful in that shithole state. If you do something someone doesn’t like, they won’t argue you, or yell at you, or scream, or swear at you, or maybe a typical normal place worst case scenario threat to hurt you. Those scumbags will kill you instead.

    Apathetic {AND pathetic!} in all ways and in every way. Except when it comes to crime. Then they actually get off their lazy, dumb, inbred asses and seem to have some brain activity as well. If only they used those peabrains for something good or useful.

  190. Another Floridiot Criminal Goes Free

    Thats the way the inbreds and junkies and degenerates in the Spitshine State do it… Assholes and Idiots at their everyday best….

  191. Jason Madhouse

    Florida is mostly full of dumb-ass Yankees that have come in and ruined it, like most everyone posting here. I agree, stay out so I don’t have to deal with yall.

  192. Infested with classless morons

    Wherever they are from, that is the place where they all fit in and prosper. Whether from other states, other countries, Floriduh itself… doesn’t matter….

    Those people in that shitty peninsula are assholes and idiots all the way through. Rude miserable, trashy, lazy, piggish, dirty, stupid criminals and dumbasses.

  193. Pigs of Flawduh

    What is with the dumb fucks in that place? Customer service sucks bad, and it is suppposed to be a ‘tourist attraction’? Good luck with boosting that economy, assholes. Plus the service people everywhere look like meth-heads, nasty pigs.

    Shitty roadwork, and it goes on and on all over the place, cheaply, lazily, and horribly done, pretty much to justify a bunch of junkies having a ‘job’. Endless idiotic traffic and crashes. I mean big-time accidents, too.

    But really, what is with the dumb fucks in that place?

  194. To The Assholes and Idiots Of The Swamp!

    Same everywhere, huh… Why is it, then, that so much stupid shit happens there that does not happen elsewhere? Maybe it has to do with the huge populace/percentage/ratio of druggies, drunks, losers, lowlives, scumbags, pigs, and just overall assholes and idiots….

    From government, to the residents, (won’t say ‘citizens’ since there are millions of illegals) to law enforcement, even the youth, thanks to the trashbag parents and pedofile teachers, people in Florida are the type that give America and humans in general a bad reputation. Crooks, criminals, scammers, and just degenerate behavior overall. Total CESSPOOL.

  195. jacksonville sucks… any comments to back me up….

  196. My God this thread just keeps going on.Daytona Beach is worse than Jacksonville,completely corrupt top to bottom.(well probably the same crap in Jacksonville)
    Volusia County Sheriff’s office in bed with the Mexican drug cartel.importing cocaine,marijuana,etc.with impunity
    the Medical Mafia controlled by Big Pharma.stealing people’s homes after they jack your Blue cross /Blue shield to the max.and you have to pay out of pocket for unneccessay tests and procedure.This whole state of Fladuh is completely corrupt

  197. i thought it would be cool living in florida. its not then people are dumb its a religious state with too many old people and i am sad to have lived there.

  198. All the post that I have read on this site is completely true. Florida is a waste land its true that say there was more alligators here than humans living. I am originally from New York I moved down with my Mom and I can tell you it was the worst fucking thing to do in my life. The Schools suck and the Adults and kids are rude and have no sense. When you drive here its like driving with a bunch of fucking first time drivers they don’t use their turn signals and they always blow through a red light. I live in Tampa by the way and its by far the worst city along with the other cities here smelly and run down. Don’t even bother finding a job in this god for saking waste land your wasting your time. My best bet is to just go to college and finish my first two years and seriously get the fuck out before this hell hole before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. My beautiful girlfriend I left up north came to visit me and she said that it was the worst two weeks in Florida she had the only great thing about the weeks was seeing me. I cried when she was leaving because I wanted to leave with her.

  199. YesFloridaSucks

    I enjoy reading some of the comments on the state of Florida. Well, lets be honest, over 85% of the people living in Florida are from other states (mostly form the North). So, it doesn’t take a genius to know what states produce the true dumb shits. Please leave Florida forever, tell you’re moronic friends to stay the hell out of here as well. Florida used to be a nice place to live, until more yankee dumb fucks kept moving here, and still keep moving here. Please leave, and do not return! True Floridians will not miss a damn one of you.

    • Pigs, Trash, Idiots, and Assholes

      YesYouAreRight… FloriduhSucksSoBad….

      You inbred ‘True’ Floridiots will have that shithole like a total third world country, not even pretending to be any good. You had a chance at becoming intelligent and modernized with all the great minds from other states and countries. You could’ve at least learned to bathe.

      Northern states produce the most intelligent, capable, innovative, creative, useful, inventive people {yes, it goes on and on}. Also the most adaptable/adaptive people, able to live anywhere and assimilate along with any culture. We just can’t adapt to pig, lazy, classless, rude, degenerate living. The trash from the north that is in Floridump, and likes it in the Floridump, fits right in with Floridumpian ways. Normal Northerners are glad to see them go and join their kind down there with you.

      Scumbag racist Floridiot inbred retards can’t do shit right, don’t like to learn to be useful, or efficient, or productive, and don’t like anything that doesn’t smell like shit/like them.

      ASSHOLES. IDIOTS. Pigs with no concept of hygiene, opening bottles with that one tooth in their mouths, and it’s fake gold. Stylish and wearing tie-dye, and mullets. {Probably well into the year 3000}. Pedophile pigs, and beastiality lovers. Criminals, and proud of it. Cheesy sharpie/crayon looking tattoos. Dumb as corn in shit. ASSHOLES. IDIOTS.

  200. lol, (to:yes florida sucks) you say 85% are people from another state and mostly up north? wow… just admit florida sucks buddy… low pay, poor education system, high cost of living… etc.. alot of rude people … (theirs rude people evrywhere) but for a state thats motto is better quality of life.. nahh i don’t see it or feel it… i made the mistake of moving here 6 yrs ago.. and the first year was ok … but time dragged on me and left me with a sour taste in my mouth the longer i stayed… its coming to the point whre im just gonna walk from my property,and say f it… theirs more to life than this … life isn’t a beach when your surrounded by racist, sex offenders, and just nasty acting stank attitude people.. and the majority of women here in (jacksonville) have this i deserve the world attitude.. hell no! guess what ladies from jacksonville(the majority) and this is for black ,white ,spanish etc your pu–y is not gold… dont get it twisted … u just have alot of men here filling up ur heads … more men to women ratio — f-u-k that i love women ..but i don’t think they should be so full of themselves… with that said florida sucks… but jacksonville is a disaster lol .. peace ppl

  201. YesFloridaSucks

    YAY, more yankee dumbfucks going home, good. Maybe the cost of living will drop when you all go back home. Then the actual “shit” pay you describe will actually level out (funny all of you “northern geniuses couldn’t figure that out, its simple economics?) to fit the economy here. So by all means, please fuck off, and do not return. BTW, on you’re way out, take all the pedophiles that meander from up north to Florida, back with you as well. Also the homeless dregs that come in droves every winter(since they cant take the cold) to infest this once quiet state. Oh yes, take the Elderly with you as well, you know the ones tired of the cold winters, that clutter our highways, and cannot drive. You will not hurt my feelings one bit, please HATE Florida, and fucking leave forever, don’t even come to visit. and why? Because, Florida Sucks, please spread the word when you get back up north, please. And Fuck off. Thank you very much.

  202. lol (to yes florida sucks) you describe a true dumb florida moron, no manners, also theway u express urself lets a person know how educated you are..btw if more up north people keep leavn,florida who will support your messed up economy? will it be ppl like you with your git-r-done or backwoods bubba mentality? florida percentage 11.4 statewide.. then they count in the counties and some unemployment rate reach 14 percent…floridians you need us up north ,west coast money to survive … whats funny is that you all get mad when the truth is put out their.. us yankees as you so put tried to enjoy florida … but with idiots like your self a true florida native… get the chip of ur shoulder bubba and recognize … you probably never been up north .. and i cant wait for ur response about up north im pretty sure like all floridians ur first attack is how cold it is or too expensive yall kill me with that when florida is just as expensive.. when i’m back up north ill be sure to bring you up to speed on the new technology and such.. i lost touch also when i moved down here .. it feels like a 3rd world country sometimes lol peace to you florida sucks get out and explore..

  203. Dumb, Rude, Trashy, Ugly Paradise

    Stupid pile of idiots in that overpopulated swamp. Bunch of Quasimodo looking people, inbreeding is fun for those uneducated morons for sure. I don’t get all the drug use, since it is such a ‘wonderful’ place and all. Disney and palm trees and all that free sunshine you trade for a paycheck, and awesome, non-drenched-in-sweat ‘warm’ weather. But hey, as the intelligent, witty locals will tell you, “at least you don’t have to shovel!” and “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” and “leave, we won’t miss you!”. Classic shit-for-brains occupants of the toilet state.

    And it is very true, the retards cannot get anything right… never, ever….

  204. I am Petraya and want come Dizneys world florida but now after I see rudeness so bad I am choose go Dizney in France.
    You peopel not so nice as I meet here.
    Bad bad bad are yu for be so mean.
    No wonder world not like what usa becomes.
    Yu best be ashamed for be so bad.

  205. TrashHole United

    Glad I didn’t get suckered into buying a home in that wasteland. No matter where I lived, apartment, condo, townhouse, single family, cheap, expensive, in the middle… all I had were a load of assholes for neighbors….

    If they had kids, sheesh, you gotta deal with the mini-trash version of the full size scumbag. Just alot of shitty, rude people, all day, everywhere. You can’t even have peace at home after a day of being around, dealing with, and likely working with a bunch of drugged up, hung over losers with no class, no morals, no standards.

    Wherever they are from, it seems they become more bigger pieces of shit when they go to FLoriduuuh, since no one expects any better. Decent people lose their way into depression there. That or you get trampled if you don’t start acting like trash back to them.

  206. DONT GO THERE!!!!!!!

    SUPER ARROGANT – DUMB FUCKS. no reason to be cocky Floridiots, you are ugly as hell and stupider than bird shit. You smell real bad, too. “Git’R’Dooone!”. FUCKING INBREDS!

  207. gross, nasty, shitty, useless, worthless place, worse people

    I never thought one place could have such a high ratio of fucking miserable, disgusting, rude, obnoxious, ugly people. By ‘ugly’ I mean in ALL ways. Everytime you drive in that southernmostshithole, you might not make it home.

    I understood being closer to the equator, it would be warm year round, and hot often. I never would have guessed it was sweltering, showering several times a day, disgusting, drenched in sweat, changing clothes several times a day {at least shirts}, doing WAY more laundry, smelling gross peoples body odor at work, in supermarkets, in banks, everywhere! – those people are SO fucking nasty there. Don’t know how to act, either, swearing and burping and farting all over the place like uncouth swine raised in a swamp, dressed worse than homeless.

    The water and air smells like shit everywhere, and I don’t just mean the sprinkler water, but thats super piggish, too, and just part of the shitty lifestyle and standard they have. The dumb fucks say the north is overtaxed, but at least there are services to go with it, and more intelligent government.

    To the people that swear they were grown from the soil in that dump when it was created, a humungous FUCK YOU! – You Are Trash! – You Are Disgusting! – You Are Assholes! – You Are Idiots! You Are FLORIDIOTS!

    Someone mentioned ‘lunatic rants’. Well, living in that place, it does that to you. No one there listens or is too dumb or high, so you ‘talk’ through your computer, hopefully to someone normal outside of the Floridump mentality.

  208. gross, nasty, shitty, useless, worthless place, worse people

    Also never though everything would be covered in some bug of some type all the fucking time. You can’t go for a walk any where {if you can deal with a soaked from head to toe feeling withing 5 minutes} without being swarmed by bugs and walking though spider webs and nasty bugs trying to get in your eyes and ears. My guess is they smell how clean I am, since I’ve showered in the past 6 hours, they must be sick of the layers of filth on the people from there.

  209. Hi,
    You’re idiot post shows you do not even live in this uncomfortable climate.
    The ID you leave behind shows WHO you are.
    Shut the hell up you senseless bigot.

    I agree that you have the right and ability to say what you wish.

    Since you do not LIVE here, the rants you post are nothing more than an “Outsiders View” of this cesspool.

