Consumerism at its Dumbest

I’m not one who likes anyone to tell my how to spend my money or what decisions to make. Personally, I think a lot of consumers are dumb and I don’t understand their choices, but in man senses it’s none of my business. About a year ago, I was speaking to a group of people about ten years younger than I am (I’m 35) and I brought up the idea of (RED) and how dumb I thought it was. I asked why not just give money to the cause and bypass the consumerist badge? The response was as if I had just used a litany of racial slurs coupled with praise for killing small animals and children. So, I shut up but have continued to wonder what the fuck? Personally I wish I gave more to charity but not by wearing a brand badge. I want the money to go directly (or as close to it) to the people in need.

In today’s New York Times there is an interesting article about the positives and challenges that face (RED).


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