Miley Cyrus – Shitty Role Model

Over sensitive Baby Boomer News Just In, Miley Cyrus is a shitty role model as reported here. There is so much wrong with people looking to Mr. Achy Fucking Breaky Largest Mullet in Recent History Billy Ray Cyrus as any kind of role model for their children. Don’t any of you people remember this horror?!? The man is simple white trash, they don’t have time for seat belts, matching tires, automobiles not parked on their lawn, or worrying whether their new girlfriend is a cousin or not. I want my children to look at him and think, “I’m NOT going to be like him.” Complaining about this is like being happy the guns were removed from E.T.

So what have we learned today? People from Alabama should not be role models. People with mullets should not be role models. Do the opposite of Billy Ray Cyrus. Baby boomer parents have too much time on their hands. Everyone is stupid. Here is the math for the end of the world:

(Billy Ray Cyrus=Role Model)+(Fool’s Gold Making $22 Million)=End of Days

Once again, I suspect that Goldie Hawn is spinning in her grave.


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