    I respect the right to say what you wish.

    Please be more sensitive.

  210. Spitshine Shithole State

    Keep getting high and drunk and crashing and killing yourselves. It isn’t useful to just hope you injure yourselves, destroy your car and ruin your financial life, since it is all garbage already. Keep overdosing and jumping off the Skyway Bridge, morons. Take trash from your family with you, or ‘friends’ of yours who are as trashy and worthless.

    Just stay away from innocent people.

  211. roto del hoyo sala'o

    the water there smells real bad-and taste bad too-so bad for skin and hair and clothes. I hated too much being there: so glad I left!

  212. Assholes 'N' Idiots 'R' Us

    Where do I start!?!

    Dumb, Junkie, Ugly, Shady, Trashy, Idiotic, Lying, Infected, Rude, Piggish, Inbred, Assholish, Miserable “people”. All with a capital letter for a reason.

  213. A horrible police state because some right wing nut job is paranoid.The pigsdon’t have anything to do so they have to generate revenue by creating the trouble themselves.

    • BlackVulture

      Right! And don’t walk down the street alone if you’re female. They’ll think you’re a hooker.- even if you’re dressed well or in a work uniform.

  214. BlackVulture

    Ha, I was thinking of escaping to Virginia. Then I read the Virginia sucks blogs……….and it doesn’t seem to be nearly as sucky as Florida!
    Florida was ruined when they tried to make it like “up north”.
    Why does everything have to be the same?
    I’m sure that up until say, the 50s Florida was funky and quaint. Then it got trashy, and the developers saw it as an opportunity to tear everything to bits, rebuild and make money. Now it looks like a craphole full of angry miserable people.
    I’m stuck here a few more years I guess. I want to photograph the Everglades etc., and document the complete trash holes that Federal and Dixie highways have become . Just trying to make lemonade, ya know.
    And getting involved in the environmental causes down here is heartbreaking. Just plow it down and build, Rick Scott! Get ready for the next round of suckers while the more eastern neighborhoods totally disintegrate. Pretty soon a block from the beach will be ghetto. Just great.

  215. Neverending Landfill

    I the the scumbag degenerates from the shitty state are making national news again…….

  216. Neverending Landfill

    I _see_ the scumbag degenerates from the shitty state are making national news again……. Was almost at a loss for words realizing even after leaving that pile of trash place I will always have to hear about it…….

  217. BlackVulture

    I’ve taken to doing my yard work etc at night so I don’t have to deal with anyone. The women have such hoarse voices they sound like men who’ve smoked for 800 years. The house across the street just got a new a/c and I can hear it in my living room with my a/c on and of course my impact windows closed. That thing is so frickin loud!!!
    My west side neighbor has 4 daschunds (?) that bark constantly. The other house is 5 feet away and my bedroom window is next to that side yard. The woman there slams the outside door several times throughout the night and walks up and down her patio in these squeaky shoes. For hours! Sometimes she stands there and waters her plants after it rains. I can’t take it. And she calls the cops on everyone else in the neighborhood. I’m afraid to play my stereo she is so wacked.

  218. Justin A Toilet

    Man, I hate that fucking place. I wish so bad I never even visited. It is a little hilarious hearing and reading about all the stupid fucks in that rotten place, and all the dumb shit they do. No matter how funny it is, I would rather never know the swamp even exists, and hope it doesn’t for much longer.

  219. Fuck Florida!!!!!!!

    And FUCK ALL of you FLORIDA ASSHOLES!!!!!!! Yes… ALL….

    Hope it sinks, burns, collapses, an asteroid smashes it, or a volcano somewhere in the world erupts and it all lands on that shitty, hellish peninsula.

  220. Stay away, unless you like being a miserable fuck!

    Before moving to that disgusting state, I loved driving and taking care of my car. Now I organize every route to get off the road as soon as possible, no unnecessary turns or stops.

    Too many assholes and idiots driving here, and red lights, and morons walking across at the wrong time, and speed traps, and very shitty roads.

    The place never sees snow or ice and the roads are more potholed than any northern state I have driven in. Repairs are shittier than anywhere else I’ve seen. I guess it’s just to justify hiring the methheads, to pretend jobs are so good and plenty. They can’t lay some decent smooth pavement, the retards. Going across railroad tracks is like a test to see if your car can fall apart, or maybe blow up your tires.

    As they say, “You get what you pay for!” Hah! All that sunshine and ‘low taxes, and low cost of living’ (bullshit, by the way) makes up for the horrible quality of life, I guess, for some.

  221. Shitstain State

    Be careful buying a used car in that shithole. Or a house, new or not. Fucking scam capital, floriduh is like a cancer.

    Then again, be careful with anything that has to do with money, value, safety, privacy, decency, class, self-respect, morals… basically anything worth anything. Some piece of shit trashbag skidmark floridiot is always watching to take advantage and rip you off.

  222. I had a hatefull way of looking at the lack of class and culture in fla. too. But it really is just sad now, Its a monarchy. The problem stems from the politics down here. You see, the middle class is non existent. You have the upperclass diabolically ruling the lower class populations, whom are ok with it because of the ease in which to get roxy codone after bieng a general slave laborer all day long. In turn getting incarcerated, making the system richer and the poor poorer….N so on n so forth.. Cutting education funds so the stupid stay stupid, keeping all the old money perpetually circulating through out the upper class,,, n so on. Almost like midieval times. Somewhat de-evolved, yet sustaining a system all unto itself. The right to work laws assure the middleclass cannott exist, because like some one else said, If your pay raises get to high, they will execute their right to work laws and fire the person for no reason other than the fact that hes now making enough to be barelly comfortable. And that little amount is bieng taken from the wealthy enough to consider that person fired, cutting out any opportunism for a middle class. Did ya ever notice how the neighborhoods go from rich to poor within a two block radius anywhere all around fla?

  223. BlackVulture

    True that! I have so much more to say, but ya know this heat is killing me and I can’t think.

  224. Did you really expect to take creatures from the movie “wrong turn” and turn them into 16th century art critic borgeouse emo taoists? Just had to add somthing “funny’ and insulting, tah tah. cor….

  225. yucky place to go

    floriduuh = Rube Goldberg machine

  226. The AutomobileTowing Incident

    A few posters here have noted that there is an “Inability” to get anything done right in FloriDUH.
    Its really an understated reality.

    Today, about 12:30pm, called my “Montgomery Wards” auto club which was answered (Surprise surprise) in India.
    “Michelle” was nice and spoke English well.
    No doubt her name is something else when she goes home for the day.

    I requested a “roll back” flatbed tow for my car to be delivered to my mechanic who has cleared a spot for it and quits at 5:00pm.
    She said it should be here in about an hour…
    I also wanted s certain “St_ps towing” to be the ones to pick up my car.

    A little over 2 hours later, I get a call from the driver asking something I cannot decipher.
    “What?” i asked, “Where am I at?”
    (So much for GPS.)
    He could’nt seem to tell me where he was but I directed him here anyway.
    The Tow driver shows up a few minutes later with a “Hook and Dolly” truck to get my car.
    (It was supposed to be a rollback flatbed truck.)
    The driver calls the office.
    He tells me that another truck is on the way and it will be about a half hour.
    I called their office to make sure.

    Two hours later….I get a call and I cannot understand what this mush mouth is saying.
    Finally I decipher the words “I am looking at your car right now.”
    I tell him that I will be right out.

    Hmmmm, there was no one there.
    I went back inside again and came out my front door and saw this towing companies truck about a block down the street.
    “This guys at the wrong address” I mumbled to myself as I call their office again.
    I explained what was going on to a different person who puts me on hold while she calls the driver.
    Its a little after 4:00pm now and my mechanic is not going to stay past 5:00pm
    It takes her a few minutes to get his attention and takes him another 10 minutes to get down to my house.
    Its now 4:20pm and I am very pissed at all this incompetence.
    The tow driver wanted the keys to my car so he can load it onto the truck. I asked him if he knows where this address is that he is to deliver my car to?
    “No..but I have GPS” he mushed back at me.
    At this time now, the car must be loaded and he has to get to where he does not even know he is going BEFORE 5:00pm.
    I am pretty sure he is not going to make it so I told him he cannot have my car.
    (I also am having visions of him ransacking it as well.)
    Back to the phone again to call the towing company and complain and tell them this is canceled until tomorrow morning and to please send me someone who speaks ENGLISH!
    Its now 4:41pm and I called my mechanic to tell him of the change of plans.
    Gotta try to do this all over again tomorrow MORNING!
    WTF?? I hate this damn state.

    • Forrest and Bubba state... but WAY-WAY dumber, plus trashy.... Oh, and drugged up too!

      Grundge, I totally empathize.

      It’s harmless to vent, after all, it is ‘to each his own’ opinion. Some just want to rant and rave, still harmless.

      Better than doing the shit the assholes and idiots of the landfill state prefer. They’d rather beat and kill people and commit all types of crime and act out in low IQ, uncouth, pig-ass trash scumbag behaviors. Or the morons pretend all is fine in their toilet peninsula, low standard retards.

      I know for sure this is not all you’ve gone through, as some stupid fuck from floriduh or some shithole like it will read your post and say, “dat ken happin enywares, eef yon’t lyk’et leave, more sunshine and shitstains for me!”. Again, you floridiots, these are just the endless examples.

      But yeah Grundge, I feel for ya!

      • Forrest etc.

        Thanks for the sympathy.
        I got the car into the mechanic the following morning.
        Everything went smoothly for the mechanic and repair.
        (The IN-TANK fuel pump was replaced along with the fuel filter.)
        And I got my car back 2 days later with no problems to report.
        Cost was $440.
        The mechanic is a Florida native whom I have known for about 17 years.
        He also agrees with this northerners (MY) summation of this state.

        There was a nice “Neighborhood” street party last night.
        I met some of my other neighbors and they generally seemed nice and friendly.
        I had no idea there were so many lesbians and gays in this area.
        Not my cup of tea but I guess I can overlook the sexual preference.
        It was unbelievably hot even at midnight with the Hurricane (Irene) breezes.
        I can describe it best as feeling like a hair dryer is blowing on you constantly but with very wet, humid, hot air.
        Still was soaking wet when I got home.

        Thanks again for the comment.

  227. Well put Cor, That is exactly what is happening here in Volusia County(Daytona NASCAR idiot Beach) the 5 capo’s rule this place (5 wealthy families) I want to have alittle fun and screw this town up when “Biketober fest” starts just abunch of wealthy inbred’s on Harley’s
    Florida is the model police state ,which the rest of United States of Amerika is now follwing.with Volusia county leading the scumbag example
    I have horror story after horror story that would make the hair on your neck stand up.I plan to expose these completely corrupt ,most evil scum,running this county(KKK inbreds) now they have federalized(V.B.I.WHAT!!!) the scumbag murdering, drug dealing,lowlife sheriff’s duputies.May God have mercy on us all.

  228. Forrest and Bubba state... but WAY-WAY dumber, plus trashy.... Oh, and drugged up too!

    The list of what is wrong with the hellish shithole is too damn long. It is easier to just list the good.

    The only thing I can think of right now… hmm…. I guess all I remember is, the money orders were free.

  229. Its happened B4

    They are at it again folks: Read the full story at

    Here is a small taste of what The GOP in FLA is up to again.

    To hear Republicans tell it, they are waging a virtuous campaign to crack down on rampant voter fraud – a curious position for a party that managed to seize control of the White House in 2000 despite having lost the popular vote. After taking power, the Bush administration declared war on voter fraud, making it a “top priority” for federal prosecutors. In 2006, the Justice Department fired two U.S. attorneys who refused to pursue trumped-up cases of voter fraud in New Mexico and Washington, and Karl Rove called illegal voting “an enormous and growing problem.” In parts of America, he told the Republican National Lawyers Association, “we are beginning to look like we have elections like those run in countries where the guys in charge are colonels in mirrored sunglasses.” According to the GOP, community organizers like ACORN were actively recruiting armies of fake voters to misrepresent themselves at the polls and cast illegal ballots for the Democrats.

  230. Its happened B4

    Thats an interesting link you supplied GRUNDGE.
    I knew there was a “Soft Underbelly” somewhere.
    I have spent HOURS on the sublinks.
    In fact, thats how I found the “Rolling Stone” article.
    Not evil at all actually.

