A-Rod can go to Hell

When he learns to hit the ball during the month of October he can ask for a shitload of money. ESPN is reporting that A-Rod and A-Hole (Scott Boras) told the Yankees that they wouldn’t meet with the team unless he was offered $350 Million.

A-Rod is showing himself to be a guttless, heartless chump. The Yankees will be better off without him next year despite his gaudy numbers. I’d rather have someone like Scott Brosius in there any day.


3 responses to “A-Rod can go to Hell

  1. A-Rod really douched out. I’d like him and Kobe Bryant to get eaten by a water buffalo or some cool-looking animal like that.

  2. Yep, he’s a punk. When he learns to hit in October, then he can ask for $350 million.

  3. Since A-rod is hired for hitting, he should be working on commission—$300,000 for a homer during regular season and maybe a million in the playoffs, three in the World Series, and maybe then he won’t CHOKE!!!

    Better yet, all the owners should’ve got together and conspire to give him $20,000 A GAME just to teach the bastard a lesson:)