CNN is Part of the Propaganda Machine

Why should CNNthink or work at their reporting when they can just publish press releases from the companies they’re reporting on. Yesterday I went nuts about GM’s SUV hybrid winning the Green Car of the Year award at some bullshit auto show. There were a number of articles I saw this on, including this one from CNN.

So, I took the time to write the author of this article. To be honest, I wasn’t the most forgiving or generous reader and questioned the author’s integrity. That may have been unfair at the time, but upon reading his response I don’t think so anymore…

Thanks for writing. In response, please see a commentary I wrote back in June about large hybrid SUVs.

Why we need big hybrid SUVs

Article Here
Peter Valdes-Dapena
Producer/Writer Autos

If you take the time to read this article, he basically states that the family with an SUV hybrid will save more gas than the one who converts to an Altima Hybrid. The thing he forgets to point out is that if you’re burning twice the amount of gas of course that will happen. Not once does he suggest that a family of four give up their SUV (hybrid or no) burning less than 22mpg for a station wagon that gets closer to 30mpg.

I suggest you read both articles. The author(s) obviously did not stop and think about what they were writing. I’ve linked his e-mail in under his name. Go ahead and write him too.


6 responses to “CNN is Part of the Propaganda Machine

  1. What happened to CNN? They are one of the worst news networks out there…by far.

    They are as obnoxious as Fox News is irritating.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. They sold out. Instead of news, they chase ratings.

  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. What part? Considering his basic use of statistics is incorrect and misleading, do you think that 22mpg is acceptable?

  5. Considering I got this exact same comment on one of my blogs from this exact same person, I’d say it’s a weird kind of ineffective spam.

  6. Anthony Robinson

    CNN TRULY sucks the pipe…I used to actually like their network…when it actually stood for Cable NEWS Network!!

    It’s essentially now just a machine to spew out a bunch of crap. Their “journalists” are far from tru journalists, they ask the most inane pointless questions, they probe for sh*t, Wolf Blitzer is a complete dick, and their anchors are obnoxious, overbearing, and clueless.

    I PRAY the BBC expands into the U.S.