  231. The state where happy people go, and come back miserable. Where decent people go, and leave borderline trashbags. Where nice people leave as total assholes. The state of all that is fucking horrible about living.

  232. Low-Life, No-Life, No-Class!

    DOCUMENTARY: Life In A Toilet Amongst Trash

    Darwin and others are wrong… Theory of Evolution and Survival of the Fittest is not in effect in floridump….

    These idiots idea of day to day good living is being high and drunk constantly, being in fights constantly, even if they get their asses kicked, it is a badge of honor. Having sex with anything and anyone anytime: kids, family members, dogs, farm animals. Their places of religion are bars and strip clubs.

    Fucking morons, Assholes and Idiots and inbreds and incestuous scumbags.

  233. florida is the WORST place namely Orlando….it si the worst place state city everything…..i moved to fl when i was 9 and regret it…. my life has jut been hell…i then moved to orlanodo and my life was ruined…..fl is full of only rejects idiots…..i cant write anymore cuz my computer is freezing but this is the worst state ever….

  234. I haven read any comments but you’re a fuckin moron. an absolute and utter moron. you weren’t there, and you have no idea who that little waste of sperm and eggs is.

  235. You know what’s ironic? (Or is it moronic… I think it’s both.) All the moans and bitches about the “dummies and rednecks and…”, yet about 80% of the posts are misspelled and have worse grammar than my 2nd grader (who is gifted, no thanks to his Florida education).

  236. Who let Lara ended the conversation rant???!!!!!!

  237. This rant is not over until I move out of Florida, and back to the Midwest! rant on my fellow disgruntle folks.
    to all the religious hypocrytes in florida this is for you>>>>
    If you believe in a god, then imagine that god is like the sun. The sun gives light to all, it doesn’t pick and choose and favor one over the other, it has no favorites, it doesn’t help some and not others, and it has no emotions, it simply IS and gives freely to all living things. That god doesn’t go around destroying bad people. Why? Because then that god would be nothing but a petty human-like god; you see, that is what a truly all-powerful, all-loving god would do. The only way a form of life can cuts itself off from that light, is if that life hides in the shade or darkness. A lesson from someone who isn’t even religious 

  238. If you plan to buy a house here for some godforsaken reason, spend like a month walking through that neighborhood. And don’t buy a house that’s too close to the one next door. If you can even find something like that-something with more land.
    I got stuck living next to a lunatic who calls the police about everything..even if you are weedeating your yard, or if she doesn’t like the smell of your fabric softener. What’s really wild is the police believe there is some kind of problem and they come to our homes and investigate. Think they would have her figured out by now, but noooooooo…..she must be blowing all of them.
    Then she wakes up screaming like a nut in the middle of the night, and she has a very loud parrot that sounds just like her. It imiitates her cough..poor thing..it sounds like her hacking up a lung. It whistles really loud. She puts it outside early Sun morning, and it wakes me up. That’s my only day off, and the only day I can sleep late.

    Can you imagine me calling the cops about a parrot? Then they would believe I’m crazy, which is what she tells them about me and the other neighbors. This is sociopath city.

  239. If It Walks Like A Duck...

    ….it is probably a Floridiot with a yeast infection, or any of the multitude of STD’s these pigs like to collect. (sexually transmitted diseases, for the retards of the sinkhole-shithole state who have no education, which is mostly all.)

    If it smells like shit, looks like shit, acts like shit……. if is very likely a Floridiot. Trash. Assholes. Idiots.

  240. why is it soo hard to make friends down here, is there a code? how do i crack this code?

    • Lee,
      That is something of a mystery to me and I have been here since 1981.
      Friends are not clearly defined.
      For example: Do you want company? Dinner? Someone who shares your interests? Someone who you trust to watch your house? Play a game with? Sex? Hiking partner? Intelligent conversation?
      Everyone is suspicious of everyone else here it seems.

      Wife and I met and struck up conversation a few days ago with seemingly decent Man and his wife in Safety Harbor.
      They were from Michigan but now lived in Largo. They were similar age.
      I asked for a contact (Phone) number and “Greg” reluctantly gave me one. It was a bogus number. Oh well. I tried.

      To be honest, actually I am quite picky myself as to whom I can trust.
      Friends just happen. Can’t seem to cause it to occur.
      So lemme see now….my friends total…..1 (My wife)
      Everyone else is just an ” Acquaintance ” with no special meaning.
      Something happens to people when they move here. I don’t think its me.
      Could be its not you either, Lee.

      I have worked for some very High Profile companies here. You would be correct in thinking that you could meet some decent people at a place like “Merck” and yet you would be wrong.
      Its NOT that they aren’t decent.
      Its that they aren’t interested in friends unless there is something in it for them.

      I am white, smart and financially holding my own and that is very intimidating to some and laughable to others.

      Here is my take on the “Code” you have requested.
      Ricans pretty much keep to their own. NO OUTSIDERS THANK YOU!
      There are a HUGE number of them here.
      See a car with painted flames and sounds like a glorified lawnmower? Puerto Rican is the likely driver.
      If you don’t speak spanish, the code cannot be broken.

      Blacks pretty much hate everyone including each other.
      Their code is “Don’t snitch.”

      Chinese don’t like blacks or whites.
      They also don’t like Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. (Not kidding.)

      Koreans and Vietnamese seem to like americans as do phillippinos .
      Code is “I have lots of money.”

      Phillippinos seem to prefer blacks.
      Not sure what the code is.

      The Mexicans are wary here but generally, quite friendly.
      Code is a friendly smile and a handshake.

      Females have their own questions: What kind of car do you drive?
      Where do you work? How much money do you have? Do you own your house? (If you get the answers to these questions correct, you might have a shot at getting some feminine companionship for a few days.)
      Code is “Wanna get drunk and get laid?”

      The rich can’t be bothered with someone unless they can walk all over you. If you are driving last years Lexus, you may be out of luck.
      Code is “I just screwed some more Americans out of their life savings.”

      The poor are simply too poor to be bothered with.
      Code is “Section 8 housing and rentals right here.”

      Gays and lesbians don’t want to know you unless you are licking a carpet or juicing a tube.
      Code is either “Flailing weak wrists or a Really bitchy look with a Butch haircut.”

      Hope this helps.

  241. you are all my inspiration to leave. floriduh is the exact opposite of the word ambition. floriduh is purgatory. if you get the fuck outta here you might make it to heaven. if you stay your going to turn into a miserable floridiot and your in hell. i feel sorry for the native floridiots who were born here and think this is normal. respect and responsibility are loathed and frowned upon by the floridiot.

    if it would benefit the floridiot to help you help each other in one of the normal fucked up floriduhhhh situations, the floridiot would rather do something illegal/immoral/ half assed and screw you over just so they do better than you. and they fail 98% of the time because they suck so bad at life and they didn’t think about step 2 because that is WAY too much thinking for the floridiot.

    floriduuuhhhh just drags you into misery and the only way to stay here is to accept being completely alone and miserable, drunk addicted and angry.

    floriduhh is the nations sewer. if your not a pedophile, statutory rapist, homless person, prostitute, criminal, or SCAM ARTIST you need to get the fuck outta here (gtfo) not now but RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

    my ex roommate (pretty much homeless drug addict who put on a good show when i was in a fucked up spot or normal situation as you call it in floridaRP) stole shit out of my car, that was to my car, that had a serial number. i was informed this was a felony. thats serious right? he posted it on craigslist with his name and number and described my car in the add. so i printed the add and took it to manatee county sheriffs office and made a report. AND THATS THE END OF THE STORY. of course nothing was done about it did you forget where this took place?

    the thought process of the floridiot when they wake up from their daily drug or alcohol induced coma is as follows. how can i get money to get high or drunk. and the answer to their question is to screw over the FEW good people that DIDN’T LEAVE YET.


  242. Florida, Florida, and Florida; I think they should just call it the Republic of Cuba. This state is one of the most depressing places in the U.S. I’ve never had such a hard time making friends, the job market sucks, the people sucks, the blazing hot summer’s sucks, the bugs and giant spiders suck. There is a lot more that sucks; the woman think they are god’s gift the world, I need a $100k car to get notice here, and I’m a good looking guy. If you don’t speak Spanish, well you are really screwed and you’ll never make friends. Coming from the Midwest (Michigan); I was in love with beach and palm trees for about a year, but after that it’s been total hell. I’m trying so hard to finish school so I can get the hell out of here before I lose my mind. I just think this state should be condemned; it is not good for anyone to live in, unless you don’t care about the physical and mental well-being.

  243. Homer Simpson had it right when he called Florida “The nation’s wang.”

  244. tyler stuck in lake county florida

    I just want to thank this forum for helping me build up the courage to convince my mom to move us back to Missouri after i am the one that convinced her to move this shithole. The funny thing is i was born in florida as well and hate it with a passion. We well be leaving this cess pool sometime in 2012! The whole South sucks! You dont know what culture is until you move out of this shit hole.

    • BeenieMon, Mon this place sucks!

      You are so right man, what a horrible place. People there are absolute trash, idiots, and assholes. All are at least one of those, many are at least 2, most are all three, and more!. But yea, Assholes, Idiots, and Trash.

      FloridiotLand does suck, and it did ruin my life, for 10 years. No more shithole/toilet/swamp… Miserable misery time is over….

  245. It?s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I?m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  246. I’m so glad I read all of these posts. I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been here for 4 years. Worked at a public school for 3 until my unit was lost due to funding. The school was horrific. I could write a book on what I saw going on not only with students, but teacher and administration AND the public education in general down here. I was a working professional and still had my parents help me with bills because a large amount of my own money was spent on classroom materials. For a few months, we had to buy our own paper to make copies. I was excited to move down here…warm weather, things to do. However, I will take snow over humidity any day. Since I wasn’t filthy rich, I couldn’t afford to do much anyways. People are horrible. I’ve always been a social bug and made friends everywhere I have ever lived, but not here. Not one single person will be missed. The only people who call are people who are trying to scam me or people who want a favor from me. Even my teens are begging me to get them “out of this ghetto.” The ugliest, worthless of men are nothing but players. It cracks me up, but at the same time, I haven’t had a half-ways decent relationship since I’ve been down here. The women…talk, talk, talk, talk and it’s ALL about them! No thanks. I’ll just sit here in my own little world. I’ve never been a victim of a crime EVER in Ohio. Here in Florida, every month something happens! My house was broken into and the police wouldn’t do anything about it! He just said that’s why criminals move to Florida because they can get away with it. It’s hard to get a job here. They don’t care about qualifications. It’s all about who you know. Sitting for a year on a Masters Degree has not done much for my self-esteem. Ready to go back north this weekend where my hard work will be appreciated instead of them hiring teachers who post 40+ facebook posts during school hours because Sally knows Joe, and Joe knows Bob. So many confrontations with people, road rage and bad driving. So bad, my 16 year old thought the right lane was the passing lane because she has watched for four years people driving 40 mph in the passing lane. I should have known better as soon as I moved here, I missed my first day of work because a cop pulled me over and said I didn’t change to Florida license plate soon enough. I was only there for 4 days. The judge dismissed it, but I had to go through all of because of a stupid cop. They are worthless here. I met an Orlando cop on an online date who shared stories on how they are corrupt. So sad. I am not a loser…been looking for work nonstop for a year, but for the life of me cannot get public assistance. They keep running me in circles. A small amount in foodstamps for my daughter and myself trying to keep up a household (thanks to my family), but my neighbor living with his parents who is a junkie not looking for work gets more just for himself! Then for Medicaid, they said I make too much money. What money? I have NONE. I don’t know. Maybe if I never worked a day in my life they would have helped us. And they wonder why the crime is so bad. So I’m moving back north in 2 days. I’d rather deal with rednecks than thugs ANY day!! Funny, my family kept telling me Florida is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I get that now.

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  249. Wow! I posted a comment here in May of 2010 and thought I’ come back for a visit. We have lot’s of new postings and I see a few people were quite complimentary and enjoyed my original post. Awesome! Thanks!

