Yahoo, Superwhore of the Interwebs

Or How we Escaped L.A. and Fell into Big Trouble in Shitty Movies

I still use Yahoo!for my e-mail because of a long history and someone has stolen my user name on Gmail. That being said, I occassionally pick up on the news from its main page and scan to see if the world has exploded outside my office. Today, I was looking at the main news area (right in the middle of the main page) and Yahoo is whoring it up for what looks like the most insipid movie so far this year… Fool’s Gold staring acting poison Kate Hudson and Matthew “Still Not Wearing a Fucking Shirt” McConaughey.

Yahoo just seems to keep sinking into the realm of dumbed down pop culture trash that makes Paris Hilton a star, Britney Spears headline news, and the crisis in DarfurIraqElectionsinformerYugoslaviaIslamRunAmokKenyaExploding enough to put even the most informed and interested Americans to sleep immediately. In trying to be giant interweb whores to everyone, they seem to make no one truly happy.

But getting back to Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn should be spinning in her grave for the horrible horrible movies her daughter has made in recent years. One can only hope that her father Snake Pliskin can put a stop to her madness and save us all.


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