PR BS From Detroit (or Detroit really doesn’t care about hybrids)

Wow, the green car of the year gets a whopping 22mpg! Holy shit, that’s awesome. No wait, that SUCKS. Being proud of 22mpg is what drives up oil costs, screws up our economy, and leads to pollution. If GM wants to be proud of a hybrid truck, give me one that gets 40mpg. That would be impressive. Did GM give itself this award?!?

It’s time Congress ups not only the average, but the minimum, fuel economy for passenger cars in this country. And guess what, SUVs shouldn’t count as “work trucks.” We need to demand at least 30mpg out of every car. EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. on the road today. A bold move such as this would help us get off our dependence of foreign oil.

The real green car of the year? How about the Honda Civic hybrid? It looks and feels just like a Civic and gets 47mpg.

UPDATE: Read about it here too. It seems that everyone is covering this like it’s real news. It amazes me how lazy the media has become. If you spoon feed them a story, they cover it without really wondering about the facts. Bravo…

UPDATE 11/16: Yahoo is touting this bullshit AGAIN today. They tried to claim the SUV had a “low impact on the environment,” here. At this point, these news outlets are just lying to us.


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