    Florida is behind me now by about 4 years. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! But I still occasionally pause to think about it. Damn it feels good to have it all behind me. It took a good couple of years to really get the slime stain and stench of Florida off me and out of my system. I have thrown out and eliminated just about anything and everything I owned that came from Florida. If you have ever seen the movie “Time Bandits”, you’ll understand why. As I got rid of more and more Florida stuff, the energy and vibration of my life improved. You have to remove every little piece of the evil or it will remain to haunt your soul.

    Even though the economy is still a big lump of excrement and I’ve gone through some rough times since leaving Florida, all I know is if I were still stuck in the penis peninsula, I would probably have committed suicide by now. And I might not be kidding about that.

    Leaving Florida likely saved my life, seriously. I pretty much stopped talking about it, except the occasional time or two. But the funny thing is, I have since encountered many people, who without any prompting from me, have initiated conversations about how they detest the South and Florida in particular. I find it’s mostly for the same reasons I and so many others seem to hate it.

    It reassures me to know I wasn’t the only one, because Florida has a way of making you question your own sanity at times. Thanks everyone! For any of you who are still hoping to escape Florida’s death grip, know this. There is life after Florida, and it can be very good. I was scared to leave because of the economy. But when I realized I was even more scared to stay, I packed my bags and never looked back. I left without having a job to go to. It was scary as hell, but I was severely motivated to get out of Florida. Moreover, it was well worth it and now I’m only forever grateful to myself for pushing myself to move out and start anew. You can do it too! Good luck!

  250. I misspelled my name on the previous post. Oops! It should be MountainMan.

    • ShitHole United

      Great post again, MountainMan. I re-read your original, still probably the best!

      Can’t wait to be able to converse with good, smart people. Ones who aren’t swearing loudly and being obnoxious and classless anywhere and everywhere. Dressed like pigs, still with idiotic piercings, Sharpie tattoos and inbred, dumb, ill, junkie looking faces.

      Glad you got out, and in case you ever wonder if this place has improved, just remember the torture you dealt with, as it has not gotten better… definitely worse, in fact. Still hear the blind, drugged zombies saying “it’s bad everywhere!”

      This cesspool will never be a good place for good people.

  251. Siebert Tenseven

    Whoo-hoo! Signed the sales contract for the condo last week and I’m on my way. I’ve only been here in SW Florida for a little over a year, but in that short time it has nearly sucked the soul out of me. There’s something about the excessive humidity, featureless landscape, and diaper dump aroma that turns people into demonic, cranky, unsatisfied zombies. There doesn’t seem to be a single person that is having a good time unless they are wasted off their ass.

    It’s almost as though the relentless heat has fried everyone’s brain cells, making them unable to think objectively or engage in any level of intellectual conversation beyond talking about the weather. Or maybe there’s a fungus or pesticide that is burrowing little holes into the enlightenment center of the cranium, like a version of mad cow disease.

    Politically, the state is totally corrupt, as evidenced by the 2000 presidential election. All you have to do is walk up to someone around here, say “Obama!” and they will turn bright red, crumbling into a writhing heap of bigotry driven despair accompanied by cardiac arrest. I don’t think I need to get into the shining examples of superior law enforcement Florida has demonstrated (hmmm… that’s how this whole thread got started).

    I will not miss the palm trees. There are plenty of them where I’m going, and they are surrounded by progressive people that have provided most of the positive, forward thinking innovation that has kept this country going financially. Some day I may look back at this spiteful, disgusting rant I typed here and think “Wow, that place really messed me up! Good thing I got out of there.”

    • ShitHole United

      Awesome post. I feel the same as what you say, ^Some day I may look back at this spiteful, disgusting rant I typed here and think “Wow, that place really messed me up! Good thing I got out of there.”^

      Can’t wait to get the F*** out of this terrible place. The weather and storms I can tolerate. The trashbag citizens and illegals, NO WAY.

      How ’bout when the degenerates say “if you don’t like it, why don’t you just leave!”. How witty. Unlike you Floridiot retard morons, normal thinking folks from nice, decent, intelligent places don’t just up and run. There is planning involved as well as making sure all the disgusting things dicovered here aren’t in the new place.

  252. Oh No, Not Snow!

    Everyday in that shithole, EVERYDAY… people killed, bodies found in lakes/rivers, swamps, in their own car, in landfills, in dumpsters, in their own attic.

    Everyday in that shithole, EVERYDAY… animals found dismembered, tortured, abused, mutilated, beheaded, in dumpsters, in filthy Floridiot conditions.

    Everyday in that shithole, EVERYDAY… kids missing, molested, killed, raped, abducted.

    Cops killed , or at least shot at, like it’s no big deal.

    Floridiots and other morons and drugged up inbreds in denial…. trust me, it IS NOT the same everywhere.

    Remember though; All that matters is you don’t have to shovel snow! That is the most important thing after all, and also happens to be the worst occurence in the land, not all the degenerate behavior, but that cold snow. I guess if they can’t snort it they don’t like it.

  253. Love that post, Oh No, Not Snow!! Why is the weather the main topic down here? My brother moved his family to Indiana and is never coming back. if you tell people down here that you don’t mind the cold, they think you are insane.
    I am stuck here for another 3 years. I don’t know how I will be able to sell my house. Ha, I’ve learned too late that around here “Historic District”t is just a euphemism for ” overpriced borderline ghetto”. .So that’s where I am. I feel like such a fool. The alternative was some development full of copycat houses with treeless yards. I used to think that Natural Florida must be pretty ugly since they had to rip it up. Actually, it is quite beautiful, it’s just been exploited , drained, paved, and raped. To sell the homes the developers sometimes try to make the neighborhoods look like “up North”. So they take out the beautiful ancient oaks, because building around them costs money and is too much trouble. The expensive neighborhoods that kept the native trees, are beautiful. But for the most part, forget it..
    I went up North during a terrible blizzard a few years ago. The neighbors were outside helping each other clear the snow, They were laughing and joking, drinking hot cocoa and having a great time.

  254. timothy clark

    here you go i Live in FL right now and I jest got off probaitson (po) and the reson i was on it was becaues i went in to a meto pcs store to pay my cell phone bill and i put my paycheck back in my back poket sombodey say it was there and the cop arrest me and i went to cort I ple no contest to me put the wite involep in my back pocket but it was my money i work for. but the juge say i was gult and now i can not get my record clear are expeng so now how do i get a job in fl are how do i take cear of my femly i have three bulful kids but there dad is a dead bet dad becaeus fl suck

  255. Retardz-R-Us FloriDuh


  256. ahhh, Florida…the biggest shithole in America. What happens when you combine white trash, Haitian trash, Cuban trash, and some old Jewish people and throw it in a blender?!!!! It no coincidence that Cops is pretty much exclusively filmed in Florida. Just nuke that fucking state and put those inbreds out of their misery.

  257. willbike4food

    I still resent my parents for moving to Tampa from Baltimore when I was 3 and raising me there against my will. I had to join the military just to escape wretched Florida and its banana republic economy, then when they messed up my orders to Italy they stationed me right the fuck back in Jacksonville to ‘make up for it ‘ and put me closer to my family. Ha!

    It was 2 years later I finally ‘escaped’, and having driven 3300 miles across the country and finally ending up in Washington state I can easily say that Florida is the shittiest place I’ve ever been and shit I started out there! Lulz at all the Floridiots that told me “WASHINGTON IS SO DEPRESSING IT RAINS AND IS COLD THERE! ILL TAKE MY SUNSHINE ANY OLE DAY”. I was miserable growing up in Florida and the feeling of dread quickly went away as soon as I made it to the PNW.

    Piss poor education
    Obnoxious car culture
    Highest traffic fatalities in the U.S. (including the most dead cyclists)
    Mouth breathing trailer trash that commute 5 blocks to work every day in lifted pickup trucks
    Rick Scott
    Flat boring landscape
    Heat and humidity
    Shit employment opportunities
    Frightening healthcare
    Home of 4 out of the top 10 most depressing places to live

    Yeah Floridiots, you can keep that shit! LOL.

    I have to move back there to co-parent my kid when I get out of the navy in a few years. My soon to be ex thought it’d be so wise to move back home from Seattle in order to go to college and thinking her parents could help her. Now she’s STRUGGLING and her dumbshit parents that are both unemployed (and have been through bankrupty and lost several homes over the years) are gonna lose everything again!

    I even told the bitch she’d get stuck there for LIFE. In Washington at least she got food stamps, Florida social service workers have lost her paperwork like 5 times in the 2 months since she moved back and she gets NOTHING. Classic.

    Am I going to hell for considering abandonment? The thought of not moving back there and not being in my kid’s life seriously has crossed my mind because of just how wretched that place is and if it wasn’t for her I’d never consider going back, not even to visit relatives. At least she’ll get child support. Ugh, Florida fills my soul with dread.

  258. Give yourself a point if you answer yes to any of these:
    1) Do you get a hard on when you burn a Koran?
    2) Have you always wondered what it would feel like to murder your newborn and get away with it?
    3) Are you so fucking inept you have difficulty operating a voting machine?
    4) Do you like being surrounded by AIDS?
    5) Does being a racist and amounting to nothing in your meaningless life seem natural to you?

    If you scored 1 or higher…CONGRATULATIONS!!! THIS CESSPOOL STATE IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!! Welcome to Florida you fucking loser!

    • Kristen, will you marry me...

      Great post, love the delivery and of course, the honesty. Post more!

      HATE this fucking shithole. These people truly live a loser, retard, meaningless, dumb, smelly, shitty, apathetic existence….

  259. I had to get in on this conversation! My husband and I met on vacation in Destin Florida. He is English, I grew up in Southern Illinois! We decided when he retired from the British Military we would move to Destin. It held great memories for us! We settled in Crestview Florida, a medium size town! WHAT A MISTAKE… The rednecks have shot my cat…. The drivers here are like none I have EVER encountered! The neighbors don’t talk to us because they think we are “RICH” just because we had ADT installed… Most people here are FAT (not phat) and lazy! It takes you 45 min to get through a check-out lane… The wages and healthcare SUCK big time.. NOW we have a home mortgage and are STUCK.. I feel like a fish out of WATER.. They actually call African Americans NEGROES! I have Heart Disease at 47 and tell the Doctors things about the Heart that they have no Concept of! I so made a mistake!

    • Keep your hopes up

      No matter where you go, slow-ass inbred service. Supposedly ‘fast-food’ even takes long enough to just cook something at home. Not even counting the miserable drive to get to the restaurants with the filthy, gross, one-toothed-can-opener, meth-head degenerate behind the counter.

      Just leave that toilet ASAP, Shari. Even if you have to take a bit of a loss, maybe you can recover some health after leaving the moldy dump of a state!

  260. When I moved down here 10 years ago I was a “happy camper” going out having fun. Now I’m on antidepressants, my friends where smart enough to move away, but now I have two friends that I barely see, which means- I’m by myself a lot, which explains the antidepressants. I move here from the Midwest, where I had an active social life and now-hahhhhhhhhh. Trying to make friends here is like looking for a UFO’s lol. WTF right? I can’t figure out WTF is going on down here, I thought it was me. I don’t know if it’s because almost everyone here is from a Spanish culture and I am not, so they don’t bother with me, or what it is. Now the dating scene- well, that is laughable, dating here is really confusing, seems like I have to be a drug dealer or rich. I can’t understand how a place can be so F*cked up. I am trying hard to finish school and move out of this mess. Is there something in the water? I’m just not use to this sh*t, when I go to the Midwest to visit I feel like I’m in the U.S hahah. Florida will make you mental if you live here long enough.

  261. Hahahaha! Ask Cubans in Miami?

  262. I seriously want everyone in here to shut the fuck up about the northern states being better than Florida. Let me introduce myself, my name is JoshCube and I made a Youtube video called “Arizona Sucks” which shows reasons why the state sucks so much and apparently, Florida’s haters give the same reasons. I just got done moving from Arizona to Wisconsin, a northern state, and this place sucks as much as you people bitching about Florida is.

