Happy New Year

As we usher ot the toxic crack whore of 2007 with its Paris Hilton and Britney Spears stories let’s greet the new hopeful 2008. A few wishes on my part…

1) That the next few months of the Presidential election process are not as painful as the endless 2007 campaign.

2) That the news media starts ignoring “celebrities” who seem to be famous for the amount of trouble they get into.

3) That people everywhere get a little less sensitive about everything. Let’s stop trying to ban or stop every thought out there.

4) That we’re saved from the newest threat to our safety…Zoo animals run amok.

5) That George W Bush leaves office quietly without fucking everything up.

6) That our new arrival is able to enjoy a childhood as wonderful and carefree as mine.

7) That this is the last year we’re subjected to American Idol (and that a new Nirvana comes along and fixes the world of music again soon)

Happy New year, I hope that cable TV provides enough crappy movies and Twilight Zone episodes to ease your hangover.


2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Ditto to all, except, um #5–I hate to tell you, but he already did.