    Here in Wisconsin, the people up here are rude just as well. I have lived here for five fucking years and have only met two people who wanted to be friends with me, which is absolutely terrible. The people up here are stuck up, think their shit don’t stink, and are VERY VERY selective when it comes to making friends. They have cliques up here, and small group circles. For example; nerds with nerds, goths with goths, jocks with jocks. My fiance has been here for 8 years and has had the same problem as me. People here literally treat you like you are a damn ghost, its absolutely horrendous. What makes things worse is that in these northern type states, everyone here is obsessed with football and sports. If you’re trying to find someone who has different interests, YOU ARE SCREWED!! All these people do is talk about sports all damn day, it makes me sick. I swear, these people up here are living under a rock and have no idea about anything outside of football, the police, and education. I remember one time I was in college and this girl asked me if Nintendo had the rights to Super Mario World, I shit you not. You think southerners are idiots? Northerners are fucking dumb-asses as well. Yes, they are educated, they have diplomas, but they don’t know jack shit of anything outside of that. If China sent a nuke to the U.S., I would bet money that the majority of people here would know nothing about it, and instead, would know about the last football game’s score.

    The other thing that pisses me off about all these northern states is how people up here brag about the low crime. Low crime is NOT good thing. Up here in Wisconsin, we are ranked in the top 10 for low crime. Because of that, the police up here go around harassing people, trying to find stuff to do, and will ticket or arrest you on ANY, and I mean ANY little fucking thing they see. If you forget to use your turn signal, they pull you over. If you run a stop sign in an apartment complex, they pull you over. A pedestrian runs in front of your car and you slam on your breaks, they pull you over. Not only that, but the laws here are retarded as shit. They have some stupid “Disorderly Conduct” law here, meaning you can get arrested for just about anything you do. The law was created to prevent people from being disruptive in public, but the police force abuses the law so much because of how loosely written it is. For example, you can get arrested for dressing in a gorilla suit and dancing down the street. All it takes is two or three people to call on you saying you’re “disturbing them” and its off to the slammer you go with a $500 fine. This same thing happened to me when I was arguing with my fiance. The police fucking came to my door, kicked it down, and arrested me saying I was being “too loud”, which was complete bullshit because I was yelling at the same level a school teacher would yell at a classroom. I went to court and tried to get the charges dropped, didn’t work, the badge against my word. The police do so much bullshit arrests using the “Disorderly Conduct” law that its not even funny. Go read about the Culver’s incident where five men were charged for Disorderly Conduct for not showing ID. Some of the citizens here also have connections with the cops. They can set you up to get arrested, which almost happened to me as well. Seriously, FUCK this police state.

    The third thing I hate about this state is the sports here. You can’t escape it. Football jerseys in windows, badger faces on shirts, people in bars all night watching the game. You CANNOT find anyone else here who’s into stuff like Anime, video games, movies, or anything else. About 90% of the population here is into sports. If you’re not into sports here, you are BEYOND FUCKED. You will not make ANY friends here, seeing as how impossible it is already (because they’re stuck up snobs.)

    So yeah, everyone up here saying that “northern states are better”, SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I do not want to hear it. I thought Republicans were bad, you damn Liberals take the cake. I would rather be around a friendly beer drinking redneck than some douchebag that only wants to hang out with a specific type of person. You northerners make me sick. All you people do all day is talk about these three things; football, baseball, and the police. Go shove the fucking football up your asses you pieces of shit, because I’m leaving Wisconsin, the land of the cheese…no…dick heads.


    No state is perfect!! Yes, Florida may suck, Arizona may be a shit-hole, but that DOES NOT justify northern states at all. All of my above comments are true. You want your northern state? Go for it. Enjoy your stupid football and people that will treat you like a ghost.

    Fuck Wisconsin. Florida, here I come. Hope its for the best!

    • Interesting take on Wisconsin Josh.

      I have memories of the Cheese state but actually, found it dull dull dull.
      Cute college girls tho and great camping.
      (Like to camp? Wait till you meet the Fire ants here.)

      I Did prom for “Loyola” in “White water” and drove from Chicago to party at the “Upper Deck” where I met “Debbie Harry aka Blondie”, since drinking was legal at 18 yo in Wis. while (at the time) was 21 yo in Illinois.

      Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin may be police states but after living here in Floriduh, I still find the culture outstanding in any of those states.

      Football? Hah! This state (FL) has NO CULTURE but sports idiots are everywhere. Buccaneers, Gators, Tiger Woods, Hulk Hogan,Lightning, Devil Rays and many more. There is NO EsCAPE!
      A black man I worked with once said to me, “What kind of man you is Dat don do spoats?” (Not a mis-spelling Josh.)
      Take heed from all the warnings you are choosing to ignore.
      You may die here.

      Blacks are highly resentful of northerners. They will rip you off or simply off you to steal your stuff.

      A lady mentioned “Destin” on the panhandle a few stories up this list…True and I will attest to that…..Very hateful bitches.
      Rednecks can be fun if you have some weed. They likely will target you as the next victim once they have your confidence.

      Arizona is cool and I love “Apache Junction” where I have a 2nd home.
      Not enjoying the Hot as hell summers there tho, They have a fantastic Zoo.
      People drive like they are blind but crudeness is a price you pay for desert living.

      Last time I called cops, they were a no show….
      Some of my neighbors say the same.

      soooooo, you wanna buy my house?

      I live very close to the Hard Rock casino.

    • Really, Northern States are better...

      No doubt about it, Northern States are better!

      I consider Wisconsin the ‘mid-west’…. Yes, it is in the northern part of the country, but just like Floridiots and Californians don’t consider themselves ‘southern’, Wisconsin isn’t ‘northern’.

      Florida truly sucks big time, can’t wait to read your honest p.o.v. on the toilet state.

      To be nice and not so ‘snob’-like, I will say that, in the worst-case scenario, the North, more specifically the NorthEast, is less shitty in each, every, and ALL ways, leaps and bounds, above and beyond, by far, better than the south, and exponentially more so than Floridump.

      Do keep in mind the name, purpose, and title of this website. If you don’t want to read about this stuff, this isn’t the site you should be reading!

      But seriously, the Northern states are better than Floriduh.

  263. @TheBoss:

    Yeah, the women up here in Wisconsin are beautiful, but getting a date here is a complete joke. These women are stuck up,
    it doesn’t matter if you’re a muscle bound guy driving a car with spinning rims, women will just blow you off left and
    right here for any little reason they can find. The reason why money doesn’t matter to women up here is because most of
    the people up here are already rich, so you having money and a car is just a drop in the ocean. Southern women are much
    much easier to get because all you need is some good looks, a decent car, and some cash. Northern women? Forget it. They
    are the dumbest creatures I’ve ever seen.

    Wisconsin does not have culture. Their culture here is dressing up in a football uniform and taking the ball to the goal.
    Again, all there is up here is sports. Nobody here is even into video games or movies, that’s just very sad. These people
    up here are living under a rock, they pay no attention to anything else. If you even tell someone up here you hate
    football, they will think you’re mentally ill.

    I am going to be moving to Florida in May this year and I have some family that already moved up there a year ago and their
    not seeing the same bad stuff all you people are seeing in these posts, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. My fiance has
    also been on vacation there over 100 times and has met people there. She says they’re not rude and they are very nice.
    You people are probably living in really bad areas where the rent is only $400 a month, that’s why you guys are running
    into scammers, rude people, theives, thugs, and so forth. I just got done moving from Arizona 5 years ago, and if Florida
    is just an Arizona-Clone, I will be leaving. But I’m sure as hell not staying here in Wisconsin. Police here are over-powered
    and corrupt, people are snobby and rude, jobs are scarce because of the college kids, and getting a date with a woman up
    here is a complete joke.

    Here is what I am hearing people complain about. Like I said, I’ve lived in Arizona, there are ways to deal with these

    #1 Old people

    You people are saying Florida sucks because of all the old people, but what’s so annoying about it? Old people are in
    every state, you can’t do anything about it. Up here in wisconsin, I see old people up here all the time. It doesn’t
    bother me that much, but if it bothers you, stay away from them, that simple.

    #2 Corrupt Police

    This one can be dealt with if you know how to out-fox the police and know what game they play. The best way to deal with
    corrupt police is not to speak to them or have anything to do with them. If police falsely arrest or ticket you, gather
    evidence, gather witnesses, get a good lawyer, because you can sue the police for this stuff. Problem is, most police will
    use state laws to try and tango with you, so you have to work around this as well. Its like playing a game of chess. Learn
    how your opponent moves so you can defeat him. Again, DO NOT talk to police. Tell them “I have nothing to say” and walk
    away. If they pepper spray and taze you for Freedom of Speech, hire a lawyer, sue their asses.

    #3 Racism

    This one is not avoidable in the United States as I have seen racism in every state I’ve been to here. Racism is all over
    the place; California, Florida, Wisconsin, New York, you cannot escape it. I myself look Arabic and I know damn well its
    one of the reason why I’m not making friends up here in Wisconsin because the majority of people up here are white. In order
    to deal with this, you’d have to stay clear of people who are like this. Don’t associate with racist people, ignore them.
    If people on the job are doing it, report them to managament. If management doesn’t take action, contact the EEOC and sue
    them for job harassment and discrimination. I dealt with this same shit in Arizona, I’m going to have a zero tolerance for
    it when I move to Florida

    #4 Bugs

    Buy traps, bug spray, stomp em, kill them. Every state has pests. I don’t think this will bother me too much.

    #5 Stupid people

    Stupid people are everywhere, not just Florida. I live here in Wisconsin, the people over here live under a rock. If I went
    around town holding up a picture of a football and a picture of one of our presidents, people would understand the football
    first. In order to deal with this, select your friends wisely.

    #6 Corrupt Schools

    I have been around the block with this and I completely understand it. When I was living in Arizona, I had teachers trying
    to flunk me because they didn’t like me, and this happened in three classes. Best way to deal with this is keep all your
    papers, document what the teachers say with times and dates, and get classmates at witnesses. If the teacher tries to give
    you a bullshit grade, take all this to the dean, file a complaint, it will get resolved. If it doesn’t, contact the board
    of education.

    #7 Car accidents

    You can’t really avoid this, so I guess the best way to go with this one is to have insurance. They hit you, they pay for

    #8 Hot weather

    Florida’s weather is humid, I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is dry heat. If you live in humid weather, you can
    turn the AC on, kick back and relax. You think hot weather is bad? Try snow.

    #9 Drugs

    Stay away from people that do drugs.

    #10 Crime

    Pick areas in Florida that have the least amount of crime; get security systems; get a dog; learn the game. If people are
    stealing from you, get to know them first before bringing them into your house.

    I understand you people are saying Florida sucks and are flashing warning signs left and right, but I need to find out for myself. If it does suck, I move, that simple. I CANNOT stay here in Wisconsin, I am depressed because I’m not making any friends here, and I’m sick of all the damn over-powered police. You cannot make friends here in Wisconsin unless you look pure white. If you look mexican, black, arab, or asian, you’re not making friends here. End of story. That’s what I hate about all-white states because they’re prejudice as hell. If you move into a mixed state, you have better chances making friends. Stay the fuck away from all-white states, they suck ass.

  264. A bit on edge

    Wisconsin Guy,
    Here is a link to TBT aka “Tampa Bay Times” and I encourage you to read some daily issues. (Actually quite a good paper since they quit catering to special interests, prudes and religious idiots and started to be REAL.)
    It is free 5 days a week
    This page link is from Jan 3, 2012 concerning Jon Stewart and some comments made by a correspondent.

    2 Days ago, “Rich and Safe in Avila, Tampa” became another example of what some of us are saying. This killer is from South America. (TBT Jan.11, 2012)

    3 days ago. Arab nut job wants to blow things up (TBT Jan. 10, 2012)
    He has his own rant page here on wordpress.

    Last week: Black man walks into Clearwater store and shoots and kills the Middle eastern owner.

    I am Italian and have had creepy white “Skin Heads” surround me and demand to know if I am Jewish because of my ethnic appearance.
    They target many people here the same way and kill for fun.

    KNOW your potential attackers!
    I had many black friends in Milwaukee.
    I went to college at LaCrosse and had good friends there too!
    I was not predjudiced until I moved here.
    Its not the color, its the way blacks conduct themselves and the culture of hatred they fester in here in the south.
    (Have you ever listened to the hateful Rap-crap they drown themselves in?) It should scare the shit out of you!
    I consider racial profiling an essential survival skill now.
    Why does that 12% of the national racial population commit so much of the violent crime here?
    Example: A Neighbors sister was raped and strangled/stabbed by a black man. She is dead.
    Example: 4 blocks from here residents wife raped, robbed, shot in the face and home set on fire by a black man. Woman is dead.
    Example: A Neighbor leaps my fence to escape 3 black men with guns during home invasion. (Neighbor is black.) He survived…I have guns.
    Example: Neighbor was jumped outside my kitchen window at 12 noon by 3-4 blacks who beat him senseless and unconscious for robbery.
    I have not seen him since ambulance took him.
    There are many, many other examples I could give but I think I may have made my point.
    Only a total fool ignores this pattern of crime by blacks against whites.

    There is a curious law called “Stand Your Ground” in Florida and so we can carry concealed weapons and USE them if we feel threatened. (Not just assaulted.) It causes some to reconsider what they are about to do.

    Now, you say you will move IF we are right? You are missing the point here.
    THERE IS NO ESCAPE! The flea markets are crammed with the possessions of folks who thought they could sell and get out.
    The stuff is WORTHLESS and brings no money to speak of.
    If you leave, you will leave with nothing.
    This state will suck everything you have out and away from you.

    Good Luck and make your escape plans before you arrive.

  265. Just a Frenchie

    The Southern Black Agenda

  266. Dump-O-Rama, fuckyoufloriduuuuuhh

    Sheesh, what a fucking ugly shitbag loaded place that is.


  267. I wish so badly I had these resources years back, before wasting a chunk of my life in that pile of trash scumbag paradise.


  268. @A bit on edge:

    Ok, there is crime in Florida, so what? All that crazy bizarre shit you post happens in California and other states as well. Stuff such as mutilation, serial killing, and rapes doesn’t surprise me, I’ve been around that shit. As for you being Italian, check this out, I am a Sicilian Jew, I am not afraid of those Skin Head Neo Nazis you speak of as I have dealt with them before. Again, you guys are living in bad areas of Florida. In order to escape this shit, you need to move to areas where the rent is at least $750 and has a low crime rate. You move into areas like Miami and Tampa, yeah, you’re
    going to run into crazy shit down there. Let me tell you guys something; I would rather live in a high crime state than a police state. Police states are highly annoying and frustrating because you’re constantly being harassed and watched all the time. In high crime states, there are ways to deal with it. Buy security systems, get cameras, get a dog, get some guns, there are SO SO many ways to deal with high crime areas. Come on over here to Wisconsin buddy, the police here will follow you all the way home for no reason and then knock on your door and question you. All you people bitching about Florida’s crime, I’d LOVE to see your guy’s reactions to these police states up north.

    And what the hell do you guys mean by “there is no escape”? Ok look, if you don’t like Florida, leave, it’s that simple. How hard is it to save up some cash and leave? The way you guys describe Florida is as if its Zombie Island or some shit like that. Jesus Christ.

    “Good Luck and make your escape plans before you arrive.”

    Again, if it sucks, I will leave. Just let me find out for myself ok? How am I supposed to learn if Florida sucks or not just by reading posts on here? If you guys let me experience it, I will know myself if it sucks or not. A lot of you guys are probably just a bunch of Liberals hating on Republican culture. Oh I’m sorry, did they not have your precious football team down there? Are they prejudice against gay people? Wah wah wah, cry me a river.

    • I’ve lived in 3 diff Counties in Florida, they all we’re a drag. I made it back to NY thankfully, but, I am currently on 5 years felony probation for a 2” marijuana seedling I had growing in my home. I’m 40 years old, never been arrested until this happened. It’s cost me 100k so far…
      The police kicked in my door looking for my neighbor (no warrant), apparently a domestic issue next door.
      They put me in cuffs and slammed me to the ground before entering my home . The police lied and lied, in their report, probably to justify their actions.
      When the guy they were after finally came out of the woods (hiding), police didn’t even bat an eye at him…wtf?
      I once got pulled over for speeding..57mph, in a 55mph zone.
      The officer said it was a 25mph zone. I called the court house 2 times a week for 4 months to pay the ticket (checkbook in hand), only to have them tell me to leave a message on the Chiefs voice mail….
      Next thing I know, I’m getting mail to appear in Court for nonpayment.

      I could go on for hours about Florida…
      The cock-roaches dominate ALL homes in Floriduh. They have a death odor to them and you will see them in your cupboards, oven, microwave, etc.
      How about the 100% humidity ALL the time? The salt in the air!! It ruined my electronics in my guitars, my boat, rusted my tools….

      All lowlifes end up in Florida because it’s warm enough for them to be homeless or mooch from friend to friend without worry of snow, etc.

      I spent the time to read this whole thread a few years ago, it may have saved me from suicide! I couldn’t understand why things were so terrible. I now realize Floriduh is a wasteland of corrupt cops and dumb hicks that will cost you money, even if you don’t socialize with that crowd!

      Florida ruined my life, that is how I found this thread!

      JoshCube, we are trying to help you bro! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

      Go to Florida, make 7 bucks an hour, stink immediately after a shower because it’s so hot. Constantly swatting at bugs, worse than you could imagine! I’ll bet every hick you meet asks you if you’re a Gators fan! That’s what they do there, drink cheap beer all day and talk about Gators football, you’ll see!!! Be careful not to step in chewing tobacco at the entrance of every convenience store! Be sure to leave early for work, as everything takes 4 times longer to do down there!
      They are a different breed in Florida. Even the wealthy class of folk are playing an angle!
      I grew up thinking the ”Dukes of Hazzard” was a fictional TV show.
      It’s reality in Floriduh! The cops there love to create revenue ANY way they can!!


  269. Can I ask all you guys a question then? Everyone in here, please answer this for me.

    I have family down there and my fiance has vacationed there over 100 times, and I am not exaggerating, she has been there that many times. WHY is it that they are not experiencing the same stuff you guys are experiencing? My family moved down there a year ago and they’re not seeing the same crazy shit you guys are seeing. They have been there for a year.

    There’s got to be an explanation to this. Are you guys living in bad areas? This is what I don’t understand.

  270. The only way that I stay sane is by coming back to this site periodically so that I can reassure myself I’m not going fucking crazy living in Southwest Florida, hells waiting room, Please everyone keep posting, this may just save my life!

  271. SmellsLikeShit, not teen spirit....

    One reason your family still ‘likes’ it here may be that they live in a super rare area of the toilet state. They probably barely go out, or stick to very select spots, because I guarantee you, even if they are loaded filthy rich, within 5 blocks is a shithole ghetto. Also likely and possible is, they have their blinders on or are just trying to stay positive, in denial and/or don’t want to admit what a mistake it was to come to hell on earth. Just give it time. Anyone not high or drunk or dumb as shit will soon enough see the truth of how shitty daily life in Floriduh really is. And everything really does take 4x longer or more to do. Any simple thing, convenience store, bank, drive to McDonalds. A drive anywhere takes an idiotic amount of time, always being tailgated and often close to an accident by a methhead or dumbass.

    As for your girlfriend ‘vacationing over a 100 times’… nothing quite like living here, man. If you live here and have to work and are not high and drunk or a dumb, idiot, inbred moron loser, life sucks. Dealing with the stupidity and assholishness and slow-brained, miserable, classless, rude antics of each and all pig scumbags around you is no paradise. Add disgusting relentless heat and the constant smell of shit in the air from the ‘reclaimed’ water and the shit-smelling, shit-stained people. It is easy to ignore some shit when you know you are leaving soon. I’ve never lived in a place that was ‘$400’ a month in this shithole, but I can imagine I would have been killed or would have just killed myself!

    Low standard people will be ok in some parts, Trashy, no-standard degenerates, criminals, scammers, and miserable fucks, will do great in the Spitshine state. It helps if you aren’t big on hygiene and like to be greasy and sweaty and sticky even if you’re not doing a damn thing. Then again, if you smell clean and look clean, you’re given strange looks and the fresh scent might offend these fucking swine.

  272. To JoshCube

    Listen buddy, visiting Florida is one thing, but living in Florida is whole different experience. Some people see Florida for what it is (a total shithole) in 6 months, 1 year, heck it can even take 3 to 5years. But trust us it will happen, and when it does, may god bless you. When I first moved here, I was in a “state of vacation”- happy to be in a tropical environment. Coming from Chicago, I assume Florida was just a huge beach with happy people. Once that “state of vacation” wore off-which took a little over 2 years for me, I realize where I was truly living and it f*cked me up badly. The f*cking post cards you may have seen, is not the real Florida dude, It’ just a trap. Now don’t get me wrong there is crazy f*cking people in Chicago and a huge gang problem in certain parts of the city- but all major cities have f*cking issues, but Florida is on a whole different scale of dysfunction. Florida is a dump, and the sad thing is once you anchor yourself to this shithole, it will cost you everything to escape it. I rather deal with the F*cking people in Wisconsin than these f*ckers here. I live in the Palm Beach County and Palm Beach Gardens is a shithole filled with shitty people, they are not friendly unless they are trying to steal shit from you or need you to do something for them. I believe it was you or maybe someone else who mentioned that they cannot live in Wisconsin because it was “too white” well Florida is F*cking all Spanish. Even the people you may think are white are really Cubans in disguises-hahahahh. Learn Spanish, if you really want to live here, because you have to treat Florida as if it’s not part of the Union but a foreign country. Florida will drive you mad, believe me!!! There only way to cope is to drink ,or stay high, or sell all your shit for pennies on the dollar and move, or put yourself in a self-induced coma, or lastly, shot yourself. It does not get better!!!!

  273. to josh cube..

    wus up buddy…hey man ,let me tell you whats up with florida.. bro on the real everyone is telling you the straight up truth… every part of florida..jacksonville,st.augustine,daytona,orlando,tampa,miami…and every freakn city in between has the same problem… i dont care if you pay 750.00to 2000.00 .. floriduh has the worst crime problems ever…home invasions,racism,etc.. i live in jacksonville..let me tell you this pl is the fukn worst.. people in fl ..are rude,become rude..because of all the negativeness,life aint a beach bro..when you live here..its gonna hit you..took me two years..then i thought well maybe its jacksonville.. i would venture to the other cities to break the cycle… hell no..each city was just the same or worse than jville… you made me laugh when you said florida girls are easy and all you need is looks a car and decent money …. do you like hiv bro? because those are the girls your talkn about in fl… jacksonville is rated as the murder capital and aids capital of florida this was their title when i moved here in 05… but that was also the boom year when everyone was in a scramble to move to fl.. and purchase property… now its the foreclosure state with the worst job market…and the job market wasn’t even that great before the economy .. its a right to work state so they can and will fire you for anything.. back to the females.. when you move here your gonna see how they treat you when u become a floridian.. you’ll get that florida smell bro no doubt.. the water when you wash,take shower will get you… i thought it was bs when they told me too.. but when i went up north to visit.. the water tasted so good and it was from tap.. so dont reply saying ill get a water filter.. because bro i have one .. you cant filter shit because itll still taste like shit .. i’m curious what part of florida are you talking about ..that is a utopia? i’m also tripping because you say wisconsin is so messed up .. bro i’m from chicago.. we used to hit wisconsin ,milwaukee,etc alot.. the females always showed love.. maybe its your personality bro? you have no swag .. or why ru frustrated about the pl ur at being a sports town.. i dont know bro.. and i’m not dissing you either.. but wisconsin .. i didn’t get a bad vibe from the cheesehead state .. everywhere is racist bro i agree.. but fl,their gonna let you know and feel it… i’m hispanic btw… so i get it from bl,whites,hispanics,if your raised in fl.. i dont care ur nationality ur a fukn racist to somebody .. i see it all the time.. cops here let me tell you will fuk you up on a misdemeanor.. they’ll lose paperwork on you ..just to fuck with you.. oh and they won’t fuck with straight up thugz or gangstas, they mess with the easier targets.. i got pulled over once for doing 55 in a 50 they said and no bs ..i got you cause i can hear your spanish music.. i was like wtf.. i got a 200.00 ticket.. and had to do an online drivers course for 50.00 .. so my friend i dont wanna keep telling you .. because ur so bent outta shape to hit fl… heres on plus tho 24 hr walmarts lol.. take care bro..

  274. @SmellsLikeShit:

    You guys just told me that Florida is bat-shit all over the place, so there must not be a “super rare area” where this
    doesn’t happen. I went on vacation there and I went through A LOT of the inland towns, including Brandon. Now listen, I
    have a very strong sense of discernment and G_d has given me this gift ever since I was a kid. When I went through
    Brandon, I did not sense any type of negativity when I was strolling through there. In fact, I remember walking into a
    Wendy’s and these two girls were flirting with me, and then shortly after I walked out, some chicks rolled up in a car and
    started flirting with me as well. The place looked quiet, I didn’t see any crazy shit like shootings, hit and runs, or any
    Twilight Zone shit there. I was there for an entire month strolling through Brandon and other towns and everything looked
    pretty good. The only thing that I sensed that seemed a little bit off was their state laws and some area in Orlando looking
    like a ghost town.

    Now check this out, when I first moved to Arizona, I sensed how much of a shit-hole it was the very first 3 days that I moved
    there. Crime every day, extreme heat, drug dealers, hit and runs, THAT place was the fucking Twilight Zone. Go on Google and
    type “Top 10 Reasons Arizona Sucks” to see my video on that state. That place is the worse place I’ve ever seen. But yeah,
    I traveled to Florida, looked nice, I didn’t sense any negativity, so it must be ok. I’m telling you guys, you are
    living in BAD areas to be seeing all this crazy shit going on. Did you guys visit every town in Florida to actually see
    if this crazy shit was happening in every town? I bet you guys didn’t. Also, don’t tell me “I went to three different
    counties, they were all the same” because you probably were in Miami, Tampa. Orlando and Daytona. Those places have the
    highest crime in the entire state. Let me also tell you guys this; if this crazy shit was happening in every town, the old
    people would not be there, they would leave. Any old person up in their 70’s and 80’s would say “this is too much” and would
    pack up and leave. You guys need to visit EVERY TOWN in Florida before saying that “each place is a ghetto dump with serial
    killers that dump mutilated bodies in the river”, because I know for damn sure there is no fucking way each and every town
    is having that same damn problem. MOVE AWAY from the high crime areas!! And no, my family is not in denial. My family is
    from Wisconsin, which is ranked top 10 for lowest crime. They would have spot this shit a mile away upon entering.

    Again, no state is perfect. Each and every state here in the U.S. is going to have problems, I don’t give a shit where you
    live. Imagine this; you’re living in a state where police threaten they kick you out of a McDonald’s because you’re having
    a conversation about how you don’t like police, and then they grab you and pepper spray you because you didn’t follow
    orders. You contact a lawyer, he tells you its police misconduct, you lose the case because the jury up here have their heads
    up their asses and your lawyer bails out on you with your hard earned money. The police up here in Wisconsin
    are corrupt as FUCK!! I actually almost got a misdemeanor because these son of a bitches camped by my door and heard my
    fiance and I yelling, and they were waiting to make their move. Once I raised my voice, they kicked down my door, cuffed
    me, booked me, there wasn’t jack shit I could do because of their stupid state laws here. Check this out; they have a law
    here called “Disorderly Conduct” where you can be arrested for being disruptive in public. Disruptive qualifies as
    ANYTHING, and this is how the police here get you by the balls. If you even walk into a Wal-Mart, say “Fuck You” two times
    and then flip someone off, you can end up in jail with a $500 fine, I am not even joking. It doesn’t stop there! Guess
    what their domestic law is? If two or more people in a house are arguing, the police ALWAYS need to arrest one person, even
    if that person didn’t do anything wrong. It doesn’t matter if you were sitting in your room, reading a book and minding
    your own business. If three of your room mates start fighting you and then call the cops on you, the police will use
    “discretion” and arrest you because its a 3 against 1 ratio. I mean sure, you can go to court and plead Not Guilty, but its
    still a lot of trouble and hassle. This fucking state has you BY THE BALLS when it comes to the legal system. Here’s a tip
    on the fastest way of getting to jail. Go dress up in a gorilla suit, put a Ludacris CD in your boom box and go up
    to people dancing down town. I guarantee you that a cop will come and take you to jail in a matter of 15 minutes tops and
    book you saying you’re “being disruptive” and then pull the Disorderly Conduct statute out of their asses as a reason for
    arrest. I have taken a Criminology class, it even said that police do shit like this because they know they can get away
    with it.

    Now let me talk about southern women vs. northern women. One thing I love about southern women is that they are aggressive
    and you will get laid easily. All you need is a car, good lucks, and some cash. You don’t necessarily need a Ferrari with
    spinning rims, only gold diggers do that shit. Most southern women just want a ride, a dick, and some cash. Northern women
    are a fucking joke, I kid you not. I don’t care if you come strolling up here in a Lamborghini with spinning rims and you
    have money pouring out of your ass, it will not do jack shit. These women up here have too much “priorities” and “religious
    morals” and they will turn you down INSTANTLY the moment they notice one little thing wrong with you. When I moved up
    here, it took me 2 and a half years to actually get a girlfriend. When I was in Arizona (a southern state), I met three
    women the first four months. Northern women are just…..weird…..I don’t know how to explain it. They’re like a Rubik’s
    Cube. Also, don’t give me this “you can’t spit game, bro” bullshit. I know men out of state that had the same exact
    problem up here.


    Can you please explain to me “why” Florida is a dump? I’ve noticed that when you and the many other people post
    in here about their experiences in Florida, it isn’t explained. Can you give me some stories of things that have happened
    to you? Can you post at least 5 different crazy things that happened to you when you lived there? All I hear people bitch
    about in here is the crime; the neighbors; the police; and the bugs; yet, they’re not doing anything to fix the situation.
    Again, if people are breaking into your home, you get a security system and cameras, its that simple. I don’t see what is
    so hard about doing that. Please don’t tell me “they can disarm the system and wear masks” because that is highly unlikely.
    Not only that, you can get insurance on your stuff. If your shit gets stolen, contact the insurance company, it will get
    replaced. You guys keep complaining about bad things that can be worked with.

    @Big I:

    All of those cities you mentioned are KNOWN for high crime. Have you guys been to some of the small towns in Florida?
    I’m telling you, as big as Florida is, there HAS to be an area that does not have high crime, there just has to. Saying that
    “every area has it” just seems delusional. Go through every single town in Florida and then tell me if there is a ghetto
    with killers and uni bombers in it. Let me give you guys an example here; I was born in Los Angeles, that place is crime
    city USA. BUT, every area of Los Angeles is not bad, it depends where you go. Downtown LA has A LOT of crazy shit. I saw
    gang fights, drugs, prostitutes, you name it. Now, lets say you move into a quiet neighborhood with houses that’s away
    from all this. Its common sense to realize that the crime areas are only happening at Hot Spots. My criminology class
    taught us this. There is NO fucking way that the entire Florida area has thugs, thieves and gun slingers running around.
    That’s bullshit.

    “Do you like HIV bro?” Hahahahaha oh shit man, you crack me up. You’re afraid of HIV? Either put a condom on or get a woman
    that won’t run around on you. Next thing you’ll do is respond back saying condoms break.

    “Its a Right To Work State, they can fire you for any reason.” It doesn’t matter if your state is Right To Work or not, it
    all depends on what type of job you have. For example, I live here in Wisconsin and we are a unionized state. Guess what?
    You can still get fired here for any reason if you work at Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, or whatever shit-hole job you choose.
    Again, IT DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER if the state is Right To Work or not. Check this out bro, I worked at a Wal-Mart up here
    and I got fired the first 5 months. They were pulling me into the office every two weeks and were constantly questioning
    me and then constantly harassing me about the most ridiculous shit you can think of. I remember one time I left the property
    for 2 fucking minutes to grab a shopping cart and I got pulled into the office for that. Check this out; I was working at
    a Target up here and got fired the FIRST MONTH for no reason. I am not kidding, they literally pulled me into the office and
    told me to leave. What had happened is that some guy was threatening me in the parking lot and I told management that I
    was going to call the cops if he didn’t stop. They got scared of being sued, so they booted me out. I even talked to a
    lawyer and he said that they could have easily been sued if the incident had escalated further than what it already did.
    The employers up here in Wisconsin are racist white fucks that will fire you on the spot if you look Mexican, Arabic,
    black, mixed, purple or green. The state also has a large gay and lesbian community, which is also annoying. I had a guy
    hitting on me all the time living here, saying they wanted to suck my cock and sick shit like that. I even remember I had to
    contact the EEOC because a co-worker of mine kept sexually harassing me over and over whenever I came to work. In order
    for you to have a good job, you need to go to college and get a job that’s backed by a union. If you get a job like a
    teacher; a police officer; or some government type job; your job is backed by the government, meaning they wont really
    fire you unless you’re doing stupid shit like doing drugs on the clock or drinking on the property.

    “The water tastes like shit.” Yeah, are you drinking out of a tap? Go to the store and buy some Ice Mountain or Crystal
    Water. Stop drinking tap water and trying to filter it.

    Alright, about the cops being corrupt, let me tell you something. If the cops were corrupt in Florida, they would be
    getting sued. If the cops are arresting people according to state laws, they are not corrupt. I find it hard to believe that
    you got pulled over for going 5 over. Our police up here in Wisconsin are super strict and they wouldn’t ever do any shit
    like that. I can tell you are lying because you cannot get a $200 ticket for going 5 over the speed limit. What’s going on
    here is that you’re not telling the entire story. You were doing something else that caused the ticket to be that high. A cop
    CANNOT pull you over and ticket you $200 for going 5 over, that’s bullshit. Cops can only ticket you a certain amount
    of money depending on the offense. That’s like me saying “I got busted for jaywalking and got a $500 ticket.” Quit
    bullshitting around here because I’m not buying it.

    A lot of you people are full of shit here, I can tell you guys are lying in these posts. Its the same with the guy above
    that said he got busted because his room mate had a marijuana plant in his apartment or some shit like that. First off, its
    police priority to arrest ANYONE in a house that has drugs in it. I don’t care if Mickey Mouse was in the back doing coke
    with Donald Duck, they will arrest ALL MEMBERS of a building that has drugs. The reason why is because the police need to
    take the members to court to find out what drugs belong to who. You guys are just a bunch of crackheads that got pissed off
    because someone went to the police and snitched on you. Again, if the police are following state laws and procedures, they
    cannot be “corrupt.” If this was the case, they would be getting sued left and right.

    • haaaaaa. your crackn me up! do you (homey) if your about it than be about it!!! i just commented ..just like the rest trying yo give you knowledge about fl… but if you wanna come out all gung -ho like you know more..(start a why i love florida blog) i’m not bullshitting … y should i.. now i’m starting to think you have no game .. because the way you react to comments.. talking about southern women flirted with me and i walked outside and a chick hollored at you from her car…how do you know they were southern maybe their were from wisconsin (lol).. did you ask them? i guess you like hookers and hoes since you don’t like women with morals and religion.. bro you just wanna come to fl for the ez woman don’t ya… southern woman aren’t agressive .. your talking about hookers and hoes kid (lol) true southern girl… got moral and all the stuff you’re against … trust me i know been in fl..along time ..met southern girls (true) from georgia,alabama,arkansa etc.. that live in fl.. so you like hookers and hoes… i don’t know what part of mayberry you live ..where they would pepperspray you in mcdonalds… but souds like your bullshitting bigtime, btw when i said you like hiv… seems your biggest defense of florida is getting laid easy and all you need is a car good looks and money .. and most southern women just want a ride,dick and some cash …. see you just want hookers and hoes… damm you couldn’t get any girl in wisconsin for two years? something is really wrong with you ..(real talk)you don’t know fl…you don’t know whats happening to say that the ppl blogging are b.s you.. your criminology class can only teach you midwest laws.. were talking about florida (the gun shine) state… you think i live in a hood lol.. i live in a great area.. but guess what criminals dont rob only in the hood… alarm systems dont do jack.. when they kick in your front door .. oh yeah they do that alot in all fl… its called a smash and grab.. so get ur facts straight… oh yeah.. the little safe towns your talking .. do a search of where your planning to live … and since your sure this place is great .. whats the name of it… i live in ponte vedra in jacksonville.. do a search on it.. but they’ll never say what really goes on.. because they want ppl to buy into area….. oh yeah about the unions … i worked for the city of chicago… i was a teamster… so dont go talking about union jobs ..their almost non -existent.. and if their is a local union it’ll be backed southern rule..do you even know what right to work means???? so dont go dissing me with buy mountain water or crystal… i got a home filter homie that means whole house … if i could sell this house for what i bought it for now. i would be bgone already… cops could do whatever they want…let me ask you this y is it hard for you to believe what the cops do in fl… and ur here blogging about how cops in wisconsin are doing worse… so it makes me believe your the crackhead that wants hookers and hoes..and you want to get away with talking shit about police officers while their in front of you… and not expect reprocussions wow.. (your a short bus candidate lol) be easy homie… good luck.. when you come down here (real talk)….

    • Floridiots are assholes and idiots, AND trashy

      SmellsLikeShit, didn’t realize that was a name……. THAT’S HILARIOUS! I thought you were coming to your senses and were finally seeing the truth we write.

      You say cops there are corrupt, but they are following the laws as they stand and are written, and then you say it is impossible that FloriDuh cops can be crooked, as they are just following the laws.

      If you want to do shit like walk into Walmart and yell ‘fuck you’ 2 times and other stupid ignorant stuff, toss out the middle finger randomly, and walk down the street in a gorilla suit with a boombox blasting Ludacris, while dancing like an idiot… you should MOST DEFINITELY move to Floriduh…. you will fit right in.

      If living in dysfunction and doing pointless dumb shit and can’t be polite, have some class, morals, decency and overall be normal, FloriDuh is THE place for you. If you want to relentlessly sue or threaten to sue, this is frivolous lawsuit central.

      I’d rather live in a place where there isn’t constant threat to life of safety or property, even if it means cops are looking for stupid little things to fuck with, like bored retards doing gorilla-boombox-dancing shit. Just live a normal life, go to work, go partying where the party spots are, wear your dumb suits on Halloween, and go home. You know, time and place for everything.

      No meathead, I don’t mean ‘utopia’…. I mean NORMAL. Seems you’d rather have to endlessly take countermeasures to protect yourself and your stuff by buying alarms and cameras… good luck with that. Get a gun while you’re at it, you can have a shootout with almost every lowlife here that has several.

      All you can do is move here and try it out. No one forbids you. You really should start a FloriDuh Luv site though.

      SmellsLikeShit……. SO true!

  275. JoshCube
    Look josh, I don’t want to go back and forth with you about Florida. I think you should move down here and find out on your own if the place is paradise or hell. I don’t have police problems I never have, or mother f*ckers running through my house taking shit. Based on the stuff you write about I can tell you’re a young dude; pepper sprayed in McDonald’s? I don’t even go to that artery clogging shit hole. I think you should come to Florida and see for yourself. If I was moving here and people told me the same shit we are telling you, I would most likely want to find out for myself. As far as the old people, they don’t really bother me except when I’m driving. The reason the old people don’t abandon Florida is because 90% of them only stay here for the winter (3 to 4 months) and then they are gone. The nice places in Florida are probably near the ocean, where the rich f*cks live. Places like Palm Beach Island, Jupiter Island and all the other places along the coast that cost an arm, two legs, and both kidneys to live there. When you move here, you’re going to have a moment of “happiness high” that may last 6 months to 2 to 3 years put reality will introduce itself to you, and when it does, you’ll be on this blog warning others hahahhah. I hate this place for many reasons but the main reason is that it’s too third world to me, maybe it’s all the third world people, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind them much if they were friendly. The way I would explain it would be, traveling to Cuba to go visit and someone steal your passport and now you’ve been stuck there for the past three years. That’s the analogy I would use. There are lots of meth heads here, go to downtown Lake Worth, they are everywhere. I see Florida as the sewerage on the U.S all of the shit bags move here, the crooked f*ckers, Meth heads, pill heads (Florida is the capital of pill mills), pedophile – they are everywhere, don’t raise kids here or your kids are f*cked, plus they will get a shitty education making it harder for them to move out of Florida after high school. Finding someone to have a conversation the some depth is impossible unless you’re conversing with your college professor, or hanging out at the airport looking for people from the Midwest or northeast that are educated hahahah. I would trade Wisconsin in the middle of winter for Florida all day. If you really want to read why Florida sucks read the blog from the beginning, it started in 2007.

  276. Josh
    I am Italian from Chicago.
    I am Chicago educated.
    My iItalian relatives still live in Chicago and they can’t stand Florida.
    I live in Fla. for 31 years now.
    I got/get laid here.
    I have money in CD’s and the bank.
    My cars are paid for.
    My house is paid for.
    My house is for sale.
    I am never coming back here after it is sold.
    Wife hates it too.

    Morpheus makes sense.

    I have some observations of my own,
    You are Italian/Jew who likes Spinners? Ludacris? (most Italians do not.)
    You want to get laid and nobody there like you? (most Italians attract females.)
    Can’t find a girl that likes your qualities. (most Italians have personality.)
    Fiancee vacationed here 100 times? (No one does that..they move here.)
    and she wants to marry you but you want to live here?
    Wait, is she from Wisconsin cuz it duz not sound like she would be.
    After all, you say you are lonely and your listed qualities don’t cut it.

    I would like to go on but my wife wants me to crank up the Convertible and take her out on this sunny day. I have to spend some money on her cuz its burning a hole in my pocket. Us oldies certainly don’t know what we are doin.

    C’mon down. This meat grinder is always looking for fresh veal.

  277. @BigI:

    LOL, there’s no way those four women could have been from Wisconsin. They did not have accents and they looked like locals. Listen man, I am a strict Orthodox Jew, I have to follow almost 613 laws that are in there. When I say the women up here got too much priorities, morals and religious beliefs; I’m talking about these broads that complain too much, criticize, and so forth. For example, one woman up here refused to continue dating me because of my religion, and she barely even knew me. How the fuck can you complain about shit like this and barely even knowing someone? Same thing happened with this one woman
    that was Christian and didn’t want to continue dating me because I didn’t believe in Jesus. Another example; you can talk dirty to any of the women up here and its a complete turn off. Southern women aren’t like this at all, and that’s what I love about them. But that’s ok, I have a fiance and we have been engaged for 5 years.

    I wasn’t the one that was pepper sprayed at McDonald’s. There were two black men that were bad mouthing the police and they got pepper sprayed because they refused to leave. This is police misconduct, and that shit happens all the time up here. The police up here in Wisconsin are poorly trained and usually do not know what to do in situations like this. And no, this was not “Disorderly Conduct” because the men were not talking directly to the police, and their conversation was not
    disruptive. If a cop walked up to me and told me to stop badmouthing police, I would literally tell him to kiss my ass. USA is Freedom of Speech, I can say whatever I want. Also, pepper spraying someone in a situation like this is using over-excessive force. You can ask any lawyer, I dare you.

    So, you think that just because a woman wants a ride, a dick and some cash automatically qualifies as a ho? lol. Those are
    not hoes, those are just southern women. Southern Hoes are women that will run around on you, there’s a difference. Btw, how
    do you not like getting laid? Go get some cash and a car, you won’t have problems getting a girlfriend in Florida. By the
    way, my Criminology class taught us laws on all of the states, not just northern. We also learned about Florida, how they
    showed the “Stand Your Ground” law and the law to where you can shoot someone that breaks into your car. Man, you think
    we’re just learning about Mid-West laws? Criminal Justice classes teach you about laws in the entire U.S.

    So you’re telling me that people in Florida can rob a house in 30 seconds. Ok, let me get this straight. They can kick down a door, take the time to find whatever they need to, throw random shit into a bag, and hop over a wall with it in about 30 seconds. That my friend is pure comedy. Do me a favor bro; call ADT Home Security, their number is
    1 (877) 484 9013.
    The time it takes for someone to do that is the time it takes for police to arrive at the scene. I know this for sure because I used to be in a cleaning business and I accidentally tripped an ADT alarm. The police were there as soon as the door opened, I kid you not. You say alarm systems don’t do shit, ok then, here’s what you do. Put a barbed wire fence on your wall at your house, install cameras, and get insurance. Again, insurance covers whatever is stolen. If you’ve got $4000
    worth of merchandise in your home and someone steals $2000 of it, the insurance company sends you the check for it. All you have to do is file a police report and send it in. Not only that, the cameras will catch who it is, and most likely it will be either a friend or a person who knows you. Camera installations may be a little expensive, but they are worth
    it. I swear, you people in here complain about the easiest shit that can be resolved.

    Holy shit, you live in Jacksonville? Damn, its no wonder you’re running into so much shit down there. Move to a different area, do some research. The problem with you people is that you keep picking “Rich and Poor” areas, which is why you’re running into high crime. Any time you live in an area where Rich and Poor people are fused together, you bet your ass there’s going to be tons of crime. Daytona Beach, Miami, Orlando, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out. As
    for areas like Tampa and Jacksonville, they are still classified as larger crime prone areas. Again, MOVE to a small town in Florida, and I mean a small nice town. Not the ones with trailer trash rednecks.

    Yes, I know what Right To Work means because I used to live in Arizona.


    Again, it does not matter if your state is Right To Work or not, it DEPENDS on the job. Any job that is shit like Target or McDonald’s automatically qualifies as Right To Work. What the hell do you mean that unionized jobs are backed southern rule? LOL, you are a funny man! Unionized jobs are pretty much the same all over. If you’re a teacher in
    Wisconsin (a union state), its no different from being a teacher in a Right To Work state.
    A union can only do so much. Your boss can literally fire you for walking into work wearing a Mickey Mouse cap. What the union does is that they negotiate with the employer. As long as your not doing drugs, drinking, or molesting little kids in the bathroom, you shouldn’t have to worry about being fired so much.

    Again, stop drinking tap water. You need to buy the jug water at the store. Anyone with common sense will tell you that tap water tastes like shit. Hell, I live here in Wisconsin, we’re surrounded by fucking lakes and pine trees and the pipe water here tastes like shit. Why? Its pipe water!! DUUUUURRRR.

    Here’s an example about how corrupt our police are.


    @Floridiots are assholes:

    So let me ask you something. You would rather live in a state where you can get arrested for any little thing including people constantly calling the police on you for stupid shit and police constantly harassing you all the time rather than a state with high crime? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I can go on and on about how terrible this state is with its legal system. One time a restaurant called the police on me just for calling back a third time because the guy on the other end was being rude and kept hanging up. That’s just an example of how Police-Happy the people are here. The cop even called my phone and said he was going to come to my door and slap a ticket on it. You want to live in a shit-hole like this? Go right ahead. As for the whole Dancing Gorilla example, do you know what mockery is? I was just giving you a random
    example of how easy it is to get arrested here. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with dressing in a gorilla suit and dancing next to people with a Ludacris CD. Its just something for fun, so I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I see people come down town all the time dressed in costumes, even when its not Halloween. I even remember one time a cop was staring at me because I was carrying a large fish around Madison and acting funny. There’s NOTHING wrong with doing shit like this, its called “having fun.” Go watch Jackass and Punk’d,


    I’m going to be moving to Ft. Myers this year. My family lives there, they said there’s barely any crime. My girlfriend went down there this year, she didn’t see any ghetto or trashy people. I was not pepper sprayed, some black guys were. They got sprayed because they were badmouthing the police force. If a cop came up to me and told me to stop talking about how I don’t like police, I would literally tell him to suck my dick. You can’t go to jail for having a discussion with someone about how you don’t like police. Ok, so what if I or anyone else badmouths someone or something? I HAVE THE MOTHERFUCKING PRIVILEGE TO SAY WHAT I LIKE OR DON’T LIKE!! THIS IS THE USA, NOT FUCKING CHINA!!

    Morpheus, you do not need 1 million dollars to live in a decent area in Florida without crime.


    That website will show you all the areas of Florida that have high and low crime. Notice all the areas that are colored white or near white, those are the areas with low crime rates. Therefore, this nullifies the whole “everywhere is the same